Annual Report 2017

Pike Place Market Foundation

Addressing Our CommunitY

Dear Supporters,

This has been a monumental year of growth and opportunity for the Market community. This summer we celebrated the completion of the historic district of Pike Place Market with the opening of the MarketFront. By now, I hope you’ve experienced this transformation for yourself, walking through the historic Desimone Bridge out onto the open-air MarketFront plaza. The views, the public seating and the expanded opportunities for more Market artists and merchants are a welcome breath of fresh air and a look into a bright future for our city.

It’s particularly bright because the MarketFront has allowed us to expand upon our mission at the Pike Place Market Foundation to support the heart and soul of the Market – its people.  At a time of unprecedented growth in Seattle and a gap in affordable housing and services for our most-vulnerable residents, the Market’s commitment to housing and serving our low-income neighbors is more important than ever.

The MarketFront is now home to 40 low-income seniors who desperately needed a community of care and support. Just last week, on September 19, we also opened a new neighborhood center on the MarketFront – The Market Commons. Located on Western Avenue just steps away from the lobby of the new MarketFront housing this cozy, community space is a place for our neighbors to access a wide array of services and support in and around the Market. It’s a place for our social service partners in the community to host activities and expand their offerings and a gathering place for everyone in our community.

Meanwhile, our support for the legacy services here in Pike Place Market has also grown. Through your generosity last year we were able to increase funding to provide tuition assistance to more families at the preschool; cover more uncompensated health care services and visits at the Clinic; and help more seniors access housing and support throughout the community. Read more about the life-changing work that your dollars support in this report.

Next time you’re in the Market, we welcome you to stop in to learn more about The Market Commons. You, too, are part of this thriving, caring community at Pike Place Market. We hope to see you there!


Lillian Sherman, Executive Director

With your support last year to our annual fund, we granted $926,502 to vital services here in the Market. Your donations help make these services possible for our community. 

Video: Welcome Home

See the lasting impact of your donations at the Pike Place Market.

Heritage House at the Market

Early in 2016 Heritage House welcomed a new Executive Director, Jennifer Hermann. Jennifer commented that, “This year was a time of coherence at Heritage House. I believe that our greatest achievement was the forming of our current management team and the work that has been done to put standards in place to support our residents and staff.” In 2016 Heritage House served 73 residents, 95% of whom are low-income. The management team worked hard in 2016 to research and prepare big changes to Heritage House’s dining and activity programs!

Learn more about Heritage House


Pike Market Food Bank

Pike Market Food Bank served an average of 800 families a week through grocery distribution and home delivery. Their shoppers consisted mostly of housed Market and downtown residents, many of whom are Seattle locals. They also provided no-cook options to better serve their clients who experience homelessness. Restaurants like Le PanierPirosky Pirosky, and Beecher’s Handmade Cheese donated prepared foods which made life easier on the Food Bank’s clients who may not have access to a kitchen. Vendors and farmers donated fresh produce and the Rainbow Birds, a group of children from Pike Market Preschool, helped the Food Bank collect it weekly. This process, which is called gleaning, is a great example of the whole community coming together! The Food Bank relied on volunteers and Americorps members to keep it running and this year their volunteers put in between 1500-1800 volunteer hours a month!

Learn more about Pike Market Food Bank.

Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market

It was a very busy year for Neighborcare Health! A total of 4,794 unduplicated patients received care in 27,785 visits through the Pike Market Medical Clinic and street and neighborhood outreach teams. They also held 12 Diabetes Days, providing one-stop diabetes focused care and support. Neighborcare has also been working on improving their own systems, introducing Lean as a management tool in the fall of 2016. At a time when Seattle is experiencing a homelessness crisis we are thankful for all the hard work that Neighborcare does!

Learn more about Neighborcare Health

Food Access Program

In 2016, the Food Access Program continued to expand their reach to help our neighbors gain access to even more local, nutritious produce. The Farm to Go Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) offered weekly boxes of local produce to over 50 low-income people at a subsidized rate for 15 weeks. These folks had the option to pay for their CSA share using EBT SNAP funds, making the produce more available to those who otherwise could not afford the program. The Food Access Program also donated 5,268 lbs of produce from the CSA and Pike Place Express Markets to the Pike Place Market Food Bank.  “The Farm to Go CSA has been a great success for us. It provides a reliable, weekly source of delicious fruits and vegetables to those in need” says Abbie Abramovich, Food Access Program Coordinator. “We often heard members saying they’re more willing to try new food and recipes because of the CSA.”

Learn more about the Food Access Program

Pike Market Childcare and Preschool

Pike Market Childcare and Preschool distributed over $330,000 in tuition assistance to 70% of families in their program, which represents 36 different families. The Preschool also started their first ever Equity Change Team, to steward an inclusive, diverse welcoming environment. Perhaps most exciting, the Pike Market Childcare and Preschool was the only program in the state that worked to raise $17,000 in funds to continue paying their Foster Grandparents from April 2017-October 2017 when funding was suddenly discontinued. On top of all this Pike Market Childcare and Preschool are celebrating their fourth year serving babies, the most vulnerable and undeserved population in our community.

Learn more about Pike Market Childcare and Preschool.

Pike Market Senior Center

Pike Market Senior Center served seniors over 48,000 nutritious meals that were so tasty Executive Director Jeannie Falls says members stop her in the hall to tell her how much they liked the cooking! And, because of great in-kind support from the community, the Meal Program spent only 50 cents per meal. The Senior Center’s social workers were able to make life easier for many seniors by giving them resources, taking them to medical appointments, and helping 30 homeless members secure safe, permanent housing. Meanwhile, the program staff made life more fun with programs for exercise and entertainment, field trips, and a strong, supportive community.

Read more about Pike Market Senior Center.

Pike Brewing: Trendsetters in Community Giving and Craft Beer

Here’s something you might not know: Pike Brewing is Seattle’s original beer trendsetter. They’ve cared about local, craft beer and giving back to their community since 1989! Throughout the 28 years that they have called Pike Place Market their home they have stayed true to their ideals.

Read More

Starting with the craft aspect of their beer, Pike Brewing was the first craft beer brewery to open up in downtown Seattle and they were the fifth craft brewery in the state. They brewed their Pike IPA before hops had become the preferred flavor among bearded, plaid-sporting Seattleites.  Plus, they recognized how special the Pike Place Market was when they chose it as the location for their brewery.

With the slogan “Meet the Producer” the Market is huge on keeping it local and Pike Brewing has fit into the community values since they first opened their doors. When they re-released their original Pike Place Ale in October of 2016 it was more local than ever because they made it using all local northwest malts.

And of course, they give back. Pike Brewing supports the social services and low income housing located in the Market and they put their money where their mouth is in two different ways. First, proceeds from Pike Place Ale support the Pike Place Market Foundation! Every time you buy a Pike Place Ale we are gifted funds which we can then turn around and grant to our social services here in the Market. Second, Pike Brewing always shows up at the Market Foundation events – from our Pike Up! campaign fundraisers to Sunset Supper, Arcade Lights and their infamous Piketoberfest.

If you are feeling thirsty AND supportive after reading all about their amazing beer you can come on down to the Pike Pub and get their beer straight from the keg. Thank you Pike Brewing for making it possible to drink delicious beer and build community at the same time.

AmeriCorps Members are Making it Happen at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is one of the biggest food landmarks in the country – a public market brimming with fresh produce and local food delicacies. While many see the Market as the perfect place to visit on vacation a select few are drawn to it as the perfect long term volunteering opportunity: introducing our AmeriCorps VISTA members!

They join our team in the Market for many different reasons. Sarah Grider, one of the Food Bank’s 2016 VISTAs explained that what appealed to her about the AmeriCorps position at Pike Place Market was, “having the opportunity to connect the knowledge I had about growing food to the action of giving it away to the people I wanted to have it.” Fueled by a diverse bevy of reasons, every year 11 incredible individuals come from all over the country to serve as the Foundation’s VISTA cohort. They help keep things running smoothly at social service agencies within the Market, such as The Market Foundation, Pike Market Food Bank, Pike Market Childcare and Preschool, the Food Access Program, as well as at two other food banks in the greater Seattle area.

In 2016, over their collective 24,880 hours, they excelled in many roles: Food Access Coordinator, Community Resource Developer, The Market Commons Coordinator, Communications Coordinator and Community Outreach Coordinator. This talented group of young adults has not only kept things running smoothly but they have created amazing growth at the Market. Erica Ward, The Market Commons Coordinator, worked tirelessly to build relationships with different community members and players in order to understand and plan programming for Pike Place Market’s new neighborhood center: The Market Commons. Abbie Abramovich, who works for the Food Access Program, helped expand the Market’s Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program to include Market residents. And, a whole team of AmeriCorps VISTA members has been working hard to completely rethink how the Pike Market Food Bank distributes food – working towards a system that preserves client dignity. In the end they all agreed, the biggest reward was seeing the impact their hard work had on the vulnerable community they care so much about.

Thank you so much to all of our Americorps VISTAs past and present. The hard work you do every year has a real and lasting impact here at the Market, we couldn’t do this without you!

A Shared Love For Philanthropy and Pike Place Market

The Thursday Walkers embody the spirit of community. Perusing Market Charm panel #46 on the new MarketFront you will discover the names of nearly 50 women, from different backgrounds, different parts of the country, and different occupations. And right, smack-dab in the middle of the panel is the Charm that sums it all up: Best Friends Forever.

Founded by Helen Strusser in 2003 The Thursday Walkers are a group of energetic, fun-loving women whose walks have inspired great conversations, lasting friendships and together they have given back to our Market Community over and over again.

Helen started the group at a time in her own life when walking was a remedy – a way to move and to heal. She and the other five original walkers graciously brought many more women into their fold. Many other Walkers shared the ways in which the group has changed their own lives. Carol got linked into the group after moving to Seattle from Florida. She knew no one in her new city but somehow the Walkers found her and just like that, she had an indomitable group of friends to support her and help her adjust. Lynne Shira found the group right after she retired. For her going from very busy to very idle left her hurting, but the Walkers were there to give her purpose and help her transition. Now the Walkers are an ever fluctuating tumbleweed, gladly inviting anyone who needs them into their mix.

Part of what makes them such a strong and abiding bunch is their commitment to shared ideals: philanthropy and a love for Pike Place Market. Many of the Thursday Walkers live in downtown Seattle, making Pike Place their backyard and with such close ties they have perfected the art of giving back.

Over the years they have taken on their own fundraising projects for The Market Foundation like the 2011 Men of the Market calendar, which raised $35,000 to support the Market’s community services. And, when we launched the Pike Up! campaign in 2014 they were some of the first to jump on board. Together they donated for an entire panel of Market Charms to commemorate their walks together and many of donated for family Charms and Hoofprints as well. They have worked hard to make sure that at least a couple of Walkers act as board members on the The Market Foundation board, putting in the behind the scenes work that a board seat requires. Every year they support our events such as Sunset Supper and create personal connections with the social services by volunteering at the Pike Market Food Bank or donating their Mahjong winnings to the Preschool. They put their heart and soul into everything that they do.

Thank you Thursday Walkers! You are an unstoppable force of good – our growing, caring community wouldn’t be what it is today without you.

Welcome to the Market Commons

Read More

The Market Foundation is proud to announce the opening of our new neighborhood center: The Market Commons, where community is built! Pike Place Market residents, merchants, workers and neighbors will find our doors wide open to provide information about the vital services in and around the historic district. It’s a place for our partners to host community activities and provide vital services. You are invited inside to connect, build relationships and become an active part of this thriving, caring community at Pike Place Market. We hope to see you there! Learn more about The Market Commons at


Income $1,924,351 In-kind Event Donations: $187,905
Expenses $1,786,181 Reserved for Market human service emergencies: $138,170
Seed funding for The Market Commons & Community Impact Fund: $269,904

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for supporting the Pike Place Market community through an annual gift to The Market Foundation last year! We also want to thank our Pike Up! donors who have supported the new MarketFront expansion. For a full list of Pike Up! donors please click here.


*Anonymous (2)


Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Medina Foundation

Newman’s Own Foundation

Pike Brewing Company

Pike Place Producers

Pike Place Market PDA

$10,000 – $19,999

*Anonymous (1)



Peterson Sullivan LLP

Sosios Produce


Windermere Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999

*Anonymous (1)

Arlene & Mark Tibergien


BJ Arnold

Carol Bobo

City of Seattle

Ellison Foundation

Francine & Richard Loeb

James J. Heutel

Joseph & Patricia Desimone

Pacific Market International, LLC


Posner-Wallace Foundation

Regence BlueShield

Sally & William Neukom

Starbucks Coffee Company

T&D Rosenberg Foundation

Vigor Industrial LLC

Visit Seattle

Vulcan Inc.

$1,000 – $4,999

*Anonymous (6)

Aaron Suoja

Allan Avery & Merry Meyer

Allan Golston & Stephen Bryant

Amy Hughes

Andrea Lieberman

Ann Mann & Dave Mann

Ann Ramsay-Jenkins

Anne Bryant

Anne Redman

Arnold & Judith Bendich


Barbara Larimer & Bob Royer

Becky L. Bogard

Berger Partnership

Bertschi School

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Matching Program

Bob Barlow

Brad & Christina Mace

Brooks Whitehead


Carolyn Ticknor

Cathy Aller

Charles Eaton

Christopher Nicholson

Christopher Taylor

Clayton Binkley

Clint & Barbara Bennett

Coalition for Charitable Choice

Colette M. Stallbaumer & Warren Stickney

Dan Moore & Carter Pecce

Daniel J. LaFond

Daniel Stubbs

Dave Gudgel

Dave Olsen & Anita Braker

Debbie & Trond Bodal

Don & Jerri Gordon

Dry Sparkling

Ed Manley

Eddie & Jennifer Kirschenbaum

Edward Lazowska & Lyndsay Downs

Erik Nelson

Francis O’Hara

Gaylene Vaden

Gerald Smith & Vicki Halper

Grace & Adolph Christ

Gregory Denton & Janice Dilworth

Hans Hingst

Harry Mar

Helen Stusser

Holland America Line

Horizons Foundation

Howard Johnson

Inger Johnson

Inn at the Market

Isador Simon Family Foundation

James Allchin

Janet L. Pauli & William Pauli

Jay & Sue Fredericksen

Jean Burch Falls

Jennifer Ruud-Johnson

Jim Margard

Joan & Sheldon Steier

Jodi VanWoerkom

John Delaney

John & Faith Hogan

John & Sandra McCullough

John & Vicki Pierce

John Bauer

John Turnbull & JoAnn Cowan

Jovita & Blaine Van Der Snick

Julie Newell

Kaaren & James McElroy

Karen Scott

Katharyn A. Gerlich

Keith Whittemore

Kelly Daniels

Ken Richard

Kenneth & Michele Ferguson

King County Employee Giving

Laura Lundgren

Linda Austin

Linda Pastor & Phillip Welch

Lindy & Bill Gaylord

Lowell’s Restaurant

Lynn Claudon & Charles Royer

Margaret Lemberg

Mary & Allan Kollar

Mary & Joseph Magnano

Mary Ann & Larry Heeren

Merideth Tall

Meridian Geographics LLC

Michael & Ann Erikson

Michael Fleming

Michele Shaw

Michelle Sawyer

Myra & Mike McCoy

Natasha Bleier

Neal & Patricia Pedersen

Nora & Rob Snowden

Norma & Erik Miller

Pacifica Law Group

Paul Anderson

Peter & Jackie True

Peter Danelo

Philip Fryer

Pike Place Chowder

Pure Food Fish Market

Rachel Purpel

Raleigh Roark & Mary Preslar

Ray & Edith Aspiri

Red Cedar & Sage

Robert & Julie Breschock

Ruth & Todd Warren

Shannon & Benjamin Girlando

Shauna & Merrick Van Dongen

Sheral Burkey

Sur La Table

The Commerce Bank of Washington

Thomas & Peggy Seattle- Sonoran Foundation

Todd Rosenberg

United Way of King County

United Way of Snohomish County

University of Washington

US Trust

Vasiliki Dwyer

Virginia Callison Callison-Dolan

Wells Fargo Foundation

Wexley School for Girls

William VonBargen

Wilridge Winery

Wyman Youth Trust

Zevenbergen Capital, Inc.

$500 – $999

*Anonymous (10)

Aaron Morris

Amber Olson

Andrew Coveler & Elizabeth Leber

Anne & Clay Nielsen

Austin Dienst & Meghan Graves

Beth Kristek

Betty Lou Wagner

Bradley Herman

Brian & Julie Cunningham

Brian Clark

Bruce Burger

Bryan M. Houghton

Carol Bryant

Caroll Bryan

Carolyn Corvi & John Bates

Chris Moore

Christine M. Vaughan

Christopher Hu

Clint Treadwell

Connected ERP

Connie M. Niva

Cynthia B. Whitaker

Cynthia Ferrell

Dana Fischietto-Senegor

Danielle Jones

David Pietka & Rebekah Pape

David Rolf

Denise Passinetti & Rollin Fatland

Diana Rigelman

Diane Young

Douglas Sharp

Dwight & Susan Dively

Eduardo Fischer-Torres

Ellsworth & Eve Alvord

Emelie E. East

Erin Blakeney

Erin Jackson

Evy McElmeel & JV Hirschmann

Father Paul Magnano

Gayle J. Torgerson

Glenna Olson & Conrad Wouters

Goldmine Design Jewelers

Greg Henderson

Jacob & Jennifer Freeman

James & Donna Brudvik

James Gram

Jamie Munson

Jane & Jay Reich

Jane Cantrell Caron

Janet Ceballos

Janet McKinnon & Peter Brown

Janine Dainis

Jay Hitt

Jean F. Gardner

Jennifer Hiatt

Jennifer LeTourneau

Jennifer Nagel

Jessica Clawson

Joe Fuller

John & Alison Kelly

John & Lilli Pietromonaco

John & Mary Pomfret

Kathleen Dutcher & David Miller

Kathleen Pierce

Kevin & Melissa Kelly

Kimberly Lybecker

Laura Severance

Le Panier French Bakery

Leonard Barson & Margaret Wetherald

Les Baer

Linda Dixon

Lori Penor

Maranda Rosenthal

Marilyn & Patrick Roberts

Marilyn Hager

Mark & Heather Barbieri

Mark Dyce-Ryan & Mitchell Ryan

Mark Holtzen

Mary Hinely

Megin Edwards


Michael E. Dederer

Michel & Valerie Brotman

Molly Gabel

Monte Burnham

Nancy Dorn

Nathalie & Marty Simsak

Nathanael & Skylee Sahlstrom

Patricia A. Detmer

Paul & Cynthia Zemann

Rick Nauman

Russell Young

Rusty Rodriguez

Ruth A. Gerberding

Sam Parent

Sarabeth Jaffe

Sarah Turner

Simply Seattle Stores

Stella Jacobs

Susan & Frank Finneran

Suzanne & Christopher Juneau

Thomas & Marlene Wissler

Thomas Weeks & Deborah Oyer

Tim Ceis

Tracey Baum

Viet Shelton

Virginia Sabado

$250 – $499

*Anonymous (11)

Aaron Smith

Alan Murphy

Alana Sussan

Alexandria Folino

Amanda Correia

Andrew Ko

Angela Agoo

Ann Magnano & Sheri Boddy

Annette Althoff

Anthony & Jennifer Cowan

Anthony & Theresa Darosett

Austin Harris

Ayesha Riaz

Barbara Wizer

Bergan Anderson

Boris Pavlovic

Brandon Dilbeck

Brandon Nicholson

Brandon Titmus

Brian Bertlin

Brian Hill

Brian Hopper

Bryce Wengard

Cara Wass de Czege

Carmen Hudson

Cathy Needham

Cesar Diaz

Charles & Roseann Finkel

Charles Cooper

Chelsea Hagan

Chris DeLaRosa

Christi & Ross Beckley

Christina Butler

Christine Haverkamp

Christine Senft

Christopher Fanning

Christopher McConnell

Cindy Lasar

Click Wholesale Distributing

Clifford A. Webster

Clifford Schmidt & Grace Leong

Cole Dietrich


Corrine Hoeppner

Courtney Harmon

Courtney Lorenz

Courtney Strand

Craig Colomb

Curtis Jensen

Danialle An

Daniel Lofstrom

Daniel Washburn

David Fredricks

David Smiley

Dawn Fischer

Dean & Linda McColgan

Dean Odenthal

Deanne Estigoy

Deborah Boyd

Deborah L. Kelly

Denise Ryan

Denna L. Cline

Douglas Carmean

Dysa Kafoury

Earl & Kristin Lasher

Ebony Magnus

Edward McLaughlin

Eileen Lennon

Ellen Miyasato

Emily Pierson

Eric Seil

Eric Vallieres

Erin F. Rice


Fernando & Wendy Rodriguez

Frances J. Kwapil

George R. Rolfe

Gina Kesler

Golden Weller

Grace Astudillo

Hanna Kokko

Henry Gregory

Ida Bear-Robb

Jake Schlack

James & Joann Schrimmel

James & Joyce Riley

James Beckley

James Degel & Jeanne Berwick

James Needham

James Penney

James Weaver

Jana Rekosh

Jane Repensek & Warren Weissman

Jane Zalutsky & Mark Kantor

Janeen Welsh

Janene Collins

Janice Merlino

Jared Bridges

Jason Kahn

Jason Tang

Jeff Jirka

Jeffrey Kirk

Jeffrey Robinson

Jennifer A. McCausland

Jennifer Christison

Jennifer Grubbs

Jennifer Ryu

Jesse Holder

Jim Rudd

Joanne Hurley

Joanne Mathis

Jody Smith

John & Katia Wuest

John Marx

John Tidwell

Johonna Shea

Joshua Anderson

Judith & James Wagonfeld

Julia Weisenburger

Karen Binkhorst

Karl Zwick

Karleen Sakumoto

Karlo Urrutia

Kate O’Neil

Katherine Woodcock

Kathleen Berfield

Kathy McDonald

Kelly Evans

Kenneth & Peggy Long

Kerry Dean

Kerry E. Fitzgerald-Perry & Robert B. Perry

Kevin Fagerstrom

Kevin Kever

Kevin Reed

Kimberly Hulseman

King County Nurses Association

Kory Ferbet

Kristen Howard

Lachlan Brown

Laura Troyani

Laurie Pfarr

Leah Funk

Lenell Nussbaum

Leslie Wiggins

Linda & Hugh Straley

Linda Comstock

Linda Gross

Lindsay Boyd

Lisa Nelson

Lisa Stirgus

Lisabeth Sue Gildea

Liza Jean Villaron

Louisa Richards

Lysandro Tidmore

Mallory Gitt

Manuel Carrillo

Marcia Moscatelli

Margaret Barbier

Maria Costin

Mark Davison

Marlys Erickson & Christine Hurley

Mary & Stephen Francis

Mary Ann Liebert

Mary Delano

Mary Ray

Matthew DeRousse

Matthew Hill

Matthew Koon

Maureen Walsh

Max Campanie

Megan Richardson

Melanie Fink

Melanie Wells

Michael Schick & Katherine Hanson

Michael Shaw & Sharon Kelly-Shaw

Michael Walberg

Monique Johnson

Nate Van Duzer

Nicholas Kramer

Nickolas Nowicki

Nicole Gainey

Nicole Kramer

Nora Robertson

Orlando & Elizabeth Cano

Pam Smith

Patricia & Patricia Wynn

Patricia Buchanan

Patrick Byrne

Patterson Sims & Katy Homans

Paul & Lisa Mutty

Peter J. Hemmen

Phyllis Hatfield

Pike & Virginia Homeowners

Rachel Gravin

Ralph Arney

Regina Redman

Renee Braun

Ria Mirchandani

Richard & Margaret Hudson

Richard Weymer

Rick & Karen McMichael

Robert & Andrea Rickert

Robert Barenberg

Robert Hall

Robert Kaplan & Margaret Levi

Robert Roseberry

Robert Wagner & Julie Bello

Rose Ardanaz

Ruth Olsen Lawson

Saint Newton

Sammy Berg

Sandra & William Justen

Sarah Cameron

Sarah Casarella

Sarah Courtright

Sarah Gaboury

Sarah Manickam

Sarah Mills

Sarah Peterson

Sarah T. Hogan

Seattle Dining

Sharon Baden & Stephen Winston

Shelley Schermer

Shellie Gansz

Snyder Hartung Kane Strauss Architects, P.S., Inc

Sonia Alvarado

Sonya Spear

Stephanie E. Schuessler

Stephanie Lawson

Susanna & Jerzy Cioch

Suzanne Donarski

Sven Larsen

Sybil Cayir

Tabitha Mays

Taylor Knight

Terry Higgs

Terry Marshall

Theresa Rogers

Thomas M. Krueger

Tiana Ellison

Tim Adamson

Tina Hart

Tony Malacara

Tracy Boze

Valancy & Anthony Blackwell

Vincent Wong

Viola Schurman

Wendy Stordahl

William Hochberg

William Tomlinson

Zachary Smith

In-kind Donations 

3 Howls Distillery

Aesir Meadery

Asamica Tea

Athenian Seafood Restaurant

Aveda Experience Center

Bavarian Meats & European Delicatessen

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Ben Bridge & Co.

Black Raven Brewing Company

Black Rock Spirits

Bookstore Bar + Cafe

Bottega Italiana

Burt Hovanter

Café Campagne

Caffé Umbria

Chukar Cherry Company, Inc.

City Fish

Clipper Navigation, Inc.

Commonwealth Cafe

Communitea Kombucha

Copperworks Distilling Co.

Coral Wines

Cucina Casalinga

Cupcake Royale Ice Cream & Bakeshop

Cutters Crabhouse

DeeAnn & David Burman

DEI Creative

DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine

Dianne’s Delights

Dot’s Butcher & Deli

Downtown Dog Lounge

Dru Bru

Einer I. Handeland

El Chito LLC

Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt

Elliott Bay Brewing

Elysian Brewing Company

Essential Baking

Fish Brewing Co

Flatstick Pub

Fremont Brewing Company

Georgetown Brewing Company

Glass Vodka

Heritage Distilling Co. INC

Honest Biscuits

Hot Lips Pizza Pearl LLC

Hotel 1000

Hotel Monaco, Seattle

Iggy’s Alive & Cultured

Inn at Langley

Iron Horse Brewery Inc.

Ivar’s Acres of Clams

Jane A. Johnson

Joe Chocolates

Jonboy Caramels

Kaspar’s Special Events & Catering

Kucumber Skin Lounge

Kukuruza Gourmet Popcorn Inc

Le Pichet

Local 360

Los Agaves Mexican Street Food


Lowercase Brewing


Macrina Bakery & Cafe


Matt’s in the Market

Naked City Brewing

Noi Thai Cuisine

Novo Fogo


Number 6 Cider

Old Stove Brewing LLC


Optimism Brewing Company

Paseo Caribbean Food

Paul’s Peppers

Pike’s Pit Barbeque

Piroshky – Piroshky


Pure Joy

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Red Cedar & Sage

Ride The Ducks

Rusty’s Famous Cheesecake



Seattle Chocolate Company LLC

Seattle Pops LLC

Seattle Sailing Club

Seductive Specialty Foods Inc.

Seleuss Chocolates

Shug’s Soda Fountain + Ice Cream

Sidetrack Distillery

Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice Cream

Some Like it Hot

Sosio’s Produce

Sound Spirits

Space Needle Corporation

Starvation Alley

Storyville Coffee Company

Succulent Catering

That Brown Girl Cooks

The Flying Kolache

The Tamale Guy

Theo Chocolate

Thomas Cuisine Management

Tom Douglas Restaurants


Uli’s Famous Sausage

Unexpected Productions

Urbane Restaurant & Bar

Whidbey Island Ice Cream

Woodinville Ciderworks

Your Chef du Jour LLC

We apologize for any missing, incorrect, or misspelled names throughout this report. We would greatly appreciate assistance in helping us correct our records. Please call (206) 774-5255 or email with changes.

Board of Directors


Elizabeth Coppinger, President

Abraham Dairi, Vice President

Nicole Bahr, Treasurer

Marie Gill, Secretary

Denna Cline, Member At-Large

Peter True, Member At-Large

John Pierce, Past President


Kirsten Anderson

Natasha Bleier

Michel Brotman

Anne Bryant

Sherry Burkey

Harry Caraco

Christine Craig

John Delaney

Austin Dienst

Susan Finneran

Ben Franz-Knight

Joe Fuller

Lindy Gaylord

Daisley Gordon

Nick Hawley

Ken Jackson

Inger Johnson

Jane Johnson

Eddie Kirschenbaum

Andrea Mackin

Dan Moore

Amy Morgan

Julie Newell

Skylee Sahlstrom

Lisa Samson

Ryan Santwire

Michele Shaw

Warren Stickney

Lisa Stirgus

Merideth Tall

Chris Volk

Ted Youngs


Lillian Sherman, Executive Director

Christi Beckley, Development

Velma Cheney, The Market Commons

Nicole Cilley, Capital Campaign

Crystal Dixon, The Market Commons

Lindsey Falkenburg, Communications & Volunteers

Dana Gould, Food Access Program*

Patricia Gray, Capital Campaign

Reid Martin, Capital Campaign*

Suzanne Spencer, Communications & Development*

Tiffany Swanson, Donor Relations

Clover Thurk, Events

Erica Ward, The Market Commons, Americorps Vista

*Left the Market Foundation during the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year


Designed by DEI Creative
Photos by Timothy Aguero Photography, Rosemary Dia Ross Photography and Goodsell Photos
Written by Patricia Gray, Lillian Sherman, and Lindsey Falkenburg

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