Pike Market Food Bank

Pike Place Market Foundation

The Pike Market Food Bank serves anyone facing food insecurity who lives in downtown Seattle, housed or homeless. 

Since last year, the demand for food bank services rose by more than 15%. On average 1,000 people visit the food bank every week and more programs were created to expand their reach into the community. Food bank staff and volunteers delivered groceries to 120 people a week who have difficulty leaving their home. This was an increase of more than 21% since last year.

Recently, a no-cook bag service was piloted and then made permanent based on hundreds of people a week requesting ready-to-eat and easy-to-carry foods. Hours were also expanded to include Wednesdays from 4 – 6pm to serve the Market community of vendors and others who work downtown. Next year, the biggest challenge the food bank will face is finding the resources required to serve a huge increase in anticipated food bank shoppers with the upcoming closure of the only other downtown food bank, the Cherry Street Food Bank.

In addition to protein and canned goods, one of the most unique benefits that the Food Bank provides for shoppers is fresh produce, bread, and other goods donated by Pike Place Market vendors. Market businesses such as Sosio’s, Frank’s Produce, Lina’s Produce, Le Panier, Storyville Coffee, and others provide daily donations that add nutrient-rich items to each grocery bag.

Learn more about the Pike Market Food Bank here.