2020 Report to the Community

We are the Power of Pike Place

Dear Market Supporter,

Its during these incredibly difficult times in our city, state and nation that we stop to reflect on what is essential for the health and vibrancy of our communities. The collective health and stability of all of our neighbors is critical to our recovery, yet were seeing huge gaps in our social, health, economic, education and community support systems.

Pike Place Market is the soul of our city because of the vision a group of citizen advocates had in the 1960s: to protect and preserve the Market AND  to establish an urban model for a community that addresses poverty and inequity in our downtown core. They championed a diverse and vibrant Market that also benefited from its neighbors, many of whom were seniors on very low incomes. By working together toward a common goal of a healthy downtown community, we saw the Market flourish.

Fast-forward to our modern day Market. With the MarketFront expansion in 2017, the Pike Place Market Foundation grew its community programs and formally adopted the Kaiser Family Foundation model for public health in the Market. This model for the social determinants of health recognizes that community health and well-being is linked not only to the care individuals receive from a doctor, but also to economic stability, education, access to nutritious food, a safe neighborhood and community support. 

We know these health outcome factors are also systemically linked to race and racism in our country. By centering equity in our healthy community model, we are making progress toward our vision where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and live their best lives possible in the Market, regardless of race, age, ability and economic status. 

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 As a loyal supporter of the Market Foundation, we thank you for your partnership over the years. Together, we are building this model for a strong, healthy and diverse community where our neighbors find stability in housing, healthcare and support services as well as opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship. The Market is a nationally recognized model for public health and an urban village where neighbors work, live and build community together.

As youve no doubt read in the news, the Market is facing its most-challenging year in decades. This past spring the Market Foundation launched a response and recovery campaign to support the main pillars of the Market community.

Our goal is to triple our investment into the Market community this year with our $3.5 million Power of Pike Place recovery campaign. 

The pillars of the Power of Pike Place campaign include: 

Here’s an article written by Knute Berger published in Crosscut in June 2020. As a Seattle historian, journalist and longtime friend of the Market, Knutes article lays out the challenges facing the Market, the strength of our mission and the role everyone in our region has to play in finding a path forward

Thank you for joining us in preserving and protecting Pike Place Market. With all of us coming together, we are the Power of Pike Place. Our rebuilding efforts will reach our entire community including businesses, workers and the health and recovery of our entire region. 

Be well,

The Power of Pike Place is the Pike Place Market Foundation’s COVID-19 Response & Recovery campaign.

Our goal is to raise at least $3.5 million this year to triple our investment in the social services, small businesses and the people of Pike Place Market, all of which are experiencing unprecedented hardships. 

Our Recovery Fund will support these three critical areas of the mission of Pike Place Market:


From the Market’s initial inception in 1907 to provide farm-fresh food to city residents, to the Friends of the Market saving this historic treasure from the wrecking ball in the 1960’s, our public Market has an illustrious story like no other Market in the nation.

Take a look at what 113 years of Pike Place Market history means to Seattle:


Legacy Partners are our long-standing partners in the Market community, often referred to as the “Five Families”. Since the early 1980s, the Market Foundation has dedicated consistent, unrestricted funding to allow our Market partners to sustain operations year-after-year and improve services in the Market community. We are not only a major funder of these programs, but we also collaborate to improve services and identify critical connections to improve the impact of the community as a whole.

In 2019, our Legacy Partners grew their impact and helped so many of our downtown and Market community members:

Pike Market Food Bank

Pike Market Food Bank continued to expand their grocery delivery program ensure that homebound seniors had access to the groceries they needed. 

Pike Market Childcare & Preschool

The Preschool in the Market continued to operate admidst COVID shutdowns, keeping families safe while also ensuring staff remained on payroll.

Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market

The Medical Clinic at the Market continued telehealth visits for patients and COVID-19 vaccination sites in downtown to reach vulnerable communities.

Pike Market Senior Center

Pike Market Senior Center continued to provide case management support to seniors, especially those experiencing homelessness in downtown. The Senior Center also continued their expanded meal service to include a takeaway meal for dinner.

Heritage House at the Market

The Assisted Living Facility for Seniors in the Market kept all staff and residents COVID-FREE in 2021.

In 2020, our community partners at the Pike Place Market medical clinic, food bank, senior center, senior housing, preschool and assisted living continue to serve thousands of our neighbors on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Since the COVID-19 shutdown, the Market’s social services remain open and deployed emergency programs such as food distribution and COVID-19 testing for neighbors throughout downtown in addition to shelter-in-place orders for more than 500 senior residents of the Market.


Our Community Impact Fund allows us to remain community-centered to improve access to essential services and resources that build upon our model for a healthy community. The Market Commons is home to an array of new and existing programs that enable us to reduce barriers to meet emerging service needs in our community. Working in collaboration with our partners throughout the Market and across the city we’re able to address the needs of our neighbors as they arise.

In 2019, we continued to grow these community initiatives to address immediate needs in the Market:

Food Access Program

Our Food Access Program brought weekly deliveries of meals and groceries to senior residents in isolation and helped Market workers afford fruits and vegetables at Market produce stands. 

The Market Commons

The Market Commons resource staff reached senior residents by phone and video calls to stay connected during periods of isolation. Market community members also relied on resource staff to help navigate public benefits while facing cost of living increases and other challenges. 

Community Safety Net

The Market Community Safety Net was available to help Market workers pay rent and other bills when income and other resources became scarce.

Small Business Recovery Fund

Our Small Business Fund provided unrestricted grants to Market merchants and peer-to-peer business consulting to help them not only survive the fallout of the pandemic, but invest beyond it.


Rachel's Reserve

Our emergency grant funds helped cover the cost of COVID-19 testing and vaccines for the Market community, as well as helped the Preschool continue operations after forced closures due to COVID cases.


In 2020 as the COVID-19 crisis has hit, the need for individual financial support within the Market community has skyrocketed and we anticipate the need will overwhelm our existing system for the next year or more.

We’re bolstering this fund to support our Market community of workers, residents and neighbors facing extreme hardship as the economic crisis deepens. Demand from our community has skyrocketed over the past month and we anticipate the need will overwhelm our existing system. 

We have already served 99 people through the Safety Net this year, compared with assisting 103 people in all of 2019.



Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for supporting the Pike Place Market community last year from 04/01/19 – 3/31/2020

Your contributions of time, talent and treasure have an immeasurable impact!

* = Indicates the individual has passed away / Italicized names are from our 2019 Market Foundation Board Members / Bold names are donors to our Preschool Playground Renovation

We apologize for any missing, incorrect, or misspelled names throughout this report. We would greatly appreciate assistance in helping us correct our records. Please call (206) 774-5254 or email info@pikeplacemarketfoundation.org with changes.

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Yuko Abe

Marta Abel

Leah Abell

Abiqua Wind Vineyard

Erna Abriam

Peter and Ann Adachi

Connie Adams

Edlin Adams

Freda Adams

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Monica Adams

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Kirsten Anderson and Kevin Sabol

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Allan Avery and Merry Meyer

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George and Shirley Ayers

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Lisabeth Sue Gildea

Marie and Aaron Gill

Susan Gilleland

Kristin Gillespie

Jeffrey and Rie Gingold

Kaarin Ginosatis

Desiree Gionet

Girl Meets Dirt

Shannon and Benjamin Girlando

Tina Givens

Sibyl Glasby

Glass Eye Studio

Alexandra Glass

John Gleason

Jessica Gleeson

Lilly Glover

Marina Goad

Tal and Carol Godding

Andrea Godinez

Anna Godornes

Toni Godwin Sells

Steve Goldblatt

Louis Michael Golden

Mary Golden

Goldfinch Tavern

Nadja Golding

Harry Goldman and Jettie Person

Goldmine Design Jewelers

Josh Goldschmid and Angela Park

Brian and Kim Golik

Allan C. Golston and Stephen Bryant

Hector Gomez

Matt Gonzales

Robert Gonzales

Trevor Gooby

April Good

George Goodall

Jim Goodall

Stacy Goodall

Mark Goodman

Amanda Goodsell

Tonya Goodwillie

Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery

Valerie Gorder

Debra Gordon

Don and Jerri Gordon

Jennifer Gorman

Patricia Ann Gossler

Ben and Holly Goux

Robyn Grad

Franklyn Graham

Jeffrey Graham

Alan and Kathleen Grainger

Ian Gramaccioni

Grand Central Bakery

Charles Grant

David and Deborah Grant

James Grant

Oliver Grant

Rebecca Grant

Diego Graterol

Heather Graves

Gary Gravier and Linda del Pilar

Emily Gray

Joseph Gray

Patricia and Spencer Gray

Portia Gray

Blair Greenberg

Jordan Greenberg

Corey Greer

Denise Greer

James and Rhonda Greer

Danielle Gregoire

Carol and Brian Gregory

Dan Gregory

Kalee Gresham

Gretchen And Lyman Hull Fund

Greystar Dev LLC

Katharine Gries

Bernadine Griffin

Lisa Griffin

Lauren Grinnell

Matthew Grodzins

Betsy Grossman

Nancy and Robert Grote

Diane Grover

Ian Grunfeld

Jiaqi Gu

Guardian Cellars

Rhonda Guilford

John Gulhaugen

John Gunnar

Julie Gunter

Karen Haase

Brent Haberman

Daniel Hagedorn

Arielle Hagen

Marilyn Hager

Brendon Haggerty

Nancy Hagglov

Sandra Hahn

Michelle Haines

Laura Haithcock

Ken and Stephanie Hale

Joan Hall

Todd Hall

Henry and Diana Halladay

Timothy Halladay

John Halle

Emily Halley

Robin Halliday

Connie Hallin

Stephanie Halloran

Dawn and Stanley Halvorsen

Mary Hamann

Jake Hambacher

James and Sandy Hambacher

Nancy and John Hambacher

Jason Hamblin

Kelsey Hamilton

Larry Hamilton

Sheryl Hammons

Courtney Hampson

Roy A Hamrick

Marga Rose Hancock

Hands of the World

Sara and Nancy Hanneman

Cheri Hans

Erik Hansen

Jennifer Hansen

Hilary Hanses

Vince Hanson

Maki Harada

Harborstone Credit Union

Lawrence and Hylton Hard

Linda Hargus

Silvia Harjono

James Harkins and Joan Kitterman-Harkins

Katherine Harlow

Matthew Harman

Amy Haroon

Lucas Haroon

Melanie Harrell

Derek Harris and Sarah Mills

Emily Harris

Minor Harris

Harris Family Fund

William Harris

Reanne Harrison

Emily Hart

Bunny Hartman

Dennis Hartsell

Eric Harvey

Patricia Harvey

Elana Hashman

Michele Hasson

John Hatcher

Phyllis Hatfield

Troy Hatfield

Judith Hathaway

Geoff Hatler

Michael Hau

Amy Haugerud

Nick Hawley and Christopher Werner

Beth Hawthorn

Ashley Hayes

Laura Haynes

Christi Hayslette

John and Michele Healy


Matthew Heater and Mia Lansford

HEAVY Restaurant Group

Liz Hebert

Hedges Family Estate

Dean Reese Heerwagen

Eric Heetland

Penny Heetland

Brenda Heflin

John and Deanna Heily

Joseph and Jane Heinrich

Jana Heinrichs

Daniel Heldele

Ronald Helder

Hellbent Brewing Company

Justin Hellier

Ouida Hemingway and Holly Smith

Peter J Hemmen

Alaina Henderson

Jessica Henderson

Mary Henderson

Pauley Henderson

Tyler Henderson

Britta Hendren

Erin Hendrix

Jeff Henigson

Denny D. Henkel

Lauri Hennessey

Kathryn Henning

Wendy Henning

Henry Art Gallery

Stephanie Henschen

Tyson Heriot

Heritage Distilling Co. Inc

Mariana and Jose Hernandez

W. J. Herndon

Jacqueline Herrera

Jennifer Herrmann

Chase Herzog

Marcia Hess

Jill Heth

James and Janet Heutel

Colleen Hicks

Stacy Hild

Matthew Hill

Melissa Hill

Carol and Robert Hille

Janette Hillegass

Willean Hillman

Jeff Hilton

Deborah and Jonathan Himmelfarb

Katherine Hinde

Martin Hinderer

Sandra Hines

Hans and Mary Anne Hingst

Kathy Hinkle

Jessica Hintz

Melissa Hish Ellis

Jay and Tiffany Hitt

Suzanne M Hittman

John Ho

William Hochberg

Michael Hochkeppel

Jessie Hodgson

Dawn Hodschayan

Gina Hogan

John and Faith Hogan

Lynn Hogan

Denise Hogg

Jessica Holden

Bradley Hole

Erna Holladay

Holland America Line

Kristine Holland

Sue Holland

Katherine Hollenbaugh

Amanda Hollinger

Kelsey Hollingsworth

Larry and Marie Holm

Mike and Diane Holmes

Shelby Holmes

Ruth N. Holmquist

Tori Holt

Mark Holtzen

Honest Biscuits

Denise Hood

William D Hood

Allison Hooper

Katherine Hopper

Arlen Horst and Katherine MacDonald

Carol and Glenn Horton

Melanie Hoshino

Travis Hosler

Theda Houck

Kay Hovde

Thomas B. Hovde and Francine Girard

Melissa Hovey

Christopher Howard

Michael Howard and Kathleen Drozdowski

Tanya Howard

Andrew Hoyt

Mary Hsieh

Gary Hsu

Wendy Hsu

Grace Huang

Vickie Huang

Maureen and Stephen Hubbard

Richard and Margaret Hudson

Matthew Huffman

Keeley Hughes

Sally Hull

Aidan Hunt

Desire Hunter

Zishan Huq

Tisha Hurn

Winifred and Peter Hussey

Erika Hutchinson

Mark Hutchinson

Mary Hutchison

Laura Hutton

Hyatt Regency Lake Washington

Gelea Ice

Weldon Ihrig and Susan Knox

Colleen Ildefonso

Violeta Ilieva

William and Julia Ingram

Inn at the Market

Intel Foundation

Sara Intriligator

Iron Springs Resort

Nicole Irwin

Ray Ishii

Cecilia Isla

Andrea Ivancich

Ivar’s Acres of Clams

J Bookwalter

Tiffany Jack

Emily Jackson

Kenneth and Judy Jackson

Melissa Jackson

Paul and Terry Jackson

Reid Jackson-Martin

Aaron Jacobs

Mary Jacobson

Bharathi Jagadeesh

Leon and Fran Jagla

Mary Lee K Jahn

Bruce Jahnke

Karen James

Lisa James

Colleen Jancola

Mark Jankowski

Elsie and Jeffrey Janson

Maria Janson

Toni Janus

Fred and Susan Jarrett

Susan Jarrett

Traci Jay

Jean K LaFromboise Foundation

Paul Jellison

Jellyfish Brewing Co.

Frank and Roberta Jenes

Kathleen Jenkins

Ann Ramsay-Jenkins

Tonya Jenne

Jennifer Loomis Photography

Jet City Improv

Jeff and Sheila Jirka

Joe Chocolates

Dora Joe

Johnnie Walker

Marcy Johnsen

Shelly and David Johnsen

Ann Johnson

Gerald Johnson and Linda R. Larson

Carol Johnson

Dianne Johnson

Howard and Nancy Johnson

James and Holly Johnson

Jamilah Johnson

Jane A Johnson

Josh Johnson

Kerri Johnson

Lisete Johnson

Monique and Eric Johnson

Noah Johnson

Rich and Bobbie Johnson

Richard Johnson

Mary and Ray Johnston

Reese Johnston

Jennifer Jolley

Susan Jane Jollineau and Robert Bowen

Dorothy Jones

Henry Jones

Jessica Jones

Julia Jones

Matt Jones

Rachel Jones

Taylor Jones

Christy Joo

Nick and Kristin Jordan

Jay Joshi

Joshua Green Foundation, Inc

Dylan Jouliot

Mirantha Joyce

Tessa Judd

Nancy and Fred Juhos

Tim Julius

Suzanne and Christopher Juneau

Lauren Kaczmarek

Dysa Kafoury

Ruth Kagi

Audry Kahlström

Jason Kahn

Michele Kahrs

Brenda Kainz-Avert

Amanda Kaiser

Denise Kajanoff

Colleen Kaku

Alan Kam

Jessica Kamish

Jenni Kane

Mandy and Jason Kaplan

Robert Kaplan and Margaret Levi

Jennifer Kapur

Jim and Georgene Karambelas

Patricia Karapinar

Virginia Karr

Arvind Karuppasamy

Kaspar’s Special Events & Catering

Kate Kasprzyk

Paul Kassen

Bilal Kathrada

Sakurako Kato

Julia Katz

Ken Katzaroff

Raisa Kaufman

Steve Kawaguchi

Keena Kaye

Mike Kea

Catherine and Joseph Keating

Kathleen Keefe

Tiffany Keene

Bradley and Michelle Keller

Irene Kelly

Lucinda Kelly

Jennifer Kelsey

Christopher Kendle

Mr. & Mrs. L N Kendrick

Colleen Kennedy

Alex Kent

Allison Kent and Jessica Ross

Ricky Keokitvon

Janny Keopilavong

Teri Kertson

Michael Kessler

Pamela Kiel

Marina Kifa

Egan Kilbane

Lori Kilberg

Bob Kilduff

Chase Killebrew and Alejandro Valdivieso

Andrew Kim

Michael Kim

Stella Kim

Kind Traveler

King County Nurses Association

King County WLRD

Susan King

Pat Kinnaird

Kalyn Kinomoto

James Kinsella

Steve Kipp

Anthony Kirby

Cathryn Kirkness

Jennifer and Edward Kirschenbaum

Victoria Kiser

Daniel Kivlahan and Dina Benedetti

Adam Kleinman

Cindy and Terry Klett

Nicole Kleweno

Alisa and Ben Klingenstein

Tracy Klinkroth

Alan and Margaret Klockars

Leslie Kmitta

Melinda Kmitta and Tom Kmitta

Dolores Knapp

Alison Kneisl

Frank Knight

Philip and Sharon Knowles

Dale Knudsen

Andrew Ko and DeAnn Cromp

Christina Koch

Hanna Kokko

Catherine Koll

Allison Kollack

Allan and Mary Kollar

Natalya Komarova


Somana Konganda

Karen Koon and H Brad Edwards

Abigail Kopecky

Alyssa Kopf

Terrence Koza

Katheryn and Chapin Krafft

Woody Kramm

Mark Krawczyk

Christopher Krieger

Angela Krohn

Megan Kruse and Robert Mucklestone

Ann Ku

Maryann Kuchera

Corine Kuehlthau

Lindsey Kuhle

Sourabh Kulkarni

Arthur Kuniyuki

Kuniyuki Family

Devin Kunysz

Yoko Kuramoto-Eidsmoe

Caylee Kurasaki

Frances J Kwapil

Nathan Kwon

Kris La Fata

Andrew LaBerge

Lacewing Foundation

Charley Paisley Lahmeyer

Cynthia Lair

Laird Norton Company LLC

Laird Norton Wealth Management

Priyanka Lakhe

Suzan Lakin

Franky Lam

Joseph Lamanno

Eileen Lambert

Mary Kay Lambert

Andrea Lambrecht

Mary Lamery

Jessica Lan

Haley Land and Leanne Clarke

Katya Landau

Stewart Landefeld and Margaret Breen

Nick Landgraff

Kay and Andy Landis

Elaine and Trevor Landsiedel

Amy Lane

Erica Lane

Johann Lane

Zoey Lange

Barry Langer

Michael Lapinsky

Kate Larkin

Kathie G Larsen

Christina Larson

Lashe LLC

Celia Laurance

Micha M Lauterjung

Jennifer Lavallee

Kathy Law

Paul Lawrence and Cynthia Jones

William Lawrence and Elizabeth Neidhart

Madora Lawson

Hillary Layer

Niki Lazo

Edward Lazowska and Lyndsay Downs

Le Coin

Le Pichet

  1. Robert Leach and Vickie Norris

Ron Leamon

Sarah Leaptrot

Peter Leary

Lease Crutcher Lewis

Elizabeth Leber and Andrew Coveler

Andrea Lee

Cynthia Lee

David Lee

Kiuk Lee

LK Lee

Richard Lee

Suhua Lee

Ty Lee

Virginia K Lee

Left Coast Cellars

Alex Legocki

Mary Leigh

Angela and Ted Leja

Margaret Lemberg

Eileen Lennon

Jenn Lennon

Linda Lentgis

Valarie Leonard

Grace Leong and Clifford Schmidt

Joelle Lesniak

Martha Starr Lester

Jen Leu

Wendy Leung

Phillis Leventhal

Adam E. Levine

Alan Levine and Darcy Wildermuth

Julia and Michael Levitt

Sandra Lew-Hailer

Carla and Don Lewis

Connor Lewis

Crystal Lewis

Joy Lewis

Miranda Lewis

Michael Lhuillier

Daisy Li Li

Junyi Li

Lanzi Li

Sally Liang

Christopher Libby and Nancy Kaynor

Lid Wear

Benson Limketkai

Shih-Hsien Lin

Ann Lindsay

Irene Lindvall

Lois Linn

Donald Linnertz and Scott Wallace

Larry Lipov

David Lippert

Laura Lippman and Henry Mustin

Donna Lipsky

Nikola Litven

Valaree Litz

Amanda Lizano

Meg Lloyd

John Loacker

Megan Loctor

Eric Loehrmann

William Lofgren

Eu Nice and Adam Lorenzenu,

Marcie Lohr

Long Road Winery

Tom Long

Alexandria Lopresti

Courtney Lorenz

The Lorig Family

Los Agaves Mexican Street Food

Jeremy Love

Stephen Lovell

Mason Lowe

Lowercase Brewing

Jason Lowry

Joyce Lu

Karen Lu

Stephanie Lu

Sherri Lucas

Lauren Ludtka

Lucky and Amanda Lufkin

Rosemarie Luhrman

Lowell Lui

Diena Lukawski

Jason Luke

Robye Lumb

Lee Lumsden

Ryan Lundeen

Nancy and Rick Lundy

Margaret Luning

Valerie Lunn

Jennifer Lushao

Luther Burbank Corp Foundation

Mellie Lutz

Debbie Lux

McKenna Lux

Vicki Lydum

Jamie Lynd

James Lynd

Sally Lynn

Elaine Lyon

Lotfy Maamer


Brad and Christina Mace

Gail Macedo

Andrea and Brian Mackin

Shana Macleod

Macrina Bakery and Cafe

Caitlin Macy-Becburith

Madison Master Builders

Jessica Madrazo

Christopher Magan

Maggie’s Shoes

Mary Magnano Smith

Ann Magnano and Sheri Boddy

James and Mary Ann Magnano

Mary and Joseph Magnano

Carolyn Magos

Janice and Roger Mah

Judy and Garry Mahaffey

Judy Mahoney

Mariangela Mahoney

Anne Maiers

Reid Maker

Megan Malcolm

Karen Malen-Hogle

Karen Malo

Catherine Mangino

Ed Manley

Dave and Ann Mann

Audrey Manzanares

Margie Mapili-Wiseman

Harry Mar and Rich Vogel

John and Mary Marasco

Victor Marchi

RaeAnne Marcum

Kathy Marek

Cynthia J. Marin


Bruce Markey

Darcy Markham

Christina Markle DeCoudres

David Marks and Emily Coe Marks

Taffy Marler

Marmite Seattle

Ridge Marshall

Silas Marshall

Martin Smith Inc.

Aurora Martin

Georgia F. Martin

Jeff Martin

Mackenzie Martin

Mary Anne and Chuck Martin

Micheal Martin

Michelle Martin

Milo Martin

Laurie C. and Arthur D. Martinelli

Andrew Martinez

Cassandra Martinez

Julie and Luis Martinez

Julie Martinez

Cheri Marusa

Maryhill Winery

Steve Mason

Pam Massey

Brady Mathis

John Mathis

Elizabeth Matsubara

Antolin Matsuda

Cecilia Matta

Carmen Matthews

Michael Mattmiller

Matt’s in the Market

Janey Mattson

Betsy Maurer

Michael Maves

Miki Maxey

Maximilien Restaurant

Stephanie May

Brad Mayer

Charles Mayes

Christine Mayes and Nathan Mayes

Aileen Mayor

Claudia Mazzie-Ballheim

Zita Mazzola

Rachel McAlister

Peter McAuliffe

Marie McCaffrey

Christine McCaman

Dan McCarley

Liz McCarty

Elizabeth McClellan

Toni and Thomas McClory

Devin and Emily McComb

Maggie McCombs

Jonathan Mccoy

Kelly McCoy

Myra and Mike McCoy

Connie Mccrery

Erin McCutcheon

Janet McCutcheon

Amy McDavid

James McDermet

Linda McDonnel

Evy McElmeel and JV Hirschmann

Kaaren and James McElroy

Tim McGarry and Janice V. Borawick

Selina McGee

Carolyn McGill

Mary McGill and John Hempelmann

Kayleen McGinley

Linda and John McGowan

Alex McGuinn

Michele Mcintyre

Mike and Peggy McKasy

Joshua McKellar

Thyra McKelvie

Nikki McKenna

Pamela McKenna

Leatha McKenzie

Janet McKinnon and Peter Brown

Kaitlin McKinnon

Frank McKulka

Spencer McLain

Casey McLaughlin

Edward McLaughlin

Patricia McLaughlin

Allen McLeod

Ruth McLuckie

Abbey McMahon

Rick and Karen McMichael

Kathryn McMillan

Jasmine McNeil

Megan McQueen

Sheila McShane

Michael McVicker

Mary O McWilliams

Tyler Medick

Medina Foundation

Steve Medina

Igor Medvedev

Sue Meiklejohn

Heather Melendez

Kari Mellott

Dianne Mendez

Ramon Mendez

Gary L Menges

Dustin Mennella

Mercer Wine Estates

Addison Mercer

Meridian Geographics LLC

Carol Merrill

Paul Merz

Robin Messec

Robert Messina

Leah Metreaux

Katie Meyer

Kenneth and Brittni Meyers

Ashley Michael

Mark Middall

Jeanne Miele

Andrew Mildenberger

Adrienne and Chuck Miller

Bridget Miller

Christina Miller

David Miller

Joan Miller

Keith Miller

Kyle Miller

Madalena L. Miller

Sandy Bricel Miller

Sarah Miller

Shelby Miller

Stacia Miller

Chuck and Jamie Mills

Elizabeth Mills

Marlene Mills

Peter and Jaymie Mills

Christina Milovancev

Akira Minami

Leslie Minch

Sheryl Minnix

Ivanna Misiuk

Kristin Misner-Gutierrez

Carla Mitchell

Donald and Pamela Mitchell

Linda Mitchell

Benjamin Mitroi

Rohin Mittal

Peggy and Scott Mizukami-OBrian

Mike Moe

Heather Moeller

Rubeena Mohamed

Rob Mohorovich

Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream

Mike Monson

Montinore Estate Winery

Michael Montoya

Kelly Mooney

Chris Moore and Jael Aumack

Dan Moore and Carter Pecce

Erin Moore

Loyd Moore

Nancy Moore

Thomas Moore

Kirsten Moorman

Antonio Morales

Blanca Morales

Ernesto Morales-Perea

Bianca Moreno

Jennifer Moreno

Nita Morford

Amy Morgan and Francois Ajenstat

Aron Morgan

Hailey Morgan

Jennifer Morgan and Jay Schutz

Lillian Moriarty

Tomio and Jenny Moriguchi

Kei Morita

Anastasia Moro and Rob Coppedge

Alana Morris

Julie and Michael Morris

Mark Morris

Yolanda Morris

Michael Morrison

Brady Morrison

Debra Morrison

Alyssa Moseley

Leslie Moser

Christine B. Moss

Michael Mott

Cindy Mounts

Kirsten Moylan

MSSA Designs

Gretchen and Thomas Mueller

Jesse Mulhollam

Amy Munch

Eduardo Munoz

Heidi Munson

Andrew Murphy

Colleen Murphy

Donna Murphy

Susan Murray

Mike Murtagh

Museum of Pop Culture

Jeffrey Mushen

Lauren Must

Lisa Must

Paul and Lisa Mutty

Michael Myint

Meghan Nadeau

Jennifer Nagel and John Thomas

Alix Nam

Josh Nasvik

Amanda Nathan

Stephanie Neffner

Andrew Neiditz

Cheryl Nelson

David Nelson

Erik and Tamara Nelson

Lisa Nelson

Marygrace Neri

Trisha Nerney

Veronica Nett

Kristen Neubert

Sally and William Neukom

Kelly Neuman

Nate Nevzuroff

David Newman

Rosina Newton

Gabriel Ng

Helen Ngo

Andrea Nguyen

Chuan Nguyen

Hohan Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen

Larry Nguyen

Ming Lam Nguyen

Helen Nicdoa

Carol Nichols and Reynaldo Sabado

Mahlon P Nichols Jr and Jeanne E Nichols

Rob Nichols

Brandon Nicholson

Ray and Trish Nicola

Rachel Nielsen

Bryce Niemi

Edwin Nieves

Nancy Nipples

Crissey Nishimura

Craig Nishizaki

Connie M Niva

Nancy Noblitt

Roberta Nodell

Lisa Noji

Patrick Noland

Mitchell Noong


Jeannie and Bruce Nordstrom

Molly Nordstrom

Susie Norgaard

Anne Norman

North Bend Bar and Grill

Northwest Biscotti

John Norton

Lenell Nussbaum

Jordan Nutt

Amy Nygaard

Jody Deering Nyquist

Allison Oakes

Katherine Oberg

Karen Obermeyer

Karen Oboy

Kelly O’Brian

Susan OBrien

Joan O’Connor


Jared O’Dell

Leslie and Dean Odenthal

Nenita Odesa

Rebecca Oehler

John and Judy Ogliore

George Ohagan

Alexa O’Hara

Jennifer Ojeda

Ruby Okada

Deems and Margaret Okamoto

Kathryn Okawa

Laura Okocha

Meesa Olah

Victoria O’Laughlin

Old Stove Brewing LLC

Steve Oldroyd

Karen Olds

Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP

Eric Olinsky

Jewels Oliquiano

Colleen Oliver

Rachel Oliver

Amy Olli

Ruth Olsen Lawson

Alexandra Olsen

Beth Olsen

Steve and Felicia Olsen

Thomas Olsen

Debra Olson

Glenna Olson and Conrad Wouters

Karen Olson

Emily Olsoy

Debora Olsson

Annie Olszewski

Todd Omotani

Nita Ong

Keith Ono

OOLA Disillery

Jean Oplinger

Matt Oppenheimer

Optimism Brewing Company

Isabela Ordonez

Patricia Orellana

Luis Orihuela

Daniel Oron

Juleea Orvella

Nancy Osborn Nicholas

Kaitlyn Osborn

Mike W. Osborn

Sim Osborn

Angela Osborne

Krista Osborne

Vicki Oshaughnessy

Kathryn Osial

Chelsea Otakan

Jennifer Ott

Jeremiah and Kayleigh Otto

Chelsea Oughton


Merit Oviir

Devri Owen

Femke Paanakher

Marilyn Pabros

Jessie Pabros-Kraus

Pacific Market International, LLC

Pacific Science Center

Pacifica Law Group

Amy Packebush

Ruth Pagel

Pagliacci Pizza

Sabrina Paige

Gail and John Paine

Alan Painter

Vanessa Pai-Thompson

Balwant Pal

Ashley Palar

Madeline Palasota

Christine Palmer

Brian Palmquist

Ilya Panchenko

Meg Pancholi

Kristi A Pangrazio

Kevin Pantzar and Heidi Matter

Pappardelle’s Pasta

Stephanie E Pappas

Megan Parham

Brian Park

Dave Park

Frances Park

Hana Park

Lowell Park

Amanda Parker

Christie D Parker

Colin Parker and Katie Trimpe-Parker

Elisabeth Parker

Jennifer Parker

Joan Parker

Susan Parker

Amy Parsons

Paseo Caribbean Food

Pasta Casalinga

Adina Pasto

Andrew Pastor


Binti Patel

Stephanie Patrusevich

Patterson Cellars

Barbara Patterson

Jessica Patterson

Jasmine Pattison

Sara Patton

Kilani Paulik

Nicole Paulsen-Ramos

PCC Natural Markets

Jeffrey Pearl

Alan and Regina Pearlman

Robin Pearson

Ann Peavey

Angelica Peck

Karla Pecorelli

Jacob Peddicord

Alana Pedersen

Lars Pedersen

Patricia Pedersen

Janet Pelz and Robert Koplowitz

Madeline Pennington

Douglas Pepple

Perennial Leather Provisions

Perennial Tea Room

Brian Perfette

Dal Perio

Bridget Perkins

Lauren Perkins

Dominique Perras

Svetlana Petculescu

Peterson Sullivan LLP

Gus and Jackie Peterson

Heather Peterson

Jeff and Linette Peterson

Lisa Peterson

Sandra Peterson

Rick Pettibone

Katherine and Bill Pettit

April Pfab

Laurie Pfarr

Anh Thu Pham

Lee Phan

Holly and James Phelps

Alison Phillips

Elena Phillips

Karen Phillips

Peggy Phillips

John and Vicki Pierce

Kathleen Pierce

Jessica Pierson

Pike & Virginia Homeowners

Pike & Western Wine Shop

Pike Brewing Company

Pike Place Chowder

Pike Place Fish Market

Pike Place Market PDA

Pike Place Pigs

Pike Place Producers

Pike’s Pit Barbeque

Kiel Pilch

Karen Pingelton

Jessalyn Pinneo

Alesia Pinney

Alice Piper

Grace Pires

Betty and Steve* Pirnat

Piroshky – Piroshky

Kevin Pisani

Carolyn Plunkett

Harry and Jane Plut

Conrad Plyler

Mary and Gary Podrabsky

Russell Pogemiller

Chris Policheri

Georgina Ponce de Leon

Terumi Pong

Mary Pope

Portage Bay Cafe

Jeri Porter

Posner-Wallace Foundation

Jill Potter

Lucy Potts

Alain Pouliot

David Powell

Rachel Powell

Samantha and Chris Powell

Becky Pratt

Premera Blue Cross

John Presley

Colin Price

Thomas Price

David and Sandra Prince


Kayla Prior

Sabina Proto

Mark Proulx and Nancy Kuehnoel

Joy Pruitt

George and Emily Ptasinski

Bekkah Puckett

Pure Food Fish Market

Anne H. Purnell

Rachel Purpel

Melissa Purvines

Paige Putnicki

Natalie Pyron

Alex Qiang

Sadaf Quddusi

Nicholas Quinlan

Rico Quirindongo

John and Heidi Rabel

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Cody Radle

Daniel Radley

Douglass and Katherine Raff

Shayda Rahgozar

Raining Cookies

Rasa Raisys

Seema Ramchandani

Mirza Raamic

Dara Rampersad, Ph.D.

Ryan S. Randall

Sam Randazzo

Janine Randel

Ron and Jayne Ranheim

Sarah Rathbone

Marika Rausa

Thierry and Kathleen Rautureau

Caitlin Rawlins and Steve Wasik

Isis Ray

Jean Rayburn

Doug Rea

Tiia Mai Redditt

Karishma Reddy Khan

Andrew Reding

Kevin Reed

Stacey Reed

Heather Refvem

Ti Refvem

Regence BlueShield

Jane and Jay Reich

Brian Reiffe

Jim Reinhardsen

Robert Reissler

Relish Burger Bistro

Thomas Rembiesa

Renaissance Seattle Hotel

Lorien Renslow Hess

Jane L. Repensek

Lance Reskey

Braiden Rex-Johnson and Spencer Johnson

Dusty Reyes

Sonia Reyes

Toni Reyes

James W Reynolds

Stephen and Paula Reynolds

Soheyla Rezvani

Pam Rhoten

Susan and Doug Rhymes

Lesley Ribble

Constance Rice

Jasmine Rice

Richard and Francine Loeb Family Foundation

Hayley Richard

Kathleen and Bryan Richardson

Lisa Richardson

Mary Richardson

Joshua Richter

Nicholas Richter

Stephen and Corinne Ricks

Andrew and Cami Riddell

Carol Riddle

Ride The Ducks

Lyla Ridgeway

Tyler Ridl

Deidre Riesenweber

Robert Riethmiller

Patricia Riezman

Anita Rineheart

Ian Ring

Anushree Ringne

Rings & Things


Stephen Roach

Mary E. Preslar

Blair Robbins and Bob Bark

April Roberts

D&P Roberts Foundation

Patrick and Marilyn Roberts

Randee Robichaux and Mark Zawilski

Jessica Robins

Jeff and Carol Robinson

Jennifer Robinson

Kathleen Robinson

Keri A. Robinson

Kimberly Robinson

Sean Robinson

Jason Robons

Rose and Brian Rockey

Rocky Pond Winery

Jeannette Roden and Kit Loo

Kathryn Roeder

Sheila Roehm

Richard Roesler

Donald Rogers

Evan Rogers

Sarah Rogers

Kathryn Rogovy

Rogue Brewery

Vita Romano

Doris Romero

Laurie Romero

Miriam Romero and Alexis Wong

Paula Romero

Richard Romero and Ann Dunlap-Brown

Kara Ronellenfich

Dawn Rooney

Ramon Roque

Phyllis G. Rosalli

Michele Rosato

Laurie Rosen Ritt and Steve Ritt

Marc Rosen

Mariah Rosenblum

Katherine Rosengren

Catherine and Harold Ross

Laura Ross

Mary Rossi

Matt Rosston and Lindsay Hayes

Dr. Alan Rothblatt and Dr. Sima Kahn

Oliver Rothschild

Vicki Rova Mueller

Rick Rowell

Randy Rubenstein

Idan Rubin

Malka Rubin

John Rubino

Dagne Rueda

Suphatra Rufo

Aditi Ruhi

Eduardo Ruiz

Justin and Cassidy Rush

Lynn Russell Ashihara

Kendra Russell

Stephen Russell

Tina Russell

Elizabeth and Len Russo

Daniel Rust

Tim Rutland

Jason Ruymen

Jill Ryan and Steve Kerr

Lindsey Ryan

Anne Ryder

Jennifer Ryu

Julie Saathoff

Sabando Design

Kris Sacksteder

Nai Saeteun

Tom Sager

Skip Sahlin and Jeanie Arnold

Nathanael and Skylee Sahlstrom

Denise Sakaki

Kelly Saling

Maret Saltrones

Mike and Sharon Salzberg

Sam Choy’s Poke to the Max

Richard Sampson

Joan and Werner Samson

Lisa Samson and Michael Gamsky

James Samuel

Kathyrn Samuelson

Jean Sanches

Andrea Sanders

Claudia Sanders

Lizzy Sandstrom

Sanford Foundation

Leanne Sangster

Dorothy Santos

Janet Santos

Wendell Santos

Carolina and Ryan Santwire

Faye Sarkowsky

Abigail Sarno

Terry Satran

Jeremy and Heidi Saucier

Jessica Sauerbry

Ryan Sawchuk

Cheri Sayer

Donna Sbarra

Carl and Carole Scandella

Christina Scapillato

Janet and George Schairer

Lindsay Schaller

Mindi Schautz

Don Scheibenreif and Mona Levry

Pam Schell

Michael Schick and Katherine Hanson

Laura Schicktanz

David Schiller

Schilling Cider

Carol A Schillreff

Sidra Schkerke

Morgan Schlecht

Jennifer Schleif

Gary Schmidt

Leo Schmidt

Evan Schneider

Julie and Brett Schoenberg

Jeff and Julie Schoenfeld

Cindi Schoettler

John Schoettler and Jeff Clapsaddle

Kathy Scholter

David Schooler and Kristen Webb

Gwen Schrempp

Stephanie E. Schuessler

Christoph Schuler

Gary B. Schulte

Schultz Family Foundation

Kathleen Schultz

Victoria Schultz

Alex Schulz

Jennifer and Peter Schumacher

Cecille Schuman

Erik Schwab

Kristi Schwesinger

Caroline Scobee

Jenny Score

Karen Scott

Ken Scott

Sarah Scott

Sea Creatures

Kylah Searing


Seattle Academy of Arts & Sciences

Seattle Aquarium

Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Candle Company

Seattle Children’s Museum

Seattle Country Day School

Seattle Kombucha Company

Seattle Mariners

Seattle Pops LLC

Seattle Repertory Theater

Seattle Rotary Service Foundation

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle Shakespeare

Seattle Sounders FC

Seattle Storm

Seattle Symphony

Seattle Theatre Group

Seattle-Sonoran Foundation

Richard Seelinger

David Self

Ann Semczuk

Vanessa Sena

Stephen Serna

Crystal Serrato

Cathryn Sesniak

Nick Setten

VestaLight Sevenly

David Severin

Carole Seymour

Kaleena Shade

Kyle Shamblin

Jeena Shamsen

Kevin Shanahan

Stacey Shannon

Jessica Shao

Shreya Sharma

Barb Shaub

Catherine Shaw

John Shaw

Michele Shaw

Michael and Sharon Shaw

Theresa Shaw

Peggy Shay

Mark Shepherd

Geneva and Richard Sherman

Lillian Sherman

Marc C. Sherman

Ashley Sherwood

Barbara and Joe Shickich

Elizabeth Shifflett

Daniel Shih

Emmanuelle Shih

Ruth Shimano

Sharron and Robert Shinbo

Michael Shingleton

Krista Shirley

Shug’s Soda Fountain + Ice Cream

Cindy and Rob Shurtleff

Sidetrack Distillery

Daniel Siedal

Margaret Siegfried

Ellen Siegman

Serah Silberfarb

Jonathan Silberlicht

Nancy Silk

Sill Family Foundation

Meghan Silva

Silver City Brewing

Cameron Silver

Stuart and Susan Simon

Susie Simpkins

Ann and David Simpson

Deborah Sims

Michelle Sims

Patterson and Katy Sims

Pamela Sindall

Ed and Joan Singler

Nancy Sipple

Rick & Stephanie Sivertson

Rainelle Sizemore and Wayne Porter

Doug Skeels

Toby and Amanda Skey

Brinton Slaeker

Dora Slosberg

Andrew Small

Lianne Small

Jeanne Smart

Patricia Smilovitz

Jennifer Smit

Alex Smith

Anne Smith

Barbara Smith

Caleb Smith

Cristy Smith

Debby Smith

Jason Smith

Judy Smith

Maggie Smith

Michele Smith

Suzanne Smith

Nicole Smoucha

Patrick Smyton

G Mark Snapp

Chris Snell

Roger Snell

Snoqualmie Brewery

Laura Snover

Nora and Rob Snowden

Nicole Snowhite

Kimble Snyder

Lorilei Snyder

Megan Snyder

Carrie Sohn

Stephanie Sola

Kelly Sollinger

Tamara Sollinger

Gina Solomon

Reed Sorensen

Mel Sorrells

Leonard Sorrin

Sosio’s Fruit and Produce

Sound Hotel

Jeremy Spann

Kathy Sparkman

Wendy Sparrow

Cindy Speare

Laurel and Timothy Spelman

Meghan and Brandon Spence

Beth Spencer DiJulio

Cynthia Sperling

Kelley Spikes

Blair Sprunk

Chris Stackhouse

Kathy Stacy

Shannon Stacy

Kelly Stahr

Jessica Staley

Dolores Stalford

Adam Stalker

Dale Stammen

Shannon Stamps

Margaret Stanley

Starbucks Coffee – Pike Place Market

Starbucks Coffee – 1st and Pike

Starbucks Coffee Company

Ilene Stark

Shelley Stark

State Farm Companies Foundation

State Farm Insurance

State of Washington

Jane Stavem

Steel Toe Studios

Heidi Steele

Veronica Steele

Sara Steiner

Alston Steinmann


Tracy Stendal

David Stephen

Candice Stephens

Jessica Stevens

Vicki and Mike Stevens

Webb and Meredith Stevens

Brittany Steward

Nicole Stewart

Warren Stickney

Diane Stielstra

Janet Stiles

Nancy Still

Jennifer Stilwell

Ron Stimson

Patricia Stinehour

Lindsey Stinson

Lisa and Richard Stirgus

Nicole Stocker

Meghan and Ryan Stoller

Chris Stone

Lewis Stone

Katie Stordahl

Storyville Coffee Company

Monique Stovall-Rash

Linda and Hugh Straley

Jann Strasbaugh

Diane Strathy

Rebekah Strausbaugh

James Strautman

Tanya Strawn

Lee Striar

Mark Strickland

Helen Stusser

Laura Stusser-McNeil and Kevin McNeil

Jackie Suarez

Succession Wines

Michele Suire

Andrea Sullivan

Emory Sullivan

Brian Summers

Nicholas Sumpter

Liann and Stephen Sundquist

Amanda Sundstrom

Aaron Suoja and Jose Cortez

Scott Surdyke

Sam Sussman

Kristen Sutton

Keisuke Suzuki

Eric Svaren

Lucas Svaren

Sotha Svay

Rudy I. Svien

Patricia Swanson

Timothy Swanson

Michael and Lynne Sweeney

Thomas Sweeney

Jennifer Sweeny

Sweet Alchemy Ice Creamery

Carl Swenson

Gulliver Swenson

Cheryl Swift

Swire Coca Cola

Synchrony Financial

Richard Szeliski

MacKenzie Szerlog

Kate Szurek

T&D Rosenberg Foundation

Ramon Tachiquin

Tacoma Art Museum

Saddie Tai

Mark Taiani

Della Tall

Merideth Tall

Dustin Talley

Jon and Susan Talton

Neda Talyai

Milton and Reba Tam

Daniel Tam-Claiborne

Shalyn Tan

Theodore Tanase

Olga Tanczos

Gordon Tang

Thaswan Tangsurat

Tankard & Tun

Roma Tapia

Marc Tardiff


Nizar Tarhuni

Tarragon LLC

Carol Tashiro

Maryann Tatterson

Allison Taylor

Christopher Taylor

Laura Leigh Taylor

Samantha Taylor

Teatro Zinzanni

Mindy Teigen

Carol Teitz

Brandon Tejera

Jennifer Temple

Joseph Terrazzano

John Teutsch and Mary Foster

Dennis Tevlin

Christopher Tezak and Stephanie Schuster

That Brown Girl Cooks

Meghan Thayer

The Boeing Company

The Commerce Bank of Washington

The Emerald

The Evergreen School

The Hart and the Hunter

The Miller Hull Partnership

The Pike Place Market Creamery

The Princess & The Bear

The Seneca Real Estate Group

The State Hotel

The Westin Seattle

John Theiler

Scott Theisen

Theo Chocolate

Alexander Theoharis


Duncan and Elizabeth Thieme

Gretchen Thomas

Jennifer Thomas

Kane Thomas

Kelly Thomas

Megan Thomas

Quincy Thomas

Stan Thomas

Thompson Seattle

Barbara Thompson

Donald Thompson

Jeffrey Thompson

Julia Thompson

Mary Ann and Kenneth Thompson

Pam Thompson

Sara Thompson

Sheree Thompson

Cameron Thomsen

Belle Thornburg

Miles Thornton

Cynthia Thurlow

Jonathan Thurman

Arlene and Mark Tibergien

Jennifer Tice Walker

John Tidwell

Shannon Timke

Tiny’s Organic

Traci Tipple

JR and Amy Tipton

Daysi Tirado

Jossie Tirado

Tisbury Art Glass

Hieu To

Tyler Tobin

Mike and Dorothy Todd

Thomas and Deborah Tokarz

Tony Toles

Tom Douglas Restaurants

Sheri Tonn

Torii Mor Winery

Hadassa Torres

Kathryn Torrez

Annette Tortorige

David Totten

Lindsey Tough

Jordan Tower

Sarah Townsend

Alexandra Tran

Angela Tran

Judy Tran

Rebecca Tran

Ricky Tran

Neal Traven

Jason Treadwell

Dr. Kelly Tremblay

John Trench

Di Trenh

Gina Trenkamp

Matthew Trethewey

Treveri Cellars

Andrew Tribolini

Catherine Trimbour

Trophy Cupcakes

Jackie and Peter True

Elizabeth Trunkey

Bruce Truong

Jennifer Truong

Paul and Priscilla Trush

Jim Tsen

Tsillan Cellars

Tori Tsu

Latrice Tubbs

Melissa Tudor

Tulalip Tribes Charitable Contributions

Ramachandra Tulasi

Susan Tuller

Tupper Mack Wells PLLC

Turkish Delight

John H. Turnbull and JoAnn Cowan

Alanna Turner

Julia Turner

Sarah Turner

Susan S. Turner

Tutta Bella Neopolitan Pizzeria

Denis Tuzinovic

Paul Twining

Carole and Mike Tye

Jason Tyler

Rachel Tyler

Michael Tylosky

Janice Uelese

Ugly Baby

Uli’s Famous Sausage

Karen and Eric Ullery

Sara Umeda

Umpqua Bank

United Airlines

University of Washington

Ronald Uno

Becky Upton


Urban Float

Carol Ure

Karlo Urrutia

US Pure Water

David Utela

Jana Uyeda

Lynne Uyehara

Dawn Uza

Kathleen Uzzelle

Noelle Valbuena-Paet

Rosie Valencia Courtney

Frank Valenta

Michael Valentino

Dr. Eric Vallieres

Jones van der Spuy

Dana Van Galder

David and Jane Van Galen

Nick Van Valkenberg

Amy VanBlaricom and Matt Nutt

Laura VanBrunt

Leslie VanCleave

Tim and Jacqueline Vanderburg

Marika and Colin VanderSmith

Jo and Blaine Vandersnick

Kathleen and Paul Vanderspek

Joseph Varberg

Theresa Varrelli

Christine M. Vaughan

Rachel Vaughn

Erin Vautier

Brian Vautour

Rajesh and Annika Velji

Catherine Verrenti

Beverly Vessella

David Victor

Christina Vidauri

Kassidy Vietti

Vigor Industrial LLC

Lula Villabbos

Edward Villagomez

Stephanie Villalobos

Abby Vincent

Shannon Vincent

Lauren Violette

Visit Seattle

Marianne Vivona

George Vlassis

Tom Voelk

Chris Volk

David Volk

Liz Vollbrecht

Linh Vong

Loretta Vong

Christian Vornheder

Jean E. Vukovich

WA Advancement Northwest

Deidra Wager

Wagner Architects

Betty L. Wagner

Susan Wagner-DeSalvo

Rachel Wagner-Kaiser

Roger K. Wagoner and Kay Livingston

Judith and James Wagonfeld

Nabiha Wahidi

Andrea Wahlborg

Jaymie Wakefield-Georgen

Jenni Wakida

Ed Waldock and Melinda Jodry


Jay Waler

Albert Walker

Amy Walker

Walker Family Foundation

Mary-Jayne Walker

Kristin Wall

Brooke Wallace and Eric Lane

Todd Wallar

Don Walton

Elizabeth Walton

Caroline Wang

Felicity Wang

Yak-Nam Wang

Yu-An Wang

Anthony Ward

Nancy Ward and Toby Bright

Natalie Ward

Tricia Ward

Brenton Ware

Erin Warga

Ben Warren

Marc and Stacey Warren

Ruth and Todd Warren

Victoria Wary

Lance Washburn

Washington Federal Foundation

Washington State University

  1. Scott Wasner

Cara Wass de Czege

Jan Waszak

Josephine Watanabe

Austin and Mary Watson

Bob and Andrea Watson

Bridget Watson

Quenlly Watson

Cassidy Watt

Alan Waugh

Seth Wayne

Alexis Weaver

David Weaver

James Weaver

Paul Weber

Jocelyn and Clifford Webster

Angela Webster-Lam

Thomas Weeks and Deborah Oyer

Cindy Wei

Vera Weikel

Julie Weisbach

Warren Weissman

Beth Weitensteiner

David Weldon

Tracy Wellington

Wells Fargo Foundation

Lynn Wells

Michele Wells

Philip and Marilyn Wells

Deborah Wentworth

Kira Wenzel

Mary Sinead Werner

Angelia Wesch


Westland Distillery

Judi and Brian Westlund

Jerome D. Whalen

Ben Wharton

Lindan Wharton

Wheel Fun Rentals

Teri and Robert Wheeler

Kent Whipple

Cynthia B Whitaker

Claire White

Maya White

Michael and Lisa White

Rayana White

Lisa Whiteman

Dustin Whitman

Keith Whittemore

Nicholas Whitworth

Whole Foods Market

Marianne Wick

Betsy Wickes

Cathy Wickwire

Sarah Wilbanks

Lynda Wilcox

Wild Roots

Diane Wilde

Kristina Wiley

Charles S Wilke

Katy Wilkens

Crystal Wilkes

Colleen Wilkie

Jennifer Will

Chianne Willaford

Brenda Williamas

Jennifer Williams

Joseph Williams

Milford John Williams

Ian Williamson

Jesse Willig

Linda Willow

Jennifer Willows

Wilridge Winery

Alicia Wilson

Amber Wilson

Judy Wilson

Kelly Wilson

Kyle Wilson

Melinda Wilson

Sharon Wilson

Windermere Foundation

Windstar Cruises

Wines of Substance

Betty Winfield

Judith Wing

Tracy Wing

Jason Winnell

Steven Winterbauer

James Wirth

Riann Wishon

Thomas and Marlene Wissler

Bob Witter

Patricia Woeck

Jonathan Woelfle

Dr. Jodie Wohl and Richard Hert

Elliott Wolf

Anthony Wong

Breanna Wong

Jadine Wong

Kwan Wong

Sandra Wong

Sarah Wong

Sylvia Wong

Amy Wong-Freeman

Alana Wood

Katherine Woodcock

Woodhouse Wine Estates

Woodland Park Zoo

Taylor Woods

Jill Woolcock

Shelley Wooten

Daniel Worcester

World Affairs Council

Deborah Wozniak

Mary Beth and Bradley Wressell

Wright Janeway Family Fund

Wright Runstad Associates

Melissa Wright

Zoe Wright

Wusthof-Trident of America, Inc.

Clifton Wyatt

Marilyn J Wyatt

Mary Wyllie

Wyman Youth Trust

Kristel Wyman

Joan C. Wynar

Wyncote Foundation

Patricia and John Wynn

Dr. Ming Xiao

Keiko Yanagihara

Mai Chor Yang

Gary Yao

Cherisa Yaplee

Beto Yarce

Noriko Yasuda

Mary Yax

Brittney Yeats

Donald Yee

Evelyn P Yenson

Jennifer Yi

Amanuel Yihdego

Kathleen Yingling

Joe Yohannan

Lori Yonemitsu

Sho Yoshinaga

Erika Yoshioka

Emily Yoshiwara

Barbara Young

Chad Young

Kathryn Young

Katrina Young

Sara Young

Ted Youngs and Claire Renault

Mary Yu

Yuan Spa

Bing Yue

Linda Yuen and Bruce Gamon

Karl and Ellen Zahlis

Jane Zalutsky and Mark Kantor

Michelle Zante

Chelsea Zarnowski and Andrew Parker

Ewa Zasim

Emerald Zeitz

Mark Zenobio

John Zesiger

Christopher Ziegler

Karli Zimmermann

Jay and Marla Zink

Yochabel Zink

Eli Zucker

Zylberschtein’s Delicatessen & Bakery

* = Indicates the individual has passed away

Italicized names are from our 2019 Market Foundation Board Members

Bold names are donors to our Preschool Playground Renovation

We apologize for any missing, incorrect, or misspelled names throughout this report. We would greatly appreciate assistance in helping us correct our records. Please call (206) 774-5254 or email info@pikeplacemarketfoundation.org with changes.

Board of Directors

2019 Board Year


Lindy Gaylord, President

Nicole Bahr, President-Elect

Joel Carlsley, Treasurer

Sherry Burkey, Secretary

Chris Volk, Member At-Large

Eddie Kirschenbaum, Member At-Large

Peter True, Member At-Large

Abraham Dairi, Past President


Kirsten Anderson

Clint Bennett

Natasha Bleier

Elizabeth Coppinger

Christine Craig

Austin Dienst

James Furlan

Emeline Jumie Garba

Carol Garza

Jason Hamblin

Nick Hawley

Christopher Juneau

Joe Keating

Reid Martin

Dan Moore

Amy Morgan

Raluca Pop

Mary Richardson

Brian Rockey

Matt Rosston

Skylee J. Sahlstrom

Lisa Samson

Ryan Santwire

Michele Shaw

Sharon Shaw

Warren Stickney

Susan Talton

Angelica Wesch

Ted Youngs

UW Board Fellows

Alyssa McClure

Galen Van Horn

Market Foundation Staff

Lillian Sherman, Executive Director

Christi Beckley, Fund Development Manager

Velma Cheney, The Market Commons Coordinator

Nicole Cilley, Business and Fiscal Administrator

Crystal Dixon, The Market Commons Manager

Kelly Erlandson, Corporate Engagement Specialist

Kathryn Hortner, Market Commons Program Coordinator

Patricia Gray, Community Relations Manager

Stella Jones, Research Outreach Coordinator

Kyra Meko, The Market Commons, Americorps Vista*

Jennifer Schooley, Donor Relations Specialist

Tiffany Swanson, Special Events Manager

Alejandro Valdivieso, Communications & Volunteer Coordinator

*Left the Market Foundation during the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year


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Photos by Josh Lewis Photography, Rosemary Dia Ross Photography, Danny Ngan Photography, Art Kuniyuki and Goodsell Photos / Videos by Traci Gushiken of With You Media
Written by Patricia Gray, Lillian Sherman, and Alejandro Valdivieso

The Pike Place Market Foundation nurtures a thriving Market community so that everyone within it has the opportunity to live their best life possible.

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