Power of Pike Place

Pike Place Market Foundation

 Pike Place Market Foundation’s COVID-19 Response & Recovery campaign.

We are committed to the health and stability in the Market community. During the unprecedented shutdown, we increased our investment in the social services, small businesses and the people of Pike Place Market.

Since April 2020, we’ve raised nearly $4.2million from 2,500 donors. Support the Power of Pike Place Recovery Campaign today to help us bring the Market back to full health!

Our Recovery Fund supports these three critical areas of the mission of Pike Place Market:

Our Small Business Fund

Small Business Fund: Providing quick, flexible and critical gap funding to bring small, Market businesses back to full health and vibrancy. 

COVID-19 has had a significant and heartbreaking effect on our vibrant Pike Place Market neighborhood that’s made up of thousands of farmers, craftspeople, artisans, small businesses and senior residents. Sadly, more than 450 businesses in the Market were forced to initially close as a result of the pandemic, resulting in the vast majority of businesses suffering a complete loss of revenue and mounting expenses.

Read how our Small Business Fund has invested $646,000 in 132 businesses throughout the Market and what this means for the Market’s recovery!

We’re helping these businesses regain full operations, while adapting to the new health standards and drastically changed economic conditions. Learn More about the Recovery Fund here!

The Market Community Safety Net

The Market Community Safety Net: This fund supports individuals facing a sudden financial crisis with emergency grants and resources to anyone who lives, works or accesses social services in the Market community and needs support to regain stability.

Since the COVID-19 crisis emerged, the need for individual financial support within the Market community has skyrocketed and we anticipate the need will overwhelm our existing system for the next year or more. We’re bolstering this fund to support our Market community of workers, residents and neighbors facing extreme hardship as the economic crisis deepens. Learn more at the link here!

Market Social Services on the Frontline of COVID-19

Social Services: Our community partners at the Pike Place Market medical clinic, food bank, senior center, senior housing and assisted living continue to serve thousands of our neighbors on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Pike Place Market Foundation is dedicated to providing long-term, consistent funding to support our partner organizations year over year and emergency needs as they arise.

Since the COVID-19 shutdown, the Market’s social services remained open and deployed emergency programs such as food distribution and COVID-19 testing for neighbors throughout downtown in addition to shelter-in-place orders for more than 500 senior residents of the Market. These vital community services need our support now to meet increased needs in the Market and downtown neighborhood. Learn more at the link here!

Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market has endured the past 113 years with periods of significant crisis during that time.

The Market stands today because of the people who’ve rallied to protect, preserve and power this place, and now is our time to help. Join us to support the Power of Pike Place Recovery Campaign.

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What is the Power of Pike Place? 

The Power of Pike Place is about the strength of Pike Place Market:

Power of Pike Place is the diversity of our mission – a place for farmers, for small businesses and for those most in need. Learn more

Power of Pike Place is the people of the Market from the flower farmers to the fish mongers, the 500 senior residents, preschoolers and YOU – our loyal shoppers, donors and advocates. Everyone is an important part of the fabric of this community. Learn more

Power of Pike Place is the local economy that is fueled by Pike Place Market. With more than 15 million visitors a year, the Market is the #1 destination in the Pacific Northwest. Our vibrant neighborhood is home to 500+ local, independent businesses that thrive in the heart of downtown Seattle, as well as a vast network of vital housing and social services that more than 11,000 of our most vulnerable neighbors rely on every day for health care, food and community support.

Power of Pike Place is the model for a healthy community that we’ve honed for 50 years. We see the need for this public health model now, more than ever. Learn more

Thanks to this group of generous supporters who are helping us build up the Power of Pike Place!

Want to join this list? Individual donations above $1,000 and corporate contributions above $2,500 will be recognized on our website. Learn more about Sponsorship Opportunities here! 

Anonymous (18)

1st Security Bank

Advisory Services & Investments, LLC

Alec Turnbull

Allan C. Golston and Stephen Bryant


American Lamb

Amy and Lawrence Corey

Amy Morgan and Francois Ajenstat

Amy Worthington

ANDAH Foundation

Ric and Kaylene Anderson

Angelia Wesch

Ann and Dave Mann

Arlene and Mark Tibergien

Arnold and Judith Bendich

Austin W. Dienst and Meghan Graves

The Avery Family

Barb Byham

Barbara Lowe

Becky L. Bogard

Beck Tench


Bob Witter

Bruce Moore and Vicki Brown

Cambia Health Solutions

Carla and Don Lewis

Carol Johnson

Carolyn Burrows

Carolyn Corvi and John Bates

Catherine Leschen

Charlie’s Produce

Christine Heidel

Christopher Tezak and Stephanie Schuster

Chuan Nguyen

Cindy and Rob Shurtleff

Clint and Barbara Bennett

Columbia Hospitality / John and Deanna Oppenheimer

D & P Roberts Foundation

Dan Moore and Carter Pecce

David Enslow

David Victor

Deborah Adair

DeeAnn and David Burman

Deidra Wager

Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Devin and Emily McComb


Diana Carey

Diana Choi

Don and Jerri Gordon

Dr. Jodie Wohl and Richard Hert

Edward and Jennifer Kirschenbaum

Edward Lazowska and Lyndsay Downs

Elizabeth Coppinger and Patrick Binns

Elizabeth Leber and Andrew Coveler

Ellen L Ferguson

Emeline Garba and Yauhen Radzikevich

First Tech Federal Credit Union

Forever Stars

Fox’s Jewelry Seattle

Friends of the Market

Friends of Seattle Waterfront

Garneau-Nicon Family Foundation

Gary and Kris Fluhrer

Geneva and Richard Sherman

Gretchen and Thomas Mueller

Greystar Dev LLC

Harborstone Credit Union

Harry Goldman and Jettie Person

Heidi de Laubenfels and Harris Clarke

Helen Stusser

Holland America Line

Howard and Nancy Johnson

James Harkins and Joan Kitterman-Harkins

James and Holly Johnson

Janene Collins

Jane and David Van Galen

Jared Frey

Jason Kahn

Jason Ruymen

Jay and Sue Fredericksen

Jean K LaFromboise Foundation

Jeannie and Bruce Nordstrom

Jeffrey and Penny Coppersmith

Jeff Henigson

Jennifer Nagel and John Thomas

Jo and Blaine Vandersnick

Joanie Parsons

Jocelyn Berrendonner

Jody Foster and John Ryan

Joe Skinner

John Bronson

John and Vicki Pierce

John Teutsch and Mary Foster

John Tidwell

Jonathan Gaw and Tiffany Cartwright

Joseph and Catherine Keating

Joseph and Jane Heinrich

Joseph and Patricia Desimone

Joseph Fuller

Joshua Green Foundation, Inc

Josh Jones

JR and Amy Tipton

Judith Mullikin

Judy and Joseph Schocken

Julia and Michael Levitt

Julie and Mike Morris

Karen Koon and H Brad Edwards

Karen Scott

Karmen Johnson

Kasala Furniture

Katharyn Alvord Gerlich Family Fund

Kathryn Fleischer and David Stein

Keith Whittemore

Kenneth Duncan and Tanya Parish

Kevin Lennil and Amanda Guild

Kirsten Anderson and Kevin Sabol


Kurt and Ilene Giambastiani

Leo Butzel and Roberta Reaber

Leroy Hood

Liann and Stephen Sundquist

Lillian Sherman

Linda Anderson

Lindy and Bill Gaylord

Lisa Samson and Michael Gamsky

Lookout Foundation

Luther Burbank Corp Foundation

Lyn Tangen and Richard Barbieri

Lynn and Howard Behar

Lynn Claudon and Charles Royer

Lyou-Fu Ma

Marika and Colin VanderSmith

Mark and Heather Barbieri

Mark and Carolyn Holtzen

Martin Smith Inc

Mary Germany

Mary Magnano Smith

Mary Richardson

Mary Sheehan

Matt Griffin and Evelyne Rozner

Matt Nutt and Amy Van Blaricom

Meghan Barnes

Meridian Capital

Micki and Bob Flowers


Molly Nordstrom

Moxi Works

Mr. G Mark Snapp

Myra and Mike McCoy

Nancy and John Hambacher

Nancy Ward and Toby Bright

Natasha Bleier

Nicole Bahr

Nicole Nguyen


Ouida Hemingway and Holly Smiith

Pacifica Law Group

Pacific Market International, LLC

Pat Kinnaird

Paul Kent Pearse

Paul Roberts

Paul S Neal

Peggy Phillips

Peter and Jackie True

Peter Danelo

Peterson Sullivan LLP

Phoebe Andrew

Phyllis Henigson

Pike Place Chowder

Pike Place Market Creamery

Pike Place Market PDA

Polly Gardner

Posner-Wallace Foundation

Rachel Purpel

Richard and Francine Loeb Family Foundation

Richard Browning and Anne Holmes

Robert and Alice Alexander

Robert Witter

Ross Linderman and Michele de Jesus

Rush Green

Ruth and Todd Warren


Sarah Hrobky

Savor Seattle

Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt

Seattle Rotary Service Foundation

Seneca Group

Shannon and Benjamin Girlando

Sharon Harada

Shelly and David Johnsen

Sherry Burkey and Bill Rudolph

Sosio’s Fruit and Produce

South Lake Union Rotary Foundation

State Farm Insurance

Starbucks Coffee Company

Susan Parker

Susan and Jon Talton

Susan and Lewis Edelheit

Suzanne M Hittman

Synchrony Financial

Swire Coca-Cola

The Balthrop Family

The Bruce Burger Fund

The Collins Family

The Commerce Bank of Washington

The Emerald

The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation

The Norcliffe Foundation

The Pike Place Market Creamery

The Samuel Family

TEW Foundation


Thurston Charitable Foundation

Timothy and Laurel Spelman

Timothy Kelley

Todd Rosenberg

Tyler Smits


Vasiliki Dwyer

Walker Family Foundation

Warren and Nancy Smith / J.E. Fehsenfeld Family Foundation

Washington Federal Foundation

Wells Fargo Foundation

Whole Foods Market

William and Julia Ingram

Windstar Cruises

Woodruff Sullivan

Wyman Youth Trust

Wyncote Foundation

Campaign Leadership 

Lindy Gaylord, Board Member, Past President & Campaign Co-Chair

Austin Dienst, Board Member & Campaign Co-Chair

Mark Barbieri, Board Alumni, Past President & Campaign Co-Chair

DeeAnn Burman, Board Alumni

Abraham Dairi, Board Member & Past President

Peter Danelo, Board Alumni & Past President

Jody Foster, Board Alumni

Amy Morgan, Board Member

Peter True, Board Member

Warren Stickney, Board Member

Scott Wasner, Board Member 

Together, we can support the recovery of Pike Place Market and sustain its future for generations to come.

Thank You To Our Sponsors:

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