Heritage House at the Market

Pike Place Market Foundation

Heritage House at the Market is an assisted living facility in the heart of our community.

Heritage House offers private apartments, nursing services, and a rich quality of life to seniors in a vibrant urban environment. The assisted living facility is currently home to 72 residents receiving 24/7 assisted living care, 92% of whom receive income assistance from the state.

Staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, Heritage House brings together a wide range of services to meet individual needs including comprehensive personal and nursing care, restaurant-style dining, housekeeping and laundry services, and programming both in the facility and out in the greater community.

Housing options for low-income seniors with personal care needs are scarce, and Heritage House at the Market is the only assisted living facility in the downtown community that will care for residents who are on Medicaid. Last year, 75% of Heritage House residents became participants in the Providence ElderPlace program (PEPS). Through this enrollment, Heritage House was able to re-establish an onsite medical clinic that allows PEPS participants to see their primary physician at Heritage House. Next year, Heritage House hopes to receive the support required for residents with dementia and end-of-life care needs to remain at Heritage House.

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