Pike Market Childcare & Preschool

Pike Place Market Foundation

Pike Market Childcare & Preschool ensures that families of all income levels have access to high-quality, affordable childcare.

Before the Preschool opened in 1982, it was common to see children and babies napping or playing under their parents’ vendor stalls in Pike Place Market. Without access to affordable childcare nearby, Market vendors brought their children to work with them. Eventually, the community decided to open a preschool in the Market that could provide high-quality childcare for families of all income levels. The Preschool currently serves 110 children from three months to five years old.

Children receive excellent care, made-from-scratch meals, and build the social and learning skills necessary to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Parents and guardians with children in our program have the opportunity to work, job search, or go to school confident with the knowledge that their children are safe and nurtured.

Last year, the preschool was able to provide tuition assistance to 63% of families in the program for 110 students, putting high quality early education, great nutrition and family support within reach for those that otherwise couldn’t afford it. Long committed to social justice and equity, PMCCP implements anti-bias education and has an Equity Change Team exploring the intersection of race, gender, and income inequity to promote institutional change to better serve the school community. This nationally accredited program is leading the way with cutting edge practices that impact the quality of life for children, families and staff.

PMCCP is always striving to improve their ability to cultivate a community in which everyone is seen, valued and has a sense of belonging in which children can develop their full potential to thrive and be caring members of a diverse society. The preschool’s challenge for next year is to meet their $368,000 tuition assistance commitment, while providing excellent benefits and fair wages for teachers, and to deepen anti-bias programming by increasing opportunities for experienced teachers to take on leadership roles with newer teachers.

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