2023 Report to the Community

Pike Place Market Foundation

Dear Market Community,  

This year we are proud to celebrate 40 years of investment, advocacy and partnership in the Pike Place Market community!  

Over the past 40 years, the Market Foundation has directly invested $40 million dollars into the Market community and leveraged more than $148 million dollars in additional taxpayer funding for capital projects. 

One of our most significant accomplishments over the past 40 years is our partnership with the social services agencies in the Market. With the generosity of our donors, we provide annual, unrestricted grants to the Market’s Senior Center, Food Bank, Clinic, Preschool and the Heritage House assisted living facility.  

We are forever grateful for the dedication of our partners to the people of this community as this work is vital to the success of our Model for a Healthy Community.

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By focusing our attention on all of the elements that help people live healthy lives such as access to food, housing, health care, economic stability, community connections and education – we are nurturing a community that supports people at all stages of life. Over the past 40 years, we’ve also developed our own programs team to meet the emerging needs within the community. The Market Commons is the hub for resources and support within the Market community and allows our programs and funding to be responsive to the most-pressing needs.  

This anniversary is particularly significant because of the fact that we overcame the devastating impacts that COVID-19 had on seniors, families, small businesses, workers and neighbors. Our healthy community model proved its effectiveness during one of the most stressful times of this generation. 

We thank you for being with us every step of the way. By working together to focus on the overall health of the Market community and being nimble in responding to emergent needs, our neighborhood has remained strong through the past four decades.

Within this report you will see the impact of this community-wide focus and commitment and hear the stories of the people who benefit from being part of the Market community. 


Map of Market Community Housing and Services

Celebrating 40 Years of Partnership

This year, the Pike Place Market Foundation celebrated some major milestones: 40 years and $40 million invested in the Market community!  
In 1982, the Pike Place Market Foundation was founded to help fulfill the Pike Place Market charter and provide consistent funding and partnership to a network of social services in the Market. As a foundation committed to serving the Market community, we have also responded to emerging needs in our neighborhood by operating our own programs and services through our community resource center, The Market Commons.  
From the very beginning, the Market Foundation has been guided by a commitment to close collaboration with our social service partners. As we hit the incredible milestone of 40 years, we want to express our gratitude to the staff at all of our Market partner agencies, to the Market Foundation staff and board, and the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority staff and council for being with us every step of the way. By working together to focus on the overall health of the Market community while also being nimble in responding to emergent needs, our neighborhood has remained strong through the past four decades of change in our city. 

Pike Market Senior Center & Food BankPike Place Market Preservation & Development AuthorityProvidence Heritage House at the Market • Pike Market Child Care & Preschool • Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market

Our Model for a Healthy Community

Rooted in our model for a healthy community, the Market Foundation improves the health and well-being of our neighbors by increasing access to education, nutritious food, community support, economic stability and a safe neighborhood.

Within this model, the Market Foundation works with service partners to promote these social determinants and reduce the barriers faced by community members. When these barriers are reduced or eliminated, data shows that our neighbors find stability and have an opportunity to attain their full health potential. 
By focusing our attention on these elements that help people live healthy lives – we are nurturing a community that supports people at all stages of life. 

Our vision is to keep senior residents and Market workers stable by providing financial assistance and wraparound support during times of personal crisis. Our Community Safety Net is available to provide immediate relief to anyone who lives, works or accesses services in Pike Place Market. The resource desk at The Market Commons provides community support and resource referrals with a goal of achieving long-term economic stability.


We inspire a sense of connection for all members of the Market community. We help reduce isolation by welcoming everyone to The Market Commons, a low-barrier neighborhood center in the heart of Pike Place Market where residents, workers and neighbors can stop by for vital resources, social activities or even just to say “Hello!”. Members of the Senior Center participate in activities like dancing and watching films, all while connecting with fellow members, while Heritage House is an assisted living facility for the Market’s senior residents to age in-place.


Our vision is to ensure all working families in the Market community have the opportunity to maintain stable employment, while receiving the high-quality, affordable early childhood education. We invest in the Pike Market Child Care and Preschool, the only preschool in Seattle that operates on a sliding-scale tuition payment plan so that all families, regardless of income, can receive the best possible care and education for their young children.

Our vision is to reduce health inequalities in and around Pike Place Market by increasing social connections, reducing barriers to health care and improving access, education and advocacy for all members of our community. We partner with Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market where patients collaborate with a team of medical, dental, mental health and substance abuse professionals to develop personal health improvement plans. No one is ever turned away due to a lack of insurance, income or immigration status.

Our vision is to support the health of our neighbors by providing increased access to the abundance of healthy food in Pike Place Market. Through our Food Access Program, we administer a variety of reduced price shopping programs, to encourage neighbors on fixed incomes to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from Market farmers and produce vendors. Thousands of our neighbors also rely on weekly shopping trips to the Pike Market Food Bank and free hot meals at the Pike Market Senior Center to meet their daily nutritional needs.

Our vision is to ensure that our neighborhood and built environment is safe, accessible and activated for everyone. Throughout our 40-year history, the Market Foundation has invested more than $15 million in private funds and secured more than $75 million in public funds to support the development and refurbishment of 600+ units of low-income housing, an accessible senior center, expanded preschool, medical clinic, food bank and most-recently a neighborhood center, community garden, and new preschool playground.

Looking Ahead

Throughout the past four decades, as our city has changed and new needs emerge for our neighbors living on low incomes and vulnerable to instability, the Market Foundation has remained devoted to building this model for a healthy community. The Market Foundation founders understood that to nurture a neighborhood where everyone can thrive, we needed to commit resources and work together to reduce the barriers that impact our neighborhood. That intention has been carried through from the beginning, and will continue to guide our work as we partner together and continue to nurture a thriving Market community.  


The Market Foundation’s mission is to nurture this whole community: anyone who lives, works and accesses services in the Market. Right now, inflation is severely impacting the cost of housing and basic needs 
Our Market and downtown neighbors on low and fixed incomes are especially feeling the pinch. We estimate as many as 20,000 people a year – rely on the Market’s array of services for food, housing, healthcare, all kinds of additional support.   
Take a look at our community-wide approach to keeping people housed and financially stable in the Market community. 

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Our Shared Impact:

  • 85,695 shopping trips and 157,311 meals
  • 2,068 hours of social programming
  • 18,580 health clinic patient visits  
  • $63,963 in Safety Net Grants 

          40 years of partnership

          Since the pandemic hit, childcare centers nationwide have closed, and the cost of providing care continues to climb. Without the annual grants and additional COVID support from the Market Foundation, the Market’s childcare center could have faced the same fate. 
          Instead, we are thrilled that they remain open and deeply committed to their mission of serving families of all income levels with high-quality care. They have also worked very hard to increase the pay for teachers to provide livable and competitive wages.  

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          Our Shared Impact:

          • $1 million in unrestricted annual funds the Foundation provided to the Preschool since the beginning of the pandemic 
          • Over $106,000 in emergency COVID funding to keep the operation stable
          • 1 renovated Market playground 

            pig and care


            After the Market Foundation’s Small Business Program was created in 2020, it was adapted to respond to the specific needs of different groups in our community – workers, vendors, farmers, and artists.

            Over this last year, we focused our small business support on the original mission of the Market – the farmers – the very reason this place started in 1907. Together, we are investing in farm recovery programs to support the very future of keeping farmers in the Market.

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              Our Shared Impact:

              • $500,800 distributed through 85 small business grants to farmers 


                TOTAL REVENUE: $3,355,105
                TOTAL GRANTS & COMMUNITY IMPACT + EXPENSES: $3,583,769 $228,665 was used from the Market Foundation's previously raised reserve funding

                Thank you for helping us celebrate 40 years 

                Over this past year, it has been a joy and a thrill to recognize our four decades of partnership in  this neighborhood. Our purpose will always be rooted in supporting the Market’s network of social services, providing dedicated resources and collaborating to provide wraparound support for the community.

                We express gratitude to the Market social service agencies and their staff, PDA staff and council, and our partners for being on this journey with us.

                Thank you to the community of residents, merchants, artists, farmers and families for making the Market a place to love and cherish.

                We thank the Market Foundation staff, board, and volunteers past and present, for leading the way. Thank you to our donors, supporters, and sponsors for believing in this work.

                It is an honor to be celebrating 40 years in this community! 

                Our Shared Impact:

                $40 million directly invested into the Market community 

                Social service investments – Heritage and preservation – Affordable housing 

                  $148 million generated in additional taxpayer funding

                  Capital projects and preservation 

                    Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for supporting the Pike Place Market community last year from 04/01/22 – 3/31/2023

                    Your contributions of time, talent and treasure have an immeasurable impact!

                    + Indicates the individual has passed away
                    Bold names are our 2022-23 Market Foundation Board Members and Fellows

                    We apologize for any missing, incorrect, or misspelled names throughout this report. We would greatly appreciate assistance in helping us correct our records. Please call (206) 774-5254 or email info@pikeplacemarketfoundation.org with changes.

                    Anonymous (74)

                    1st Security Bank


                    The 5th Avenue Theatre

                    Kate Abazis

                    Yuko Abe

                    Marta Abel

                    Abiqua Wind Vineyard

                    Tove Abraham

                    Mitchell Abuan

                    Mohd Abulbasal

                    ACT Theatre

                    Rosalyn Adams and Cole Wright

                    Terence Adamse

                    Richard Adatto

                    Advisory Services & Investments, LLC



                    Brett Affleck-Aring

                    Daniel Ah Tou

                    Michael and Lori Ah Tou

                    Tami Aidlin

                    Katie Akers

                    Patricia Akiyama

                    Alaska Airlines

                    Michele Alberts

                    Alderbrook Resort & Spa

                    Jeff Aldridge

                    Kristin Alexander

                    Lynne Alexander

                    Jack C. Alhadeff

                    Rosalie A. Alhadeff

                    Gary Allan

                    Tom and Linda Allen

                    Richard and Lisa Altig

                    Sonia Alvarado

                    Ellsworth and Eve Alvord


                    Linda Amesquita

                    Carolyn Amirr

                    ANDAH Foundation

                    Jennifer Anderson Medau

                    Christine and Scott Anderson

                    Don and Janna Anderson

                    Janice Anderson

                    Joshua Anderson and Katherine Anderson

                    Kim Anderson and Andrew Bentley

                    Kirsten Anderson and Kevin Sabol

                    Mike Anderson

                    Vicki Anderson and Jonathan Ellis

                    Andrea Andrea

                    Sue Andresen

                    Phoebe Andrew

                    Fanny and Solen Andrews

                    Angela Antonelli

                    Sheila API

                    Carissa Apostolou

                    Aquilini Wines

                    David Aragon

                    Chris Aranda

                    Kishore Aravindakshan

                    Ruth and David Ard

                    William Arenas

                    Carlos and Erin Arguelles

                    Armistice Coffee

                    Armstrong Family Winery

                    Miranda and Todd Arney

                    Henry M. Aronson, Anne Traver and Sarah Traver

                    Eunice Askov

                    Ray and Edith Aspiri


                    Diane Atangan

                    Athenian Seafood Restaurant

                    Kim Atkinson

                    Atrium Kitchen at Pike Place

                    Daniel Au Yeung

                    Mary Austin and Carl Smith

                    John and Karen Avery

                    Kendall Avery

                    George and Shirley Ayers

                    Jessa Mae Ayunon

                    Tammy Ayyoub

                    Mary Bacarella

                    Ana Badell

                    Cari Bader

                    John and Harriet Bagdade

                    Jonathan and Alycia Bahe

                    Sue Bahe

                    Jamie Bahr

                    Nicole Bahr

                    Anbreen Baig

                    Cara Bailey

                    Ravi Bains

                    Cheryl Baker

                    Jenny Balk

                    Lenora Ballantyne

                    David Bankester

                    Bar Miriam

                    Michael and Natascha Barash


                    Mark and Heather Barbieri

                    Kathleen Barnard

                    Meghan Barnes

                    Len B. Barson and Margaret E. Wetherald

                    Matthew Bartnof

                    Aldo and Laurie Basile

                    Shannon Bass

                    Candice and John Battle

                    Corrin and Michael Bauer

                    John Bauer

                    Timo Bauer and Jannette Eichner

                    Jerry Baxtron


                    Beach Comber, Sports Bar & Grill

                    Susan Bean and Raymond Walton

                    Terri Bean

                    Christine Bear

                    Stephen Beard

                    Sally Beaudette

                    S Lynn and Brian Beaumont

                    Christi Beckley

                    Shelley Becknell


                    Alison Beddard

                    Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

                    Tony Beeman

                    Kathleen Beery

                    Lynn and Howard Behar

                    Carl and Renee Behnke

                    Douglas and Claire Beighle

                    Stefanie Beighle

                    Brian E. Bek and Frankie J. Wooden

                    Chantelle Belic

                    Robert Bell

                    Bellora Medical Aesthetics

                    Ben Bridge & Co.

                    Ben Paris

                    Arnold and Judith Bendich

                    Adam Bengis

                    Meena Beniwal

                    Clint and Barbara Bennett

                    Matt Bentley

                    Berger Partnership

                    Jamie Bergford and Geoffrey Parkins

                    Robert Bergman

                    Ruth and Gregory Berkman

                    Alan and Joyce Berner

                    Stephanie Bertges

                    Bertschi School

                    Jessica and Rais Bhuiyan

                    Jennifer Biesold

                    Carol and Carl Binder

                    Julie Biniasz and Blaine Weber+

                    Clayton Binkley and Adrienne James

                    Meredith Birkmeyer

                    Kelly Bishop

                    Matthew Bissen

                    Bruce and Jill Bjerke

                    Valancy and Anthony Blackwell

                    John and Bernie Blaine

                    Michael Blanchard

                    Colin Bleckner

                    Kathy and Rupert Bledsoe

                    Natasha Bleier

                    Kate Blood

                    Ken Bloomfield

                    Tammy Blount-Canavan

                    Blue Origin

                    Suzanne Blue

                    Michelle Blum

                    Marietta Bobba

                    Bodega Garzon

                    Kevin Boehm

                    Frisca Boentarahendro

                    Becky L. Bogard

                    Evelyn Bohan

                    Eden Bohanon

                    Steven Bolliger

                    Bonnie B’s Peppers LLC

                    Avery Borchers

                    Ang Borracchini

                    John Cleve Borth and Judith Borth

                    Jessica Borton

                    Bottega Italiana

                    Susanne Bottjer

                    Ann Bowden

                    Pauline and Herb Bowie

                    Colleen Bowman and Karl Anderrson

                    Robert Bowman

                    Laurie Boyd

                    Shary Bozied

                    Jane Ann Bradbury

                    Rachael Bradley

                    Robert Braun Jr.

                    Melody Brenden

                    Robert Brennan

                    William and Jacqueline Brennan

                    Trevor and Julie Brightwell

                    Rebecca Brito

                    Heidi Brock

                    Brooke Westlund Studio & Gallery

                    Joan M. Broomell

                    Susan Brotman

                    Brown Bags

                    Ian Brown

                    Jeff Brown

                    Jerry Brown

                    Kanya Brown

                    Melody and Ross Brown

                    Christina Bruce

                    Judith and James Bryant

                    Diane Buchwald

                    Mike Buchwald

                    Christopher Buckley

                    Melinda Buckley

                    Buddha Bath

                    Greg Budzak

                    Barbara Bullat

                    The Bullitt Family

                    Emory Bundy and Noel Angell

                    Jennie Bunnell

                    The Bruce Burger Fund

                    Sara Burgess

                    Tim and Jolene Burgess

                    Amy Burk

                    Timothy Burke

                    Sheral Burkey and Bill Rudolph

                    DeeAnn and David Burman

                    Freda Burns

                    Kristi and Timothy Burress

                    Robert Burrowes

                    Charlotte Bushue

                    Richard Butenko

                    Chloe Butler

                    Rachel Butler

                    Kate Butt

                    Pamela Buxton

                    Trent Buys

                    Buzzy, LLC

                    Tom Byers and Carol Lewis

                    Robert and Marty Byrne

                    Steve Byrne and Kerry Shannon

                    Teresa Bzdek

                    Cafe Campagne

                    Cafe Ladro

                    Pamela Cahan

                    Alan Cai

                    Michelle Cai

                    Weimin Cai

                    Sheila Cain

                    Cairncross & Hempelmann

                    Amy Calimlim

                    Shelley Callaghan and Rob Goodman

                    David Camp

                    Anny Campbell

                    Colin Campbell

                    Debbie and Michael Campbell

                    Jamie and Christopher Campbell

                    Jenny Campbell

                    Joni and Chris Campbell

                    Matthew Campbell

                    Susan Allison Campbell

                    Can Can Culinary Cabaret

                    Jenny Carbon

                    Pamela Cardone

                    June Carlin

                    Jilian Carlo

                    Elaine and Bob Carpenter

                    Wendy Carpenter

                    Misty Carpinito

                    Deborah Carr

                    Candice Carranza

                    Diane Carrasca

                    Mary Carry

                    Joel and Nicole Carsley

                    Cora Carter

                    Ryan Casalino

                    Stephen and Donna Cass

                    Tim and Kelly Cassady

                    Ann Cassel and Jeff Hall

                    Donna Cassidy

                    Julie Cassidy

                    Ashley Castana

                    Meagan Castillo

                    Cataclysm Wines

                    Catshy Crafts

                    Nicholas and Wendy Cervantes

                    Samantha Chamberlain

                    Frank Chandler

                    Velma Chaney

                    Adam Chapman

                    Maaren and Brandon Chapman

                    Ashleen Chappuis

                    Dian Chase

                    Drue Chatfield

                    C. H. Alice Chen

                    Jiajing Chen

                    Joanne Cherrington

                    Chihuly Garden and Glass

                    Mark Childs and Elaine Thomas

                    Frank Chinn

                    Caroline Cho

                    Joseph Chong

                    Amy Chow

                    Emy Chow-Greiner

                    Grace and Adolph Christ

                    Erik Christensen

                    Chad Christeson

                    Leslie Chui

                    Chukar Cherry Company, Inc

                    Steve Church

                    Larry Churchwell

                    Nicole Cilley and Herb Acken

                    The Clarius Group

                    Ashley Clark and Chris Manojlovic

                    Jeannine Clark

                    John Clark

                    Wilbur Clark

                    Leanne Clarke and Haley Land

                    Lynn Claudon and Charles Royer

                    Lauren Claunch

                    Tabitha Claus

                    Judith Clay

                    Marci and Michael Clevenger

                    Tracy and Terry Clinch

                    Clipper Navigation, Inc.

                    Cloisonne Art

                    Lisa Close

                    Jim Clune

                    CMS Ceramics

                    Cobb’s Popcorn

                    Sue and Frank Coccia

                    Jennifer Cochran

                    Barbara and Donald Cohen

                    Amy Cole

                    Katie Cole

                    John Coleman

                    Anita and Taylor Collings

                    Evan Collins

                    Janene Collins

                    Shirley Collins

                    Craig Colomb

                    Columbia Hospitality

                    Tracey Comella

                    COMMUNION Restaurant and Bar

                    Heles Contreras and Karen Zagona

                    Cara Cook

                    Janice Cook

                    Teresa Cook

                    Judith Cooley

                    Charles Cooper

                    Copacabana Restaurant

                    Nancy Cope

                    Jeffrey and Penny Coppersmith

                    Copperworks Distilling Co

                    Chris Corder

                    Amy and Lawrence Corey

                    Laurie Corn

                    Coro Foods

                    Amanda Correia

                    Carolyn Corvi and John Bates

                    Laura Corvi and Robert Davis

                    Pam Corwin

                    Ana Cosic

                    Ben Cosio

                    Henrietta Cottingham

                    Michael and Pamela Courtnage

                    Andrew Coveler and Elizabeth Leber

                    Sharon Cox

                    Wendy Cox

                    Donna Coxwell

                    Jessica Crabtree

                    Christine and Jim Craig

                    Crane Jewelers

                    Alana Crawley

                    Anna Cronin

                    Bruce Cross and Karen Kruse

                    Barbara Crutcher

                    Jim Crutcher

                    Paige Crutcher

                    Theresa Cruthers

                    Michael Cruz

                    Colleen M. Cullen and Mark F. Martino

                    Carol Cullivan

                    Alicia Curiel

                    Jeanne Currie

                    Jamie Dahl

                    Robert and Linda Dahl

                    Tia Dale

                    Christina Dalton

                    Xiatong Dalton

                    Sandra Dam and Tyler Gregson

                    Peter Danelo

                    Laura Dangel

                    Theodore+ and Barbara J. Daniels

                    Karan Dannenberg

                    Arden Darnell

                    Anthony and Theresa Darosett

                    Catherine and Phil Davis

                    Cheryll Davis

                    Colleen Davis

                    Diane Davis

                    Lena Davis

                    Sherry Dawley

                    Lisa Dawson

                    Linda Day

                    Dazzle Cleaning Company

                    Willemijn de Clercq

                    Sabrina De la Fuente

                    Ann De Lancey

                    Heidi de Laubenfels and Harris Clarke

                    Sylvia De Salles

                    David De Vorchik

                    Judith and David Deak

                    Cory Dean

                    Natalie and Patrick Dean

                    Timothy Dearborn

                    Jill and Matt Deasy

                    Pallabi Deb

                    Marie DeBell

                    Rita DeGabriele

                    Nik Degenhardt

                    Roger del Moral and Elizabeth Brosseau

                    Kristin deLancey

                    John Delaney

                    Peter Delaney and Marla Mellies

                    Jason DeLeo

                    DeLille Cellars

                    Deloitte & Touche LLP

                    Delta Air Lines, Inc.

                    Brian DeLuca

                    Cristine Demaio

                    John Dempsey

                    Vicki Denning

                    Zachary and Anna Denton

                    Diane DePoe

                    Denise DeRouchey

                    Joseph and Patricia Desimone

                    John DeTurk

                    Erna Devick

                    Andrew DeVries

                    Emily M. Dexter

                    Purnima Dhavan

                    Shawn Diaz

                    Quenette Dickerson

                    Sue Dietrich

                    Melissa Diggs

                    Digital Realty Trust

                    Jessica Dillon

                    Janice Dilworth and Gregory Denton

                    Dwight and Susan Dively

                    Joseph and Mary Dixon

                    Craig and Kelley Dobbs

                    Neida Doctolero

                    Josh Dodge

                    Clare Dohna

                    Don And Melissa Nielsen Family Foundation

                    Ryan Donaldson

                    Erin Donnelly

                    Katelyn Doran

                    Diana Dorsey

                    Travis Dougan

                    Heather Downey

                    Lois Downey

                    Patricia Doyle

                    DPR Construction

                    Abraham Driggs

                    Kathleen Drozdowski and Michael Howard

                    Ann DuBois

                    Katie Dugan

                    Kenneth Duncan and Tanya Parish

                    Dunham Cellars

                    Ruth S. Dunlop

                    Marilyn and Dick Dunn

                    Sara Dunn

                    Diane Durnan

                    Züleyha Duz

                    Vasiliki Dwyer

                    Dee Dykstra

                    Maxwell Dym

                    Jeanne Eagleson and John Gray

                    Pamela and Kenneth Eakes

                    East Africa Fine Art

                    Susan Eastern

                    Tari Eastman

                    Linda Ebberson

                    Timothy Eberhart

                    Echo Health Ventures

                    Marilyn Eck

                    Eclipse Hat Shop

                    Susan Eddy

                    Susan and Lewis Edelheit

                    Edwards Mother Earth Foundation

                    Susan Lynn Ehlers

                    Peter and Sharlee Eising

                    El Gringo Imports

                    Sue Elde

                    Hayley Elkin

                    Linda Ellefson

                    Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt

                    Leatrice Elliman

                    Elliott Bay Book Company

                    Matt and Elle Elliott

                    Ian Ellis

                    Alia Ellison

                    Donald and Linda Elman


                    Nicholas Eluskie

                    Elysian Brewing Company

                    Emily’s Chocolates and Nuts

                    Encore Cider/Republic of Cider

                    April Eng

                    Sue Engardt

                    Kashmira Engineer

                    Catherine Ensch

                    David and Margaret Enslow

                    Joan Enticknap

                    Susan Ephron and Randy S. Daniels

                    Marlys Erickson and Christine Hurley

                    Sonya Erickson and Tim Seifert

                    Lorri Ericson

                    Carie Esquenazi

                    Marilyn Evans

                    Carole Evers

                    Destinee Evers

                    Eric Ewing

                    Ric and Kristin Ewing


                    Sara and David Fabricant

                    Heidi Fairall

                    Fairmont Olympic Hotel

                    Jeannie Falls

                    Tamma Farra

                    Jill Farris

                    Fast Penny Spirits

                    Rollin Fatland and Denise Passinetti

                    Shirley Faure

                    Valentyna Fedchenko

                    Melanie Feifel

                    Kenneth Fein

                    Bruce and Elspeth Ferguson

                    Ellen Ferguson and Kumada Kali

                    Kenneth and Michele Ferguson

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                    Kendall Ferree

                    Cynthia Ferrell


                    Fifteen Twenty-One

                    Arthur Fine and Micky Forbes

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                    Linda and Terry Finn

                    Susan and Frank Finneran

                    Sarah and Kevin Finney

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                    Phelps and Christel Fisher

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                    Christopher Fitzsimmons

                    Natalie Fitzsimmons

                    Karen and Gilbert Flanagan

                    Kathryn Fleischer and David Stein

                    Evelyn L. Fletcher

                    Daniel Flickinger

                    Amado Floresca

                    Jeanette and Bill Sagen

                    Anne Focke

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                    Judith Foley

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                    Jennifer Fontaine

                    Fonte Coffee Roaster

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                    Ann Goos


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                    Alan and Kathleen Grainger

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                    Sara Grethlein

                    Grey-Day Candles


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                    Jennifer Hawkins

                    LeAnn Hawley

                    Naomi and Bruce Hayashi

                    Talitha Hayburn

                    Alex Hayes

                    Ashley Hayes and Mark Michael

                    Peter Hayes

                    Hilary Hayford

                    Laura Haynes

                    Helen Head and Tom Mercurio

                    Bart and Toni Heath

                    James Heavrin

                    HEAVY Restaurant Group

                    Rebekah Hedahl

                    Dean Heerwagen

                    Hellbent Brewing Company

                    Thomas Heller

                    Ouida Hemingway and Holly Smith

                    Carl Henderson

                    Kathy Henning

                    Wendy and Kevin Henning

                    Amanda Hennlein

                    Pam Herbert

                    Pam Hering

                    Heritage Distilling Co. Inc

                    Jason Herman

                    Belén Herrera

                    Judith and Howard Herrigel

                    Jennifer and Brent Herrmann

                    Linnea Hess

                    James and Janet Heutel

                    Shomree Hewson

                    Cynthia Heydt

                    Barbara Hieronymus

                    Sean Higdon

                    JJ High

                    Sonia Highet

                    Stacey Higman

                    James and Janet Hill

                    Sandy and Steve Hill

                    Janette Hillegass

                    Willean Hillman

                    Bruce Hilyer

                    Rebecca and Brian Hiney

                    James Hinz

                    Jim Hinz

                    Sandy Hirsch

                    Tiffany and Jay Hitt

                    Suzanne Hittman

                    John Hjelmstad

                    Matthew Hoepfner

                    Jean Hoffmann

                    John and Faith Hogan

                    Lynn Hogan

                    Holland America Line

                    Carlee Hollenbeck

                    Moira E. Holley

                    Amy Hollis

                    Mary Holmes

                    Ruth N. Holmquist

                    Mark and Carolyn Holtzen

                    Paul Homer

                    HomeStreet Bank

                    Honest Biscuits

                    Jae Hong

                    Horizons Foundation

                    Arlen Horst and Katherine MacDonald

                    Carolyn Horter

                    Jeri Horton

                    Alisa Horwitz

                    House of Smith

                    Brenda and Travis Houston

                    Thomas Hovde and Francine Girard

                    Lisa Howard

                    Catherine Huang Hara

                    Richard and Margaret Hudson

                    Eric Hui

                    Amelia Hull

                    Patricia Hull

                    Aidan Hunt

                    Melissa Huther

                    Zachary Hyrup

                    Marilyn Iarusso

                    Iyadunni Idowu

                    Weldon Ihrig and Susan Knox

                    Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati

                    Indi Chocolate

                    William and Julia Ingram

                    Inn at Langley

                    Inn at the Market

                    Alison Innes


                    Iron Springs Resort

                    Kristin Isaacson

                    Ray Ishii

                    Ivar’s Acres of Clams

                    Tiffany Jack

                    Reid Jackson-Martin

                    Daniel and Mary Jacobson

                    Joey Jagod

                    Mary Lee Jahn

                    James Bay Distillery

                    Brenda James

                    David James

                    Elsie and Jeffrey Janson

                    Jonathan Jarman

                    Shashwath Jawaharlal Sathyanarayan

                    Jean K LaFromboise Foundation

                    Anita Jeerage

                    Paula Jellison

                    Jellyfish Brewing Co.

                    Frank and Roberta Jenes

                    Tonya Jenne

                    Kristin Jensen

                    Reilly Jensen

                    Jay Jetter

                    John Cox & Associates

                    Bernice Johnson Blessing

                    Anne Johnson

                    B. Gerald Johnson and Linda R. Larson

                    Beverly Johnson

                    Delanas Johnson

                    Emily Johnson

                    Ted and Kris Johnson

                    James and Holly Johnson

                    Jane Johnson

                    Karmen Johnson

                    Laura Johnson

                    Rebecca Johnson

                    Richard Johnson

                    Sandra Johnson

                    Shamada Johnson

                    Kimberly Johnston

                    Amy Jones

                    Ashley Jones

                    Danielle Jones

                    Dorothy Jones

                    Julia Jones

                    Kali Jones

                    Olga Jones

                    Robyn Jones

                    Stella Jones

                    Alfred Joseph

                    Lisa Joynes

                    JP Morgan Chase

                    Suzanne and Christopher Juneau

                    K&L Gates

                    Dysa Kafoury

                    Jason Kahn

                    Matthew Kaiser

                    Susan Kalles

                    Andrew Kamath

                    Ankit Kamboj

                    Brittney Kane

                    Paula Kaneshiro

                    Annie Kang

                    Vincent Kao

                    Robert Kaplan and Margaret Levi

                    Perrin Kaplan-Zenk

                    Alyssa Karalekas

                    Kyla Karnoski


                    Paul Kassen

                    Kate Endle Illustration & Fine Art

                    Bilal Kathrada

                    Adria Katka

                    Ken Katzaroff

                    Tiahnna Kau

                    Jessica Kavoulakis

                    Joseph and Catherine Keating

                    Lyn and Robert Keenan

                    Bradley and Michelle Keller

                    Lee Keller

                    Kells Irish Restaurant & Bar

                    Irene Kelly

                    Lucinda Kelly

                    Nicole Kelly

                    Leslie Kempthorne

                    Cynthia Kennedy and Carol Ann Winburn

                    Paula Kennedy

                    Kirsten Kern

                    Stacy Kern

                    Samer Khouli

                    Margaret Kieneke

                    Rachel Kilgore

                    Aidan Killackey

                    Davis Kimball

                    King County Nurses Association

                    Kate King

                    Pat Kinnaird

                    Kalyn Kinomoto

                    Kyle Kinsey

                    Kyle Kirk

                    Edward and Jennifer Kirschenbaum

                    Victoria Kiser

                    Kitchen & Market


                    Kitten Mittens

                    Cindy and Bruce Kitts

                    Evelyn N. Klebanoff

                    Mark Klebanoff and Mary Anne Christy

                    Lyn Klein

                    Nathan Klein

                    Lauren Klenda

                    Tom and Melinda Kmitta

                    Laura Knetzger


                    Sharon and Philip Knowles

                    Chloe Knox

                    Heather Knox

                    Knuckle Kiss Jewelry

                    Knutson Fine Grinds

                    Amy Ko

                    Carol Koch

                    Johannes Koch and Debra Somberg

                    Gary Kocher

                    Audrey Kohler

                    Kirsten Kohlwey

                    Rodger and Marlana Kohn

                    Hanna Kokko

                    Mary and Allan Kollar

                    KOMO News

                    Mike Konopik

                    Karen Koon

                    Abigail Kopecky

                    Lisa Kothari

                    Ilya and Dannielle Kozavchinsky

                    Abby Kozyra

                    Katheryn and Chapin Krafft

                    Cindy Krebs

                    Lawrence Kreisman

                    Darlene and Kerry Krenzke

                    Christopher Krieger

                    Marco Kronen

                    Laura Kruse

                    Megan and Robert Kruse

                    Nancy Kuehnoel and Mark Proulx

                    Henry Kuharic

                    Gopinath Nikhil Kumar Thelukuntla

                    Bea Kumasaka

                    Arthur Kuniyuki

                    Kuniyuki Family

                    Gael Kurath

                    Bruce Kurtz

                    Lady Hill Winery

                    Daniel LaFond-Cell

                    Peter and Wendy Lagozzino

                    Danielle Laing

                    Lawrence Lam

                    Joseph Lamanno

                    Eileen Lambert

                    Andrea Lambrecht

                    Mary Lamery

                    Elaine and Trevor Landsiedel

                    Lane Powell

                    Erica Lane

                    Mike Lang

                    Helen Langer Smith

                    Kate Larkin

                    Briana C Larsen

                    Laura Larson

                    Michael Larson

                    Adrian Larssen

                    Ryan Lassiter

                    Lauren Ashton Cellars

                    Alan and Sarah Lawrence

                    Paul Lawrence and Cynthia Jones

                    Le Coin

                    Le Panier French Bakery

                    Chance Le

                    Richard Leach

                    Darcy Leary

                    Lease Crutcher Lewis

                    Jennifer Ledbetter

                    Butters Lee

                    Ka Bao Lee and Robert Cuddeback

                    Mary Lee

                    Virginia Lee

                    Mary Ann Leede

                    Vanessa Lefevre

                    Tamara Leff

                    Left Coast Cellars

                    Margaret Lemberg

                    Eileen Lennon

                    Valarie Leonard

                    Leonarte Designs

                    Grace Leong and Clifford Schmidt

                    Patrice Leslie

                    Martha Lester

                    Aldrinana Leung

                    Phillis Leventhal

                    Ronald and Margaret Levin

                    Julia and Michael Levitt

                    Andrew and Laura Lewis

                    Carla and Don Lewis

                    Miranda Lewis

                    Nikole Lewis

                    Christopher Libby and Nancy Kaynor

                    Lid Wear

                    Daniel Lieberman and Tania Fernandez de Castro

                    Mary Ann and Tom Liebert

                    Lightbeing Jewels

                    Andrea Lim

                    Chek Lim

                    Erika Lim

                    Ann Limbaugh

                    Jeffrey Lin

                    Kevin Lin

                    Michael Lindgren

                    Dorothy Ling and Mark deWeirdt

                    Linda Lippincott

                    Caley Litfin

                    Richard Litscher

                    Rory Livesey

                    Richard and Francine Loeb Family Foundation

                    Barbara Loners

                    McLean Long

                    Thomas Long

                    Kit Loo and Jeannette Roden

                    Joseph Looney

                    Victoria Lopata

                    Caelah Lopez

                    Daniel Lopez

                    Will Lorey

                    Kelli Loughrin

                    Will Loughrin

                    Annie Love

                    Melita Love

                    Stephen and Jody Lovell

                    Lowercase Brewing

                    Anne Lozada

                    Lucy Foundation

                    Patricia Lundgren

                    Peter Lusby

                    Luther Burbank Savings

                    Kimble Luu

                    Debbie Lux

                    Jessica Lynch

                    Brad and Christina Mace

                    John Macgilvra

                    Barbara Mack

                    Sarah Mack

                    Charles Mackay

                    Macrina Bakery and Cafe

                    Made in Washington

                    Anne Maertens and Brett Clouser

                    Ann Magnano and Sheri Boddy

                    Mary and Joseph Magnano

                    Father Paul Magnano

                    Eve Maher

                    Ryan Maher

                    Thomas Mailhot and Betty Ngan


                    Kristin Majinski

                    Greta Malinowska

                    Alex Mandus

                    Vrinda Manglik

                    Ann E. Manly

                    Ann and Dave Mann

                    Duncan Manville and Laura Clinton

                    John and Mary Marasco

                    Susan Marcus

                    Darcy Markham

                    Anita and Mike Marks

                    Taffy Marler

                    Marmite Seattle

                    MarninSaylor, LLC

                    Zay Marquez

                    Carolyn Marshall

                    Janice Marsters

                    Keith Martensen

                    Cory Martin

                    Joan Martin

                    Stephanie Martin and Charles Simenstad

                    Tami Martin

                    Cassandra Martinez

                    Kalvin Martinez

                    Claudia Martinucci

                    Darrin Massena

                    Andrew Massey

                    Marsha Massey

                    John Masters

                    Mastrogiannis Distillery & Winery

                    Barbara and Robert Mathewson

                    Kendra Mathias

                    Jen Matthews

                    Tessa Matthey and Peter Durkee

                    Matt’s in the Market

                    Angela Mattson

                    Kris Maudslien

                    Miki Maxey

                    Matthew May

                    Sharon May

                    Alison McCabe

                    Michelle McCambridge

                    Dan McCarley

                    Stacy McCarley

                    Betsy and Sean McCarthy

                    Toni and Thomas McClory

                    Devin and Emily McComb

                    Kjersti McCormick

                    Myra and Mike McCoy

                    Lyndsey McCracken and David Repka

                    Julie McCulloch

                    Mary Kae McCullough

                    Jason McCurry

                    John and Claudia McDonald

                    James and Kaaren McElroy

                    Kayleen McGinley

                    Columba McGlynn

                    Merissa McGregor

                    Michael and Margaret McKasy

                    Nikki McKenna

                    Casey McLaughlin

                    Macoy McLaughlin

                    Madeline McLean

                    Ruth McLuckie

                    Justin McManus

                    N. McManus

                    James McMullen

                    Jodi McNally

                    Beth and Seth McOmber

                    Cheryl McQuiston

                    Amber McWilliams

                    Joe Meadows

                    Ruth Meadows

                    Medina Foundation

                    Apoorva Mehta

                    Sue Meiklejohn

                    Susan Meiklejohn

                    John Meisenbach

                    Ashlee Meissner

                    Larry Mellum

                    Mary Melvey

                    Gary Menges

                    Bruce Menzies

                    Mike Meredith

                    Sam Meroney

                    Robert Messina


                    Jane Meyerding

                    Brittni Meyers

                    Jeanne Meyers

                    Kenneth Meyers

                    Forrest Michael

                    Pierce Michael

                    Rebecca Michael

                    Beth Mickelson

                    Martha Mickelson

                    Dirk Middents

                    John and Justine Milberg

                    Debra Milek

                    Susan Milke

                    April R. Millar

                    Adrienne and Chuck Miller

                    Joan Miller

                    Keith E. Miller

                    Louann Miller

                    Sheree Miller

                    Stacia Miller and Luke Manterfield

                    Chuck Mills

                    Elizabeth Mills

                    Sarah Mills and Derek Harris

                    Mark Minickiello

                    Taylor Minter

                    Ivanna Misiuk

                    Donald and Pamela Mitchell

                    Irene Mitchell

                    Tamara and Gary Mixson

                    Moccasin Lake Foundation

                    Adam Modzel

                    Chris Moffett

                    Kathy Mohr

                    Leah Moise

                    Amber Molen

                    James Monderine

                    Monte Ferro Winery

                    Montinore Estate Winery

                    Lisa Moody

                    Sue and Kelley Mooers

                    Kristin and Dann Moomaw

                    Cary Moon and Mark Reddington

                    Dan Moore and Carter Pecce

                    Ericka Moore

                    Erin Moore

                    Kevin Moore

                    Zoe Moore

                    Julie Moormeier

                    Antonio Morales

                    Blanca Morales

                    Blake Morell

                    Dean K. Morell

                    Carmen Moreno

                    Jennifer Moreno

                    Shemona Moreno

                    Martin Morfeld

                    Amy Morgan and Francois Ajenstat

                    Ginelle Moriarty

                    Kei Morita

                    Alana Morris

                    Julie and Michael Morris

                    Sharon Morris

                    Elizabeth Morrow

                    Brennan Mortimer

                    Christine B. Moss

                    Ashley Mouldon and Alex Li

                    Renata Moura

                    Doug Mourer


                    MSSA Designs

                    Valerie Heide Mudra

                    Elisabeth Mueller

                    Thomas and Gretchen Mueller

                    Fitz Mullins

                    Shirley Mulvihill

                    Seanna and Daniel Munn

                    Heidi Munson

                    Paul Munz and Elisabeth Sohlberg

                    Ewing Murch

                    Muriel’s All Day Eats

                    Gracey and Peter Murphy

                    Sheila Murphy

                    Ann-Marie Murray

                    Donna Murray

                    Michael Murray

                    April Musick

                    Michael Myint

                    Summer Myles

                    Beth and Jeff Myrick

                    Jennifer Nagel and John Thomas

                    Nancy Nakatsu

                    Carrie Narducci and Andrew Fraser

                    Lee Nathan

                    Nature’s Twist

                    Alex Nava


                    Stephanie Neffner

                    Anita Neill

                    NEKO: A Cat Cafe

                    Lisa Nelson

                    Barbara and Gerald Nepom

                    Amy Neuberger

                    Courtney Neufeld

                    Sally and William Neukom

                    Julie and Tom Newell

                    Mary Lee Newman

                    Newmark Tower

                    Melissa Newstrand

                    Samantha Ng

                    Arielle Nguyen

                    Chuan Nguyen

                    Steven Nguyen

                    Helen Nicdao

                    Carol Nichols and Reynaldo Sabado

                    Harvey I.J. Niebulski

                    Cindy and Bill Niemi

                    Chris Nienhueser

                    Tatiana Nikitina

                    Nancy Nipples

                    Crissey Nishimura

                    Michael Nist

                    Cynthia Nodell and David Severin

                    Roberta Nodell

                    Remi Noel

                    Francina Noordhoek


                    Jeannie and Bruce Nordstrom

                    Andrew Nordyke

                    Josh Norman

                    Northern Trust Company

                    Fred and Ashley Northup

                    Northwest Tastings

                    Joe Norton

                    Margaret Norton-Arnold and Steven Arnold

                    Jeff Nudelman

                    Anindati Nurhapsari

                    Lenell Nussbaum

                    Kathleen Nyhuis

                    Karen O’Brien

                    Matt Oclander

                    Emma Odah

                    Nenita Odesa

                    Gayle O’Donnell

                    Azusa Ogawa

                    John and Judy Ogliore

                    Margaret and Deems Okamoto

                    Kathy Okawa

                    Patrick O’Kelley

                    Old Stove Brewing LLC

                    Celeste Olds

                    Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP

                    Olive 8 Condos

                    Mary Olmstead

                    Debra Olson

                    Carol Olwell

                    Andrea O’Meara

                    Maura O’Neill

                    Sally Onetto

                    OOLA Distillery


                    John and Deanna Oppenheimer/Columbia Hospitality

                    Orange Dracula

                    Gordon Orians

                    Mike W. Osborn

                    Maureen Oschell

                    Mike and Shoshanna Osterfeld

                    Jennifer Ott

                    Susan Otten

                    Louisa Ou

                    Clare Ouyang

                    Steven and Mary S. Overman

                    Jessica Overton

                    Kalisa and Bradley Owens

                    Marilyn Pabros

                    Pacific Market International, LLC

                    Pacifica Law Group

                    Valerie and Bryan Paganelli

                    Pagliacci Pizza

                    Gail and John Paine

                    Shankar Pal

                    PaliHotel Seattle

                    Caren Palmquist

                    Renda Palo

                    Pan Pacific Hotel Seattle

                    Kristi and John Pangrazio

                    Stephanie Pappas

                    Lowell Park

                    Christie Parker

                    Susan Parker

                    Annette and Robert Parks

                    Kirsten Parris

                    Dee Part

                    Paseo Caribbean Food

                    Pasta Casalinga

                    Pattern and Posy

                    Patterson Cellars

                    Susan Patton

                    Tabb Patz

                    Jyoti Paul

                    Korry Pearl

                    Alan and Regina Pearlman

                    Samantha Pearlstein

                    Karla Pearson

                    Gillian Peckham

                    Jacob Peddicord

                    Neal and Patricia Pedersen

                    Janet Pelz and Robert Koplowitz

                    Maxwell Pence

                    Jill Peoples

                    Perennial Leather Provisions

                    Karen Perez

                    Jettie Person and Harry Goldman

                    Michael and Susan Peskura

                    Brad Petersen

                    Vincent and Chelsea Petisme

                    Laurie Pfarr

                    Chi Pham

                    Cassie Phillips

                    Karen and Donald Phillips

                    Peggy Phillips

                    Robin Phillips

                    Watcharin Photangtham

                    Physicians Insurance

                    Cary Pickett

                    Penny Pickett

                    John and Vicki Pierce

                    Kathleen Pierce

                    David Pietka

                    Diane Pietrowski

                    Pike Brewing Company

                    Pike Place Chowder

                    Pike Place Fish Market

                    Pike Place Market PDA

                    Pike Place Pigs

                    Pike’s Pit Barbeque

                    Danielle Pinnow-Cochran

                    Ivette Pinochet

                    Rachel Pinson

                    Kim Pipkin

                    Piroshky – Piroshky

                    Anne Pittman and George Gibbs

                    Russell Pogemiller

                    Polaris Pacific

                    Polish Pottery Place

                    Jane Pollock

                    Mira Pomerantz

                    Terumi and Ryan Pong

                    Alexis Pontikis

                    Geraldine Poor

                    Raluca Pop

                    Port Blakely

                    Dixie Porter

                    Portlandia Vintners

                    Darin Postma

                    Nancy Potash

                    Lucy Potts

                    Lynn Potts

                    David Powell

                    Rachel Powell

                    Jayavelan Pramoth

                    Pram Pramoth

                    Pratt Fine Arts Center

                    Richard and Melissa Pratt

                    Cassandra Pray

                    Premera Blue Cross

                    Mary Preslar

                    Marj Press

                    Susan Preston

                    Colette Pretorius

                    Carson Price

                    Sandra and David Prince

                    Taylor Pringle


                    Jerome Prismantas

                    Jerry Prismantas

                    Ruth Prudence

                    Margaret Pryor

                    Puffy Pandy

                    Kendall Puglisi

                    George Pulos

                    Punch Drunk Productions

                    Pure Food Fish Market

                    Oscar Quintanilla

                    Rico L. Quirindongo


                    R Stuart & Co Winery

                    Rachel’s Ginger Beer

                    Radiator Whiskey

                    Douglass and Katherine Raff

                    Mohamed rafi abdul jabbar

                    Suzanne Ragen

                    Raining Cookies

                    Nethraja Rajaratnam

                    Aneal Ram

                    Daniela Ramallo

                    Seema Ramchandani

                    Meghana Ramesh

                    Kim and Roberto Ramirez

                    Ann Ramsay-Jenkins

                    Ryan Randall

                    Ron and Jayne Ranheim

                    Paula Rankin

                    Rachana Rao

                    Natalie Rasmussen

                    Suzanne Ratcliffe

                    Adrienne Rathy

                    Sally Rawlings

                    Caitlin Rawlins and Steve Wasik

                    Roberta Reaber and Leo Butzel

                    Rebellyous Foods

                    Recipe 33

                    Lisa Rectenwald

                    Liza Redding

                    Tiia-Mai Redditt

                    Summer Redmon

                    Kevin Reed


                    Kalani Reeves

                    Heather Refvem

                    Jay and Jane Reich

                    James Reid

                    Reininger Winery

                    Sally Reiquam and Abbie Nelson

                    Sara Reisler

                    Braiden Rex-Johnson and Spencer Johnson

                    Ana Reyes

                    Toni Reyes

                    Stephanie Reynolds

                    Lesley Ribble

                    Constance and Norman Rice

                    Erin Rice

                    Ken Richard

                    Mary Richardson

                    Hanna Richheimer

                    Joshua Richter

                    David Riggleman

                    Joy Ringer

                    Jessie Rios

                    Ripl, Inc.

                    Matt Riti

                    James Ritzman

                    Tim Rivera

                    Laura Roa Palacios

                    Stephen Roach

                    Jana and Benjamin Robbins

                    Laurel Robbins

                    Kathleen Robel

                    Nancy Roben

                    Becky Roberts and Jack Himmelheber

                    Becky Roberts

                    Donn and Patricia Roberts

                    Patrick and Marilyn Roberts

                    Sandra Roberts and Kimberly Kellerman

                    Deyon Robertson

                    Jason Robins

                    Jennifer Robinson

                    Kauilani and Eric Robinson

                    Kimberly Robinson

                    Sam Robinson

                    Jessica Robles

                    Saira Rocha

                    Brian and Rose Rockey

                    Linda Rockey

                    Rocky Pond Winery

                    Danielle Rodenbough

                    Christina Rodgers

                    Rey Rodriguez

                    Sheila Roehm

                    Jennifer Rogers

                    Joy Rogers

                    Megan Rogers

                    Doris Romero

                    Miriam Romero and Alexis Wong

                    Natalie Romig

                    Omid Ronaghina

                    Kara Ronellenfitch

                    Rooftop Brewing

                    Marga Rose Hancock

                    Kaitlyn Rose

                    Laurie Rosen-Ritt and Steve Ritt

                    Katie Rosenthal

                    Matt Rosston and Lindsay Hayes

                    Dr. Alan Rothblatt and Dr. Sima Kahn

                    Rebecca Rothschild

                    Stacy Rowland

                    Richard Roy

                    RR Poet

                    Lauren and Matt Rudeck

                    Michael Ruegamer

                    Jill Ryan and Steve Kerr

                    Linda Ryan

                    Marina Ryan

                    Anne Ryder

                    John Saalwaechter

                    Julie Saathoff

                    Sabando Design

                    Safeco Insurance, A Liberty Mutal Company

                    Saisei Apparel

                    Ethan Saladin

                    Felicia Salcedo

                    Jerret E. Sale and Rachel E. Klevit

                    Marcy Salo

                    Sharon and Mike Salzberg

                    Joan and Werner Samson

                    Lisa Samson and Michael Gamsky

                    Jim and Tracy Samuel

                    Kathryn Samuelson

                    Kathy Samuelson

                    Sara Sanchez

                    Erin Sanders and George Torres

                    Lizzy Sandstrom

                    Kaitlin Sansenbach

                    Karen Santangelo

                    Brian Santos

                    Savor Seattle Food Tours

                    Cheri Sayer

                    Skye Saylor and Thomas Marnin

                    Elizabeth Scallon and Shena Les

                    Danika Scevers

                    Peter Schaible

                    Janet and George Schairer

                    Mindi Schautz

                    John and Maryann Scherzo

                    Michael Schick and Katherine Hanson

                    Schilling Cider

                    Vincent Schlappi

                    Cheryl Schmidt

                    Elizabeth and Steven Schmidt

                    Jackson Schmidt and Kathy Bremner

                    David Schnacke

                    Dorson and Mary Schneider

                    Hillary and William Schneider

                    Jack (John) Schneider

                    John Schneider

                    Jeff and Julie Schoenfeld

                    Jenn Schooley

                    Emily Schorr

                    Laurie and George Schuchart

                    Andrea Schuck

                    Stephanie E. Schuessler

                    Schultz Family Foundation

                    Elizabeth Schultz

                    Jenifer Schultz

                    Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

                    Lorraine and Franz Schwarm

                    Sandra Schwartz

                    Kirsten Scott

                    Sea Creatures


                    Seatown Rub Shack & FishFry

                    Seattle Aquarium

                    Seattle Art Museum

                    Seattle Bank

                    Seattle Country Day School

                    Seattle International Film Festival

                    Seattle Kombucha Company

                    Seattle Opera

                    Seattle Pickle Co

                    Seattle Repertory Theater

                    Seattle Shakespeare

                    Alice and Dave Shorett

                    Seattle Symphony

                    Detra Segar

                    Sellen Construction

                    Craig and Paula Semon


                    Nicholas Setten

                    Ann-Jeannete Seymore

                    Shaker and Spear

                    Jeena Shamsen

                    Kevin Shanahan+ and Michael Montoya

                    Michael Shanahan

                    Cherie Shanks

                    Pratik Sharma

                    Michele Shaw

                    Sharon Shaw+

                    Aaron Shay

                    Michael Sheafe

                    Sally Sheck

                    Debra Shelden

                    Lori Shelden

                    Jeffrey and Anni Shelley

                    Karen and Robert Sheppard

                    Jane Sheridan and William Luna

                    Andrew Sherman

                    Geneva and Richard Sherman

                    Lillian Sherman

                    Marc C. Sherman

                    Robert Sherman

                    Roberta Sherman

                    Sherwood Silkscreen

                    Barbara and Joe Shickich

                    Ruth Shimano

                    Solee Shin

                    Tobias Shiner

                    Patricia Shinstrom

                    Jon Shreves

                    Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream

                    Stephanie Shull and Lori Homer

                    Cindy and Rob Shurtleff

                    Jessica Siegel

                    Autumn Siemieniec

                    Jonathan Silberlicht

                    Pamela Silimperi

                    Sill Family Foundation

                    Silvara Cellars

                    Silver Cherry

                    Nayak Simola

                    Stuart and Susan Simon

                    Simply Seattle Stores

                    Gundeep Singh

                    Robin L. Sinner

                    Barbara and Thomas Sisson

                    Jean Sisson

                    Brittany Siva

                    Aimee Sixel

                    Rainelle Sizemore and Wayne Porter+

                    John Skelton

                    Brandon Skinner

                    Shannon Skinner and Thomas Tanaka

                    Andrew Small

                    Jeanne Smart

                    Carey Smith

                    Gerald R. Smith and Vicki Halper

                    H Martin and Patricia Smith

                    Halle Smith

                    Jason Smith

                    Jenny Smith

                    Jody and David Smith

                    Joy Nako

                    Maggie Smith

                    Mechell Smith

                    Patrick R. Smith

                    Sean Smith

                    Warren and Nancy Smith

                    Kay Smith-Blum

                    Mr. Mark Snapp

                    Megan Snyder

                    Claudia and Joel Soisson

                    Krystyna Soltysiak

                    Yingying Song

                    Cynthia and Richard Sonstelie

                    Alvin Soriano

                    Sosio’s Fruit and Produce

                    Sound Community Bank

                    South Lake Kitchen & Bar

                    Jeremy Spann

                    Stephanie Spearman

                    Kim Spears

                    Gina Speer

                    Patricia and Stuart Spencer

                    Nate and Karrie Spitzer

                    Roxanne Splett-Young

                    Andrea St John

                    Brent and Catherine Stach

                    Chris Stackhouse

                    Lillian Stamets

                    Paul Stanley

                    Starbucks Coffee – Pike Place Market

                    Starbucks Coffee Company

                    Ilene Stark

                    Ruth Stark

                    StayPineapple Hotels

                    Mary Steele

                    Richard Stein

                    Charlene Steinhauer

                    Christine Woffinden Stepherson

                    Hanna Steplewska

                    Kathryn and Ed Sterner

                    Bev Stevenson

                    Laura Lee Stewart

                    Nicole Stewart

                    Warren Stickney

                    Diane Stielstra

                    Janet Stiles

                    Lisa and Richard Stirgus

                    Kate Stockert

                    Alexandra Stone and David Chui

                    Jordan Stone


                    Charles and Jane Stonecipher

                    Mike and Rachel Garson

                    Cecily Stowe-Rigg

                    Diane Strathy

                    James Strautman

                    Jim and Lou Ann Street

                    Allison Stribling

                    John Strubbe

                    Structure Cellars

                    Mary Anne Stusser Martin and Chuck Martin

                    Helen Stusser

                    Marilyn Suarez

                    William Sugarman

                    Michele Suire

                    Jacqueline Sullivan

                    Randall Sullivan

                    Lisa Sumerwell

                    Samantha Sundberg

                    Liann and Stephen Sundquist

                    Sur La Table

                    Nayana and Chatnarong Suwanchote

                    Nalintip Suwannakarn

                    Kyle Swafford

                    Reed Swain

                    Greg Swanson

                    Jonathan Swanson

                    Patricia Swanson

                    Patti Swanson

                    Robin Swartz

                    Derenda Sweeney

                    Diana and James Sweeney

                    Michael and Lynne Sweeney

                    Marianne Sweeny

                    Sweet Alchemy Ice Creamery

                    Jesse Swingle

                    Swire Coca-Cola

                    Shawn and Natalie Swistak

                    Angela Swope

                    Symbios Law Group

                    Synchrony Financial

                    Systems for public safety

                    Kate Szurek

                    Tacoma Art Museum

                    Susan and Jon Talton

                    Milton and Reba Tam

                    Shalyn Tan

                    Ted Tanabe and Rachel Congress

                    Lyn Tangen and Richard Barbieri

                    Bee Tangsurat

                    Elise Tanner

                    Roman Tapia

                    Marc Tardiff

                    Carol Tashiro

                    Mary Ann Tasker-Thompson and Kenneth Thompson

                    Walter Taucher and Rose Forinash

                    Brandi Taylor

                    Christopher Taylor

                    Daniel Taylor

                    Darvis Taylor

                    Kyla Taylor and Robert Paypay

                    TCS World Travel

                    Amy Teich

                    Greg Teich

                    Carol Teitz

                    Stephanie Terry

                    John Teutsch and Mary Foster

                    Christopher Tezak and Stephanie Schuster

                    The Center for Wooden Boats

                    The Confectional

                    The Edgewater Hotel

                    The George and Olympic Bar

                    The Hart and the Hunter

                    The Lodge at Edward Park

                    The Lookout Foundation, Inc.

                    The Miller Hull Partnership

                    The Pike Place Market Creamery

                    The Pink Door

                    Seneca Group

                    The State Hotel

                    The Westin Seattle

                    Theo Chocolate

                    THG LLC

                    Thomas Thi

                    Cindy Thomas

                    Elle Thomas

                    Gretchen and Kristopher Thomas

                    Megan Thomas

                    Thompson Seattle

                    Alexa Thompson

                    Barbara Thompson

                    Jason and Polly Thompson

                    Kristy Thompson

                    Cameron Thomsen

                    David and Kathleen Thorne

                    Sam Thuja

                    Clover Thurk

                    Thurston Charitable Foundation

                    JR and Amy Tipton

                    Tisbury Art Glass

                    Dillon Titcomb and Mackenzie Moll


                    Hope S. Toldo

                    Joanie Topacio

                    Rhet and Bret Topham-Maling

                    Cindy Topinka

                    Kathryn Torrez

                    Lindsey Tough

                    Transforming Age

                    Jasmine Trass

                    Neal Traven and Elizabeth Gray

                    Jason Treadwell

                    Treveri Cellars

                    Andrew Tribolini

                    Laura Troyani and Norris Kamo

                    Trucup Roasting Company

                    Peter True 

                    Matthew Trueblood

                    Truffle Queen

                    Eric Trumble

                    Bruce Truong

                    Priscilla Trush

                    Der-lei Tsai

                    Jim Tsen

                    Pei-Hsun Tu

                    Lauren Tucker

                    Matthew Turetsky

                    Turkish Delight

                    Fiona Turnbull

                    John H. Turnbull

                    Susan S. Turner

                    Terrence Turner

                    Ian Tushar

                    Tutta Bella Neopolitan Pizzeria

                    Megan Tweed

                    Twyla Dill Design

                    Michael and Carole Tye

                    Ugly Baby

                    Uli’s Famous Sausage

                    Karen and Eric Ullery

                    Amy Ullrich

                    Unexpected Productions

                    Becky Upton


                    Carol Ure

                    India Usher

                    Whitney Valerio

                    Leann Valks

                    Eric Vallieres and Christine Lee

                    Lut Van Damme

                    Jane and David Van Galen

                    Jack Van Holland

                    Amy and Matt VanBlaricom

                    William Vanburen

                    Jo VanDerSnick

                    Jovita and Blaine VanDerSnick

                    Ramon Vasquez

                    Christine M. Vaughan

                    Rachel Vaughn

                    Brian Vautour

                    José Vázquez

                    John Velazquez

                    Patricia Venegas-Weber

                    Ken Vensel and Mary Pat Maher

                    Bianca Vento

                    Carol Verga and Nancy Dorn

                    Nicole Vernon

                    Maricell Vianzon

                    David Victor and Laura Rogers Victor

                    Gabraelle Vidallon

                    Anna Vidberg

                    Reynaldo Vinluan

                    Visit Seattle

                    Neil Vitellaro

                    Jessica Voelker and James Gardner

                    Carol Vogt

                    Chris Volk

                    Felicia Von Drak Olsen and Steve Olsen

                    Christopher Vondrasek and Paula McArdle

                    Colette Wacker

                    Rick Wade

                    Wagner Architects

                    Betty Lou Wagner

                    Roger K. Wagoner and Kay Livingston

                    Judith and James Wagonfeld

                    Pallavi Wahi

                    Marilyn Wakazuru

                    Leslie and Stephan Kempthorne

                    Ed Waldock and Melinda Jodry

                    Walker Family Foundation

                    Chris Wall

                    Michele Wallace

                    Christine Walsh

                    Elizabeth Walsh

                    Teresa Walsh

                    Thomas Walsh

                    Quianna Waltmann

                    Michael Wang

                    Ping Wang

                    Ying Wang

                    Zirong Wang

                    Nancy Ward and Toby Bright

                    Nicole Ward

                    Ruth and Todd Warren

                    Stacey Warren

                    B. Scott Wasner

                    Joanne Watchie

                    Jennifer Waters

                    Austin and Mary Watson

                    Gary Watson

                    Olivia Watts

                    Alan Waugh

                    Seth Wayne

                    James Weaver

                    Amy Webb

                    Keith Weber

                    Kristen Weber and Grant Klepzig

                    Cindy Wei

                    Jamie Weinstein

                    Wells Fargo Foundation

                    Matthew and Marianne Wells

                    Michele Wells

                    Hannah Welsh Coleman

                    Jennifer Welsh

                    Jennifer Werner

                    Angelia Wesch 

                    M. Wesslen

                    Expectacion West

                    Molly West

                    Audrey Western

                    Westland Distillery

                    Anne Wetmore

                    WeVenture Seattle

                    Jerome D. Whalen

                    Lindan Wharton

                    Teri Wheeler

                    Robin Whipple

                    Cynthia Whitaker and Dan Carmichael

                    Claire White

                    Deborah White

                    Rayana White

                    Tanya White

                    Whitney White

                    Sandi Whitmore

                    Keith Whittemore

                    Whole Foods Market

                    Amy Wickholm

                    Cathy Wickwire

                    Janette Widener

                    Tex Widmer

                    Kurt Wiesenbach

                    Lynda Wilcox

                    Wild Roots Spirits

                    Diane Wilde

                    Mitch Wilk

                    Sam Wilkes

                    Willett, Zevenbergen & Bennett, LLP

                    Carole Jo Williams

                    Hayley Williams

                    Janet and Vic Williams

                    Kathryn Williams

                    Karen Willie

                    Heidi Wills

                    Wilridge Winery

                    Aaron Wilson

                    Amber Wilson and Jeff Brown

                    John Wilson

                    Roxie Wilson

                    Judith Wing

                    Amy Winston

                    Diana Wiseman

                    Deanna Witt

                    Ellen Wohl

                    Dr. Jodie Wohl and Richard Hert

                    Angela and Larry Wolbaum

                    Lauren Wolbaum


                    Kwan Wong

                    Laura Beito

                    Sylvia Wong

                    Vicki Wong

                    Amber Wood

                    Phil Wood

                    Donna Woodcock

                    Donna M Woodcock

                    Katherine Woodcock

                    William Woodham and Ann Callahan

                    Woodland Park Zoo

                    Sheela Word

                    Susan Worden

                    Amy and Mark Worthington

                    Deborah and Denny Wozniak

                    Diane Wozniak

                    Ronald Wozniak

                    Mary Beth and Bradley Wressell

                    Wright Janeway Family Fund

                    Melissa Wright

                    Terry Wright

                    Derek Wu

                    Larai Wushishi

                    Clifton Wyatt

                    Margaret Wyatt

                    Marilyn Wyatt

                    Wyman Youth Trust

                    Joan C. Wynar

                    Wyncote Foundation

                    Kathleen Yamamoto

                    Nancy Yamamoto

                    Ernesto Ybarra

                    Jacqueline Yeaney

                    Evelyn Yenson

                    Nancy Ying

                    Kathleen and Ralph Yingling

                    Yonder Cider

                    Lori Yonemitsu

                    Judy Yorozu and Karen Barnes

                    Kristen and Brian Young

                    Scott Young

                    J William Youngs

                    Ted Youngs and Claire Renault

                    Yuan Spa

                    Kristina Yumul Abueg

                    Anastasia Yurchenko

                    Melanie Yurth

                    Eugene and Tatiana Zabokritski

                    Laura Zann

                    Larry Zapata

                    Chelsea Zarnowski

                    Julie Zhang

                    MJ Zhang

                    Yanjun Zhang

                    Yongxi Zhang

                    Yuchen Zhang

                    Zach Zhang

                    Christine Zhanz

                    Qin Zhou

                    Yi Zhou

                    Mike Ziegler

                    Alex Zink

                    Board of Directors

                    2022 Board Year


                    Eddie Kirschenbaum, President

                    Joel Carsley, Treasurer

                    Sherry Burkey, Secretary

                    Kristen Anderson, Member At-Large

                    Clint Bennett, Member At-Large

                    Jason Hamblin, Member At-Large

                    Lisa Samson, Member At-Large

                    Chris Volk, Member At-Large

                    Nicole Bahr, Past President


                    Rosalyn Adams

                    Jonathan Bahe

                    Alan Cai

                    Jamie Campbell

                    Emeline Jumie Garba

                    Edward Gay

                    Lindy Gaylord

                    Ashley Hayes

                    Kenneth Katzaroff

                    Larry Mellum

                    Sarah Mills

                    Dan Moore

                    Dean Morell

                    Raluca Pop

                    Kim Ramirez

                    Kauilani Robinson

                    Matt Rosston

                    Skye Saylor

                    Michele Shaw

                    Sharon Shaw+

                    Warren Stickney

                    Peter True

                    José Vazquez

                    Scott Wasner

                    Angelica Wesch

                    Mary Beth Wressell

                    UW Board Fellows

                    Kendall Ferree

                    Reed Swain

                    Market Foundation Staff

                    Ashley Mouldon, Corporate Engagement Specialist

                    Miranda Arney, The Market Commons Outreach Specialist

                    Jessa Mae Ayunon, Development & Volunteer Coordinator

                    Velma Cheney, The Market Commons Resource Manager

                    Crystal Dixon, Director of Strategic Impact

                    Tiffany Hitt, Special Events Manager

                    Kathryn Horter, The Market Commons Program Specialist

                    Patricia Gray, Director of Philanthropy & Community Relations

                    Stella Jones, The Market Commons Resource Outreach Specialist

                    *Lexie Rodriguez, Corporate Engagement Specialist

                    Jennifer Schooley, Donor Relations Manager

                    Nick Setten, Major Gifts Specialist

                    Lillian Sherman, Executive Director

                    Lauren Wolbaum, Communications Specialist

                    *Left the Market Foundation during 2022-23 Fiscal Year


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                    Photos by Lauren Wolbaum. Videos by With You Media
                    Written by Patricia Gray, Lillian Sherman, and Lauren Wolbaum

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