2019 Report to the Community

Grateful For you

Dear Market Supporter,

Happy Lunar Year of the Pig! It’s been a year full of collaboration, good fortune and prosperity here at the Pike Place Market Foundation. Thanks to you and your incredible generosity, we invested $1.2 million into the Market and downtown community. This includes the largest grants ever made to our Legacy Partners, while also investing in our Community Impact Fund.

Your donation is helping to nurture a thriving Market and community so that all of us can live our best life possible. By supporting the health and stability of low-income seniors, families, farmers and vendors who call the Market community home, you are a vital part of keeping this community alive and well.

Despite the many success stories found in the Pike Place Market, we, as a city, are facing some of the biggest social growth challenges of our time.

We are seeing first-hand the most pressing needs of our community through The Market Commons, our resource center where anyone can go for help. Research confirms the needs we witness every day in the Market:

  •  30% of our downtown residents report they are running out of food each month.
  •  Actual and perceived barriers to health care prevent many of our most vulnerable neighbors from accessing the care they truly need.
  •  Service and retail workers too often live paycheck to paycheck and below the poverty line.

To address these needs, we are committed to expanding our reach and effectiveness in four areas:

  1.  Food Security: We are increasing our shopping programs by 20% to help 1,000 more low-income shoppers access fresh produce in the Market.
  2.  Economic Stability: We are expanding our Community Safety Net by 32% to be prepared to respond to more than 100 requests for emergency assistance.
  3.  Health Care System: We are increasing the capacity of our resource center,The Market Commons, by 16% to 15,000 interactions to reduce barriers to vital care for our community members.
  4.  Neighborhood & Physical Environment: We are supporting the renovation of the playground at Pike Market Child Care & Preschool to improve conditions and encourage play, discovery, and learning for infants through preschoolers. We are also investing in the improvement of the layout and distribution model of the Pike Market Food Bank to be more like a grocery store shopping experience to serve more people in an environment that promotes dignity and choice.

Your donation is helping us reach these goals and directly improving the lives of more than 11,000 of our neighbors and reaches all of us by strengthening the fabric of our community. We encourage you to contact us to learn more and see the impact of your gift at work in the Market.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to what makes Pike Place Market one of the greatest places in the world.


Our Neighborhood Model for a Healthy Community

As determined by the Center for Disease Control, our neighborhood model focuses on the priorities for a healthy community. Hover your mouse over each determinant to see our impact on each aspect of our community.  

<a id=”model”></a>

Our vision is to keep low-income residents and Market workers stable by providing financial assistance and wraparound support during times of personal crisis. Our Community Safety Net is available to provide immediate relief to anyone who lives, works or accesses services in Pike Place Market. The resource desk at The Market Commons provides community support and resource referrals with a goal of achieving long-term economic stability.

Our vision is to support the health of our low-income neighbors by providing increased access to the abundance of healthy food in Pike Place Market. Through our Food Access Program, we administer a variety of reduced price shopping programs, to encourage low-income and working-poor neighbors to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from Market farmers and produce vendors. Thousands of our neighbors also rely on weekly shopping trips to the Pike Market Food Bank and free hot meals at the Pike Market Senior Center to meet their daily nutritional needs.

Our vision is to ensure all working families in the Market community have the opportunity to maintain stable employment, while receiving the high-quality, affordable early childhood education. We invest in the Pike Market Child Care and Preschool, the only preschool in Seattle that operates on a sliding-scale tuition payment plan so that all families, regardless of income, can receive the best possible care and education for their young children.

Our vision is to reduce health inequalities in and around Pike Place Market by increasing social connections, reducing barriers to health care and improving access, education and advocacy for all members of our community. We partner with Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market where patients collaborate with a team of medical, dental, mental health and substance abuse professionals to develop personal health improvement plans. No one is ever turned away due to a lack of insurance, income or immigration status.

We inspire a sense of connection for all members of the Market community. We help reduce isolation by welcoming everyone to The Market Commons, a low-barrier neighborhood center in the heart of Pike Place Market where residents, workers and neighbors can stop by for vital resources, social activities or even just to say “Hello!”. Members of the Senior Center participate in activities like dancing and watching films, all while connecting with fellow members, while Heritage House is an assisted living facility for the Market’s low-income senior residents to age in-place.

Our vision is to provide affordable housing and healthy spaces and ensure that our neighborhood and built environment is safe, accessible and activated for everyone. Throughout our 37-year history, the Market Foundation has invested more than $15 million in private funds and secured more than $75 million in public funds to support the development and refurbishment of 600+ units of low-income housing, an accessible senior center, expanded preschool, medical clinic, food bank and most-recently a neighborhood center and community garden.

This proven model was developed because in order to be truly healthy, a person needs more than the care they receive from a doctor.


Click here to see our full case statements and our goals for the upcoming year. 

Together through our programs and partners, we were able to invest $1.2 million into the Market community!

Our Legacy partners

Legacy Partners are our long-standing partners in the Market community, often referred to as the “Five Families”. Since the early 1980s, the Market Foundation has dedicated consistent, unrestricted funding to allow our Market partners to sustain operations year-after-year and improve services in the Market community. We are not only a major funder of these programs, but we also collaborate to improve services and identify critical connections to improve the impact of the community as a whole.

Pike Market Food Bank

Pike Market Food Bank continued to expand their grocery delivery program ensure that homebound seniors had access to the groceries they needed. 

Pike Market Childcare & Preschool

The Preschool in the Market continued to operate admidst COVID shutdowns, keeping families safe while also ensuring staff remained on payroll.

Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market

The Medical Clinic at the Market continued telehealth visits for patients and COVID-19 vaccination sites in downtown to reach vulnerable communities.

Pike Market Senior Center

Pike Market Senior Center continued to provide case management support to seniors, especially those experiencing homelessness in downtown. The Senior Center also continued their expanded meal service to include a takeaway meal for dinner.

Heritage House at the Market

The Assisted Living Facility for Seniors in the Market kept all staff and residents COVID-FREE in 2021.


Our special projects fund to meet the emerging service and capital needs in the Market community. 

Food Access Program

Our Food Access Program brought weekly deliveries of meals and groceries to senior residents in isolation and helped Market workers afford fruits and vegetables at Market produce stands. 

The Market Commons

The Market Commons resource staff reached senior residents by phone and video calls to stay connected during periods of isolation. Market community members also relied on resource staff to help navigate public benefits while facing cost of living increases and other challenges. 

Community Safety Net

The Market Community Safety Net was available to help Market workers pay rent and other bills when income and other resources became scarce.

Small Business Recovery Fund

Our Small Business Fund provided unrestricted grants to Market merchants and peer-to-peer business consulting to help them not only survive the fallout of the pandemic, but invest beyond it.


Rachel's Reserve

Our emergency grant funds helped cover the cost of COVID-19 testing and vaccines for the Market community, as well as helped the Preschool continue operations after forced closures due to COVID cases.


Market Community Spotlight: Meet Mike

We know it takes all of us working together to create transformational change in our communities. Meet Mike – when he first came into The Market Commons, he was shy, quiet and reserved, which is something we see often in our clients struggling with isolation. See how Mike’s life changed when he found his community at Pike Place Market and the open doors of The Market Commons.

The Generous Spirit of MoxiWorks

It takes a village of social services at Pike Place Market to ensure that our neighbors are happy and healthy. That means it takes the generous spirit of active donors to bolster and uplift our mission to nurture this thriving Market community. That’s why we’re so appreciative of MoxiWorks – since 2013, the company has donated over $74,000 to the Pike Place Market Foundation. What makes this donation so meaningful is that the money is raised by employees through the Moxi Fund, in which the Moxi community comes together and contributes funds either directly or through fundraising.

Read More

Leading by example, CEO of MoxiWorks York Baur, matches funds and enthusiasm.  “The Moxi Fund is not only about helping housing-related causes, it’s about making the community with which we live and work a better place. Because we’re located a short walk from the Pike Place Market, the Market Foundation seemed the perfect place to tie these aspects together,” says York.

As a special surprise, the MoxiWorks team visited the Market this past Spring to deliver their biggest check yet: a donation of $25,000! We were astounded by this generous donation, especially with the many people and social service agencies that this donation will help.

Their involvement doesn’t just end with dollars – employees from MoxiWorks volunteer with the Pike Market Food Bank as part of their company-wide Community Service Day. MoxiWorks also actively participates in our annual holiday drive, The Giving Tree, adopting 20 families every year to give holiday gifts and treats.

For MoxiWorks, it’s about keeping their strong tradition of supporting families in the downtown community. As York puts it, “We’re honored to be a small part of their big mission.”

Thank you MoxiWorks for your continued support of the Market Foundation!

Warren Stickney is on a Man on a Mission

“My mantra is to enable people and show them the possibilities,” said Warren Stickney, Founder and CEO of Stickney Research, a financial planning business, and long-time board member of the Pike Place Market Foundation since 2007.

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Warren is dedicated to these values both at work and with his volunteer leadership with the Market Foundation.

“Essentially the mission of my business is enabling wealthy people to plan their assets in such a way that they are able to give away a significant portion of their income and get involved in charity,” he said.

Warren and his team are proud of the work that they’ve done to help influence some major philanthropists in the region to make giving part of their lifelong goals. Warren helps to setup about 10 new charitable trusts per year and he’s always helping to guide some of these funds to the Pike Place Market Foundation.

“What I’m very passionate about in my work with the Market community is providing an onramp to give people a lift up ,” said Warren. “I think what the Market Foundation offers is resources to help people improve their self-esteem and show them what possibilities exist to break the cycle of poverty.”

He introduces his clients to the work of the Market community via Sunset Supper, our biggest fundraiser of the year and THE Party of the Summer in Seattle.

“I’m up to about 25 guests at the event and I invite my clients and encourage them to bring friends too,” said Warren. “It’s a fabulous way to evangelize the work of the Market Foundation – it’s my tradition going on 13 years now.” 

Partner businesses are also taking note of Warren’s commitment to the community. This year Warren was an honoree of AssetMark’s Community Inspiration Award, which came with a $10,000 gift to Pike Place Market Foundation. 

Like many Market aficionados, he also loves the Market for the quality of the vendors, the fresh food, fish and flowers. “I always stop by the Market to get fresh flowers for my home and office,” said Warren. “The ability to interface with the growers and get it direct is a pretty unique and special thing.”

It’s people like Warren who nurture this thriving Market community through both action and investment, and he’s a testament for how love for Pike Place Market can turn into integral support for the Market Community. We are so grateful for Warren Stickney!

Mr. Pink Performs with Purpose

Only beneath the cobblestones of Pike Place Market will you find obscure, dark cabaret with roots in punk and opera. Meet Chris Snell (aka Mr. Pink), the honorary Mayor of Pike Place Market and the artistic genius behind the red velvet curtain of at the Can Can Productions. Yet, more than a great show, he performs with purpose in the Market community.

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After being nominated the honorary Mayor of Pike Place Market in 2017 by fellow Market merchants, he’s taken his new role to heart.

“The Market is an amazing and brilliant community of humans,” said Mr. Pink. “The work ethic, diversity – both economic and culturally – are truly remarkable.”

He dedicates his leadership and performance skills as Emcee of major Market events such as the Grand Opening Ceremonies of the MarketFront expansion in 2017 and Master of Ceremonies for the Pig Races at PIG! Day Out this year. He’s also finding ways to give back to support the services for low-income residents, workers and neighbors who rely on the Market community for support. He does this by encouraging every attendee of his show to donate to support the Market Foundation.

“I love the depth and breadth of what the Market Foundation does for this community,” said Mr Pink. “It doesn’t matter where you are on the spectrum of humanity, this community is here for you.

“I believe in putting my money where your intentions are. With all of the money in this town, the Market is the one thing that keeps our city grounded.”

As for Mr. Pink and his performances on stage, they’re anything but grounded, yet his heart and dedication to this community are rooted deep beneath the cobblestones.


$2,426,062 Reserve funding for Market human services and Market Foundation: $133,348

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for supporting the Pike Place Market community last year from April 2018 – March 2019!


City of Seattle

Delta Air Lines

Joseph and Patricia Desimone

Pike Place Market PDA

Starbucks Coffee Company

The Norcliffe Foundation

Wyncote Foundation

$20,000 – $49,999


DeeAnn and David Burman

Jody Foster and John Ryan

Harborstone Credit Union

Moxi Works

Newman’s Own Foundation

Jeannie and Bruce Nordstrom

Pike Place Chowder

Premera Blue Cross

Seattle DINING!

Warren Stickney and Colette Stallbaumer

Helen Stusser

Wells Fargo Foundation

$10,000 – $19,999

Anonymous (2)

AEG Community Foundation


AssetMark, Inc

Lynn and Howard Behar

Clint and Barbara Bennett

David and Rachel Cagen

Committee of 33

Carolyn Corvi and John Bates


Ellen L. Ferguson

Iron Springs Resort

Laird Norton Wealth Management

Julie and Tom Newell


Pacific Market International, LLC

Blayne and Lynn Plummer

Schultz Family Foundation

Sterling Realty Organization

Arlene and Mark Tibergien


Windstar Cruises

$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (2)

Richard and Lisa Altig

BJ and Dick Arnold

Paul Battaglia

Michael Bauer


Renee and Carl Behnke

Katheryn Benjamin

Cathleen Blackburn

John Boesche

Thomas Boyer

Sheral Burkey and Bill Rudolph

Cairncross & Hempelmann

Delaney Dechant

Peter and Sharlee Eising

Alfred and Patricia Friedrich

Lindy and Bill Gaylord

Courtney Gerlich

Michelle and Brad Goldberg

Lucy Helm

James and Janet Heutel

Suzanne M. Hittman

Holland America Line

Howard and Nancy Johnson

Le Panier French Bakery

Lease Crutcher Lewis

Catherine Leschen

Ann and Dave Mann

Betsy Maurer

Myra and Mike McCoy

Loyd Moore

Amy Morgan and Francois Ajenstat

Anastasia Moro and Rob Coppedge

Erik and Tamara Nelson

Sally and William Neukom

Reed Nightingale

Allison Oakes

Peterson Sullivan LLP

Pike Place Producers

Piroshky Piroshky

Rachel Purpel

Skylee and Nathanael Sahlstrom

Marketview Place LLC

Liann and Stephen Sundquist

Aaron Suoja and Jose Cortez

John Teutsch and Mary Foster

JR and Amy Tipton

Peter and Jackie True

Tulalip Tribes Charitable Contributions

Tiffany Tull

Visit Seattle

Angelia Wesch

Linda Whatley

$2,500 – $4,999

Anonymous (4)

4 Culture

Linda Anderson

Ray and Edith Aspiri

Allan Avery and Merry Meyer

John Bauer

Berger Partnership

Natasha Bleier

Rebecca L. Bogard

Wendy Brawner

The Bruce Burger Fund

Caravel Marketing

Joel and Nicole Carsley

Timothy Cassady

Lynn Claudon and Charles Royer

Janene Collins

Gregory Debo

Susan Den

Adjua Dupree

F5 Networks

Bruce and Michele Fischer

Steven and Eduardo Fischer-Torres

Friends of the Market

Emeline Garba

Katharyn Alvord Gerlich Family Fund

Marie and Aaron Gill

Don and Jerri Gordon

John and Nancy Hambacher

Michele Hasson

Joseph and Jane Heinrich

Peter Horadan

Horizons Foundation

Reid Martin

Christopher and Suzanne Juneau

Edward and Jennifer Kirschenbaum

Karen Koon & H. Brad Edwards

Jeffrey Eric Larsson

Edward Lazowska and Lyndsay Downs

Julia and Michael Levitt

Mark Lord

Luther Burbank Corp Foundation

Harry Mar

Reid Martin

Kaaren and James McElroy

Dan Moore and Carter Pecce

Julie and Michael Morris

Jamie Munson

Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP

Pacifica Law Group

Brian Pellham

Peggy Phillips

Physicians Insurance

Posner-Wallace Foundation

Sue Rader-Blymyer

Tamra and Tim Reinertsen

The Miller Hull Partnership

H. Martin Smith III

Nora and Rob Snowden

Barbara Blywise & Joan and Sheldon Steier

Lisa and Richard Stirgus

Sur La Table

Synchrony Financial

T&D Rosenberg Foundation

Susan and Jon Talton

The True Family

Shelly Tolo

University of Washington

Walker Family Foundation

Ruth and Todd Warren

Sandra Wong

Wyman Youth Trust

$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous (6)

Advisory Services & Investments, LLC

Aldridge Marketing Group

Kim Anderson and Andrew Bentley

Kirsten Anderson and Kevin Sabol


Nicole Bahr

Bargreen Ellingson

Beauchamp Imports and French Cider

Arnold and Judith Bendich

Bertschi School

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Clayton Binkley

Anita Braker and Dave Olsen

Breckenridge Consulting

Kevin Britton-Simmons

The Bullitt Family

Tom Byers and Carol Lewis

Yin-Yin Chen

Jeffrey and Penny Coppersmith

Amy and Lawrence Corey

Christine and Jim Craig

Julie Crudele

Diane Daggatt

Abraham and Holly Dairi

Peter Danelo

Bill Denman

Gregory Denton and Janice Dilworth

Austin W. Dienst and Meghan Graves

Dwight and Susan Dively

Vasiliki Dwyer

John Easterbrooks

Marilyn Evans

Kenneth and Michele Ferguson


Susan and Frank Finneran

Elizabeth Ford and Sally Clark

Jay and Sue Fredericksen

Maureen Frisch

Joe Fuller

James Furlan

Carolina Garza

Leslie S. George

Shannon and Benjamin Girlando

Allan C. Golston and Stephen Bryant

Jasmine Goodwin

Oliver Grant

James and Rhonda Greer

Timothy Halladay

Kirk and Angelina Hansen

Tim Hickey

Deborah and Jonathan Himmelfarb

John and Faith Hogan

Mark Holtzen

Inn at the Market

Carolyn Jenkins

Joe Jensen

Inger Johnson

Shelly and David Johnsen

Daniel J. LaFond

Gerald Johnson and Linda R. Larson

Jason Kahn

Kimberly Kellerman and Sandra Roberts

King Conservation District

Mary and Allan Kollar

Daniel J LaFond

Sonja LeDuc

Margaret Lemberg

Phillis Leventhal

Nikola Litven

Kristin and Tyler Llewelyn

Meg Lloyd

Brad and Christina Mace

Ann Magnano and Sheri Boddy

Ed Manley

John and Sandra McCullough

Janice and Greg McFarland

Mary O. McWilliams

Ashley Michael

Motif Seattle

Heidi Munson

Charles and Eleanor Nolan

Molly and Blake* Nordstrom

Dean and Leslie Odenthal

Annie Olszewski

Kristi A. Pangrazio

John and Vicki Pierce

Pike Brewing Company

Sara Powers

Anne Redman

Jane and Jay Reich

Raleigh M. Roark and Mary E. Preslar

Keri A. Robinson

Robert Roemer

Laurie Rosen Ritt and Steve Ritt

Olga Sagan

Schnicky, Schnuck and Schnoe Fund

John Schoettler and Jeff Clapsaddle

Michele Shaw

Sharon and Michael Shaw

Cindy and Rob Shurtleff

Gerald R. Smith and Vicki Halper

Mark Snapp

Sosio’s Fruit and Produce

Laurel and Timothy Spelman

Webb and Meredith Stevens

Lynn Sweeney

Evandra Tager

Christopher Taylor

Anisha Thadani

The Commerce Bank of Washington

Unexpected Productions

Frits and Letty Vanderlinden

Mitzi Verlinde

Rich Vogel

Shanna Waite

John Webster II

Angela Webster-Lam

Bob Witter

Wright Janeway Family Fund

Cheryl Yokoyama

Zillow Group

$500 – $999

Anonymous (5)

Tom and Linda Allen

Ellsworth and Eve Alvord

Steve Andaloro

Tammy Ayyoub

Les Baer

Sally and Brad Bagshaw

Bank of America

Mark and Heather Barbieri

David Barbrack

Ray Barragan

Candice and John Battle

Wendy Besse

Pawan Bhardwaj

Robert Braun Jr.

Brighton Jones, LLC

Elizabeth V. Broadhead

Brudvik Family Charitable Gift Fund

Buch Construction

Elizabeth Busch

James and Lisa Buttitta

Leo Butzel and Roberta Reaber

Nelson Cabrales

Debbie and Michael Campbell

Thomas Carpenter

Amanda Cash

Katherine Cayetano-Corsiga

Meryl Charles

Jenifer Clapham

Diana Clay

Andrew Coveler and Elizabeth Leber

Christina Craven

Adam and Ashley Crowley

Elizabeth Currie

Jennifer Davis

Heidi De Laubenfels and Harris Clarke

Michael E. Dederer

Brenda and Chris DeForest

Linda Del Pilar and Gary Gravier

Marsi Doran

Lauren G. Dunlap

Christy L. Eichenberger

Jeannie Falls

Rollin Fatland and Denise A. Passinetti

Cathryn Figurilli

Judith and Daniel Foley

Stefanie Foster

Jean F. Gardner

Ruth A. Gerberding

Steve and Kay Germiat

Jennifer Glasco

Goldmine Design Jewelers

Janice Granberg

David and Deborah Grant

Denise Greer

Nancy and Robert Grote

Lillian Gui

Charlie Hafenbrack and Linda Hoyt

Mark Hamilton and Suzie Rapp

Hands of the World

James Harkins and Joan Kitterman-Harkins

Alex Hart

Nick Hawley and Chris Werner

Bart and Toni Heath

Kim Hess

Doug Hillman

Lynn Hogan

Alexander and Kathie Holsenbeck

Honest Biscuits

Bill Houlahan Jr.

Richard and Margaret Hudson

William and Julia Ingram

Kenneth and Judy Jackson

Karen James

Jane A. Johnson

Mary and Ray Johnston

Michael Jones

Ruth Kagi

Jason Kelley

Paul Kelly

Egan Kilbane

Victoria Kiser

Sharon and Phil Knowles

Julia Krill

Jane Lamb

Elaine Landsiedel

Robert Leach and Vickie Norris

Jean Lee

Angela and Ted Leja

Sandra Lew-Hailer

Christopher Libby and Nancy Kaynor

Donald Linnertz

Lesa Linster

Manda Lowney

John Lufkin

Erik Madrid

Janice and Roger Mah

Cynthia J. Marin

Brian and Valerie Markham

Mary Anne and Chuck Martin

Molly and Mike Martinez

Karen McAllister

Lyndsey McCracken and David Repka

Evy McElmeel and JV Hirschmann

Michael and Margaret McKasy

Mee Sum Pastries

Donald and Pamela Mitchell

Sara Morgan

Lauren Must

Russell Nishimoto

Norman Raab Foundation

Thomas Norwalk

Jody Deering Nyquist and Paul Meyer

Lynn Oono

Cheryl and Kevin Overbey

Bradley and Becky Parker

Patty Pauls

Neal and Patricia Pedersen

Holly Phelps

Matthew Phillips

Robin Phillips

Carolyn Pirak

Pybus Market Charitable Foundation

Regina Redman and Rusty Rodriguez

Mary Richardson

Anita Rineheart

Patrick and Marilyn Roberts

Brian and Rose Rockey

George R. Rolfe* and Lois G. Duncan

Miriam Romero and Alexis Wong

Adam Rosencrantz

Matt Rosston and Lindsay Hayes

Lauren Rudeck

Jennifer Ruud-Johnson

Lisa Samson and Michael Gamsky

Aisha Sanchez

Melissa Sargent

Sarkowsky Family Foundation

Mendy Sass

Jeremy and Heidi Saucier

Cindi Schoettler

Christoph Schuler

Viet Shelton

Lillian Sherman

Barbara Shull

Laurie Sorensen

Sorrento Hotel/The Hunt Club

Leonard Sorrin

Lewis Stone

Michele Suire

Blaine Tamaki

Jason Tang

BJ Tee

Christopher Tezak and Stephanie Schuster

John Tidwell

Rebecca Tucker

Susan Tuller

Laura Underwood

Blaine and Jo Vandersnick

Amy VanBlaricom

Tim Vanderburg

Chris Volk

Andy Voytko

Deidra Wager

Steve Wasik

Austin and Mary Watson

Thomas Weeks and Deborah Oyer

Cindy Wei

Susan Weil

Ed Weinberger

Mark Whitney

Wilridge Winery

Candice Leigh Wilshire

Ilva M. Wilson

Michael Wilson

Riann Wishon

Thomas and Marlene Wissler

Amanda Wold

Cara Wood

Katherine Woodcock

John and Katia Wuest

Fnu Xilun

Richard Yalch

Ted Youngs and Claire Renault

Jane Zalutsky and Mark Kantor

$250 – $499

Anonymous (8)

Tim Adamson

Annabelle Allen

Cathy Aller

Scott and Karen Altus

Janette Ambauen

Jennifer Anderson

Ashley Andrew

Jennifer Antos

Caron Arnold

Lindsey Axberg

Barbara Baer

Cara Bailey

Tracy and Scott Baker

Jody Ballash

Jocelyn and Chris Bauer

Julia Beabout

Tina Beckstrom

Brian and Deb Bertlin

Judith J. Borth and John Cleve Borth

Howard Bowen

Pauline and Herb Bowie

Jessica Breitbarth

David and Joyce Brewster

Rebecca Bridge

Karen Bryant

Melinda A. Buckley

Steve Burgess

Kristi Burress

Cara Burton

Samantha Lise Butler

Sheila Cain

Amy Calimlim

Davina Camardo

Duncan Carey

Theresa Carroll

Sara Charhon

Yamini Cherukuri

Anurag Chhajed

Wendy Chisholm

Eric Choi

Xenia Choy

City Fish

David and Mari Clack

Jim Clune

Andrew Colpitts

Jay Correa

Anthony and Jennifer Cowan

Ryan Cronin

Colleen M. Cullen and Mark F. Martino

Claire Curry

Timothy Dailey

Marcia Dalton

Meriam Daniels

Thai-Hoang Dao

Suzanna Darcy

Cynthia Davis

Eva Dawson

Jenny Day

James Degel and Jeanne Berwick

John Delaney

Patricia Delgaillo-Vilcsek

Thomas Desrochers

Wendy and James Dewhurst

Mary Doerflein-Bohus

Tirzah Dondanville

Diana Dorsey

Victoria Dotson

Cathy Dressler

Tamea Duckworth

J. Duncan

Marilyn and Richard Dunn

Carol Eckert

Ed Newbold

Susan Lynn Ehlers

James Ellard

Trevor Ennis

Marlys Erickson and Christine Hurley

Talia Escander

Roderick Escobar

Nathan and Lisa Every

Jeffrey Eyman

Kim Marie Fabel

Christopher Fanning

Josh Fischer

Marta Flor

John Fogarty

Alexandria Folino

Anne and Jack Fontaine

Robert and Diana Forman

Gerry Fox

Laurenna Frakes

Heidi Gaertner

Gallery Mack’s Art Connection

Julie Gerrard*

Karen Gielen

Katherine Gleason

Anna Godornes

Adelina Gomez

Michael Graff and Kathleen Drozdowski

Alan and Kathleen Grainger

Patricia Gray and Spencer Gray

Leah Graybill

Benjamin Grinnell

Joseph Grube

Diane Guglielmetti

Rhonda Guilford

Marilyn Hager

Linda Haitani

Bonnie Harris

Dale Harvey

Phyllis Hatfield

Marlene Haworth

Peter J. Hemmen

Patti Henry

Jennifer Herrmann

Hewitt Architects Inc

Eileen Higham

Alisa Hill

Willean Hillman

Bruce Hilyer

Mary Anne and Hans Hingst

Cindy Hirsch

Leslie Horn

Ashley Housden

Michael Howard

Lee Anne Hughes

International Trademark Association

Jenny Jansen

Cheryl Jensen

Paul Jezick

Kelly Jimenez

Marcia Johnson Witter and Malcom Witter

Linda Johnson

Michael Jude

Tracie Jurek

Brian and Michele Kahrs

Robert Kaplan

Kristine Keever

Lisa Kelley

Manijeh Khavari

Mark Kieffer

Andrew Kim

Justine Kim

King County Nurses Association

Kalyn Kinomoto

Paul Klindt and Tamara Graves

Doug Koob

Katheryn and Chapin Krafft

Greg and Susan Kromholtz

Ann Ku

Arthur Kuniyuki

Jaime Labak

Stacey Larange

Thomas and Rhoda Lawrence

Arian Lekaj

Eileen Lennon

Danielle Letts

Tiffany Lewis

Kent Lim

Richard Litscher

Melinda Mackey-O’Brien and Timothy O’Brien

Cory A. Maclay

Chi-Ping Mao


Steve and Sandra Marshall

Diane Mayer

Kimberley McCormack

Karen McGee

Ruth McLuckie

Tim F. McNiff

Peter and Jaymie Mills

Leslie Minch

Geraldine Mitchell

Linda Mixon

Keith Mobley and Brian Slegel

Tracy Morigi

Kyle Morrison

Jenny Moshea

Kirk Myers

Nathaniel Myhre

Ran Nahmias

Lisa Nelson

Brandon Nicholson and Shanna Kovalchick

Julia Nicklas

Connie M. Niva

Sasha Nosecchi

Matt Nutt

Vicki O’Briant

Ruth Olsen Lawson

Philip Ophus

Susan Otten

Pacific Iron And Metal

Shannon Palmer

Angela Park

Joan Parker

Susan Parker

Noah Parriott

Mary Pasch

Kilani Paulik

Chris Pendl

Catherine Peterson

Adam Petri

Laurie Pfarr

Kathleen Pierce

Jessica Pierson

Pike & Virginia Homeowners

Frank Pineau

Place Pigalle

Leeann Podolske

Judith Porter

Pure Food Fish Market

Douglass and Kathrine Raff

Alice Ragan

Christine Rahilly

Susan Rahman

Heather Rai

Ann Ramsay-Jenkins

Marika Rausa

Carolyn Recostodio

Elizabeth and Charles Reese

Resonant Botanicals

Stephen and Paula Reynolds

Norman and Constance Rice

Terri Rich

Saul Rico

Jackson Ridl

Rings & Things

Randee Robichaux and Mark Zawilski

Stephanie Robinett

Jeffrey Robinson and Carol Stockton

Tali Roth

Darla Ryan

Joseph Sanchez

John Sanders

Jeff and Julie Schoenfeld

Julie Schwer Edwards

Audrey Seale

Cheryl Sebaska

Detra Segar

Jeena Shamsen

Melissa Shaw

Marc C. Sherman

Barbara and Joe Shickich

Michele Simdars

Beverly Simonson

Pamela Sindall

Amy Slate

Jeanne Smart

Ashley Smith

Mark Smith

Nancy Snell

Claire and Mitch Sontra

Lindsay Sovde

Meghan Spence

Adam Stalker

Kraig Stevenson

James Strautman

Ashley Studor

Michael and Lynne Sweeney

Kate Szurek

Benita and Loretta Thomas

Carmen Thomas

Theresa Tiede

Elisabeth Tillinghast

Cindy Topinka

Angela Tran

John Trench

Matthew Trueblood

Mary Tyree

Eric Ullery

Anne Van Cleve

Michelle Van Dillen

Bob Vankeppel

Gail Vosper Jorgensen

Kim Vu

Wagner Architects

Betty L. Wagner

Andrea Wahlborg

Victoria Wary

Cynthia Weaver

Kristen Weber

Tracy Wellington

Michele Wells

Renee Werth

Anne Wetmore

Ryan Wheatley

Cynthia B. Whitaker

Marianne Wick

David Williams

Lance Williams

Brian Windle

Nicholas Wiswell

Dr. Jodie Wohl and Richard Hert

Sabrina Wooten

Dennis Yan

Elaine Yim

Katrina Young

Heidi Yu

In-kind Donations 

3 Howls Distillery

Aditi Chai and Bombay Street Food

Airfield Estates Winery

Alexandria Nicole Cellars

All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar

Anne Amie Vineyards

Armstrong Family Winery

Art Marble 21

Athenian Seafood Restaurant

Atrium Kitchen at Pike Place Market

Ballard Annex Oyster House

Bargreen Ellingson

Baroness Cellars

Ben Bridge & Co.

Bluebird Ice Cream

Cafe Campagne

Charles Smith Vineyards

China Beach Retreat

Clipper Navigation, Inc.

Copperleaf Restaurant Cedarbrook

Copperworks Distilling Co

Cutters Crabhouse

Davids & Co

DEI Creative

DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine

DeLille Cellars

Dry Sparkling

Ed Newbold – Wildlife Artist


Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt

Elysian Brewing Company

Essential Baking

Estates Wine Room


Fairmont Olympic Hotel

Fire & Vine Hospitality

Flying Lion Brewery

Fremont Brewing Company

Jasmine Goodwin

Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery

Guardian Cellars

Hedges Family Estate

Hellbent Brewing Company

Heritage Distilling Co. Inc

Holland America Line

Honest Biscuits

Indi Chocolate

Inn at Langley

Inn at the Market

Intrigue Chocolates Company

Iron Horse Brewery Inc.

Iron Springs Resort

Ivar’s Acres of Clams

Joe Chocolates

Knee High Stocking Co


La Colonial

Lauren Ashton Cellars


Chris Lobkovich

Local Tide

Los Agaves Mexican Street Food

Lowercase Brewing

Macrina Bakery

Market Vineyards

Maryhill Winery

Matt’s in the Market

Mee Sum Pastries

Montinore Estate Winery

North Bend Bar and Grill

Number 6 Cider


Old Stove Brewing LLC


Pasta Casalinga

Patterson Cellars

Pike Brewing Company

Pike Place Chowder

Pike Place Pigs

Pike’s Pit Barbeque


Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Radix Winery

Raining Cookies

Revolve True Food & Wine Bar


Rosario Resort & Spa

Salt & Straw

Scarlet Oak Barrels

Schilling Cider

Scout PNW at Thompson Seattle


Seattle Lite Brewing Company

Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

Seattle Pops LLC

Shug’s Soda Fountain + Ice Cream

Sidetrack Distillery

Silver City Brewing

Silver Cloud Inns & Hotels

Sinclair Estate Vineyards

Snoqualmie Brewery

Space Needle Corporation

Starbucks Coffee – Pike Place Market

Starbucks Coffee – 1st and Pike

Succession Wines

Sweet Alchemy

Tankard & Tun

That Brown Girl Cooks

The Nest at Thompson Seattle

The Woodhouse Wine Estates

Theo Chocolate

Thompson Seattle

Torii Mor Winery

Treveri Cellars

Tsillan Cellars

Uli’s Famous Sausage

Unexpected Productions

Upchurch Vineyard

Westland Distillery

Whidbey Island Ice Cream

Wild Roots Spirits

Wilridge Winery

Windstar Cruises

Woodinville Ciderworks

Wusthof-Trident of America, Inc.


Market Merchants

Athenian Seafood Restaurant

Atrium Kitchen at Pike Place Market

Betty’s Corner

Cafe Campagne

Chukar Cherry Company, Inc

City Fish

DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine

Ed Newbold

Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt

Friends of the Market

Gallery Mack’s Art Connection

Goldmine Design Jewelers

Hands of the World

Honest Biscuits

Indi Chocolate

Inn at the Market

Joe Chocolates

Le Panier French Bakery

Los Agaves Mexican Street Food


Matt’s in the Market

Mee Sum Pastries

Moon Valley Organics

Old Stove Brewing LLC

Pasta Casalinga

Pike Brewing Company

Pike Place Chowder

Pike Place Market PDA

Pike Place Pigs

Pike Place Producers

Pike’s Pit Barbeque

Piroshky Piroshky

Place Pigalle

Pure Food Fish Market

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Rings & Things

Savor Seattle Food Tours


Shug’s Soda Fountain + Ice Cream

Sosio’s Fruit and Produce

Starbucks Coffee – Pike Place Market

Sur La Table

Tankard & Tun

Uli’s Famous Sausage

Unexpected Productions

Visit Seattle

Wagner Architects

Wilridge Winery

World Spice Merchants

* = Indicates the individual has passed away

We apologize for any missing, incorrect, or misspelled names throughout this report. We would greatly appreciate assistance in helping us correct our records. Please call (206) 774-5254 or email info@pikeplacemarketfoundation.org with changes.

Board of Directors

2018 Board Year


Abraham Dairi, President

Lindy Gaylord, Vice President

Nicole Bahr, Treasurer

Sherry Burkey, Secretary

Marie Gill, Member At-Large

Eddie Kirschenbaum, Member At-Large

Peter True, Member At-Large

Elizabeth Coppinger, Past President


Kirsten Anderson

Clint Bennett

Natasha Bleier

Joel Carsley

Christine Craig

Austin Dienst

James Furlan

Emeline Jumie Garba

Carol Garza

Nick Hawley

Ken Jackson

Christopher Juneau

Reid Martin

Dan Moore

Amy Morgan

Anastasia Moro

Julie Newell

Matt Rosston

Skylee Sahlstrom

Lisa Samson

Ryan Santwire

Michele Shaw

Sharon Shaw

Warren Stickney

Lisa Stirgus

Susan Talton

Chris Volk

Angelica Wesch

Ted Youngs

UW Board Fellows

Bridget Boyle

Rosa Ammon-Ciaglo

Market Foundation Staff

Lillian Sherman, Executive Director

Christi Beckley, Fund Development Manager

Velma Cheney, The Market Commons Coordinator

Nicole Cilley, Business and Fiscal Administrator

Crystal Dixon, The Market Commons Manager

Kathryn Hortner, Food Access Program Americorps Vista

Patricia Gray, Community Relations Manager

Kyra Meko, The Market Commons, Americorps Vista

Jennifer Schooley, Donor Relations Specialist

Tiffany Swanson, Special Events Manager

Alejandro Valdivieso, Communications & Volunteer Coordinator

Allie Wass, The Market Commons, Americorps Vista*

*Left the Market Foundation during the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year


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Photos by Josh Lewis Photography, Rosemary Dia Ross Photography, Danny Ngan Photography, Art Kuniyuki and Goodsell Photos / Videos by Traci Gushiken of With You Media
Written by Patricia Gray, Lillian Sherman, and Alejandro Valdivieso

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