Annual Report

2015 - 2016

Pike Place Market Foundation

Addressing Our Community

Dear Supporters,

This year has been an incredible year of growth and opportunity here at Pike Place Market. You've no-doubt witnessed this growth with construction in full-swing on the new MarketFront. In order to achieve this historic vision for the Market, one that dates back to the 1970s, it takes the support of everyone in our community from the City of Seattle to Washington State, local residents and thriving businesses who invest in growing the Market we all love.

To-date, the Pike Place Market Foundation has raised $5.6 Million in philanthropic contributions to complete the new MarketFront, while simultaneously supporting and maintaining the vital housing and social services in the Market our community relies upon today. The new MarketFront is no exception, carrying forward our mission to help our neighbors who work, learn and live in and around the Market with more low-income housing and a Neighborhood Center.

As the No. 1 destination in the Pacific Northwest, we are proud to be one of the most diverse neighborhoods, one that provides opportunities for farmers and small businesses, as well as housing, healthcare, healthy food, childcare and a community of support to our most vulnerable neighbors. As you will learn in this report, we continue to grow our ability to serve the needs of our Market community. We could not do this without your generosity.

You, our loyal donors and volunteers, are an important part of what makes this community so great. You bring passion and commitment to keeping the heart of our city great. We thank you for supporting Seattle's greatest civic asset - a historic Market bustling with diverse goods and people who, together, create a thriving, caring community!


Pike Place Market Foundation

Lillian Sherman, Executive Director

Pike Place Market Foundation

With your support, this year we granted $886,623 to vital services here in the Market. Your donations help make these services possible for our community.

Pike Place Market Foundation

Video: All Together Now

See our mission come to life at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market Foundation

Heritage House at the Market

Heritage House, Pike Place Market's assisted living facility for seniors, welcomed a new Executive Director this year, Jennifer Hermann. "When I walked into Heritage House, met the residents and saw such a vibrant community, I just fell in love," says Jennifer. Heritage House's comprehensive program helps residents feel connected with family, friends, and the world around them. This year, a brand new van enabled more residents enjoy outings and new experiences. "Whether it is a day at the zoo or shopping at Fred Meyer, our residents really appreciate the chance to go out into the community," says Jennifer. Learn more about Heritage House.

Pike Market Food Bank

2015 has been a busy year for the Pike Market Food Bank. "Each week, we serve a little over 300 people in the food bank and deliver groceries to 87 homebound seniors," says Brian Anderson, Food Bank Manager. "We're fortunate that so many Pike Place Market vendors and businesses donate fresh produce for our customers, which means we don't ever turn anyone away."

When customers visit the food bank, Brian and his staff make sure they leave with more than a healthy bag of groceries. "We also provide care," says Brian. "We try very hard to make sure everyone who visits feels welcome, valued, and that this is their Food Bank." Learn more about Pike Market Food Bank.

Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market

Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market provides a range of primary health care services for some of our most vulnerable neighbors. "Many of our patients are homeless and feel invisible," says clinic manager Zandra Lee. "When they come to our clinic, they feel respected, valued, and that this is their home in many ways."

This year, the clinic served over 4,800 patients, more than half whom are homeless. The Clinic's Housing Health Outreach (HHOT) Team expanded outreach and helped more than 700 chronically homeless adults remain housed. Learn more about Neighborcare Health.

Food Access Program

This year, more of our neighbors had access to healthy, local produce because of the Food Access Program. Over 4,300 shoppers purchased fresh Market produce using EBT (food stamp) and matching funds, an increase over the prior year.

In addition to the summer-long EBT match program, Market shoppers also had a new opportunity: for the first time, they could redeem food stamps at produce stands during the winter months too. "The winter matching program is a big victory for us," says Dana Gould, Food Access Program Coordinator. "This will ensure our customers can maintain a healthy diet all year long." Learn more about the Food Access Program.

Pike Market Childcare and Preschool

A major accomplishment in 2015 for Pike Market Childcare and Preschool was the award of a three-year, $75,000 grant from Satterberg Foundation for anti-bias education. "This is an opportunity of a lifetime," says Executive Director Ilene Stark. "Over the next three years, we will work closely will parents to figure out how we can best support a child's positive cultural self-identity and learning about others."

About 70% of children received tuition assistance last year. Classroom and staff diversity is top priority at the Preschool, and demonstrates their commitment to providing high-quality education to families of all income levels. Learn more about Pike Market Childcare and Preschool.

Pike Market Senior Center

One of Pike Market Senior Center's most satisfying achievements in 2015 was moving 35 homeless seniors into permanent housing. "This might not sound like an impressive number," says Development staff Mason Lowe. "But if you were one of these seniors, the difference would be life-changing. Nearly all of these seniors had been homeless for years, some decades."

The Senior Center also opened a new activities space, and now hosts more community-building classes such as exercise, yoga, and even ballroom dancing for Senior Center members. Says Lowe, "There are a lot of things you can find at the Senior Center, but one of the most important is friendship and community." Read more about Pike Market Senior Center.

Pike Place Market Foundation

Award-winning Chowder Gives Back To Market Community

Larry Mellum has been making seafood chowder in the Pacific Northwest since 1991. When he decided to take his beloved recipe to Rhode Island's Great Chowder Cook-off in 2000, the odds of winning didn't look likely. In 20 years, no restaurant outside New England had ever won first place. Nevertheless, his now-famous chowder went on to win first place three years in a row. It was then that Larry decided to expand his business beyond a small cafe in West Seattle so Pike Place Chowder first opened its doors in Post Alley in 2003.

"Every day I can select from the freshest produce and fish for my chowders, and so we continue to perfect our recipes. I can't imagine working anywhere else than at Pike Place Market!" Pike Place Chowder's combination of award-winning dishes, quality ingredients, and dedicated staff have made it one of the most popular restaurants in the Market. "Every morning, we will have a line of people stretching out the door," says Larry. "It's a humbling experience to see that."

Larry has been an avid supporter of The Market Foundation since 2004, and most recently, Larry now donates a portion of his famous chowder sales to support our community too. "The Market Foundation does such important work for vulnerable seniors and others in the Market. It's incredibly gratifying to give right back to the neighborhood that has given so much to me and my business." Thank you, Larry, for supporting a thriving, caring community at Pike Place Market.

Pike Place Market Foundation

Realizing a new dream for our Market

After retiring from a successful career with Starbucks Coffee, Don Gordon was looking for opportunities to donate his skills. A former Starbucks colleague and a member of our board, Marie Gill, suggested that Don volunteer at Pike Place Market. The timing was perfect: "When I first met Lillian [The Market Foundation's Executive Director], she was looking for help planning The Neighborhood Center that will be part of the new MarketFront. With my background in building development and project management, it was a great fit."

Don sees The Neighborhood Center as a unique opportunity for the Market. "The look and feel will be very welcoming - a wonderful place for collaboration and community support."

Ask Don why he loves volunteering with The Market Foundation, and his big smile will say it all: "Being a volunteer on this project is hugely satisfying. I get to work with a great group of people and I'm honored to be part of this exciting development for Pike Place Market."

To date, Don has dedicated nearly 300 hours of support, insight, and planning to The Neighborhood Center. Thank you, Don, for helping us expand social services at Pike Place Market!

Pike Place Market Foundation

A Family Legacy At Pike Place Market

When DeeAnn and Dave Burman moved downtown over a decade ago, they were fortunate enough to move just two blocks from Pike Place Market. "The Market is such a special place," says DeeAnn. "When we first started frequenting the Market, the merchants quickly started to recognize us. And ever since, they talk to us as neighbors. We feel part of this community."

Since DeeAnn joined our Board of Directors in 2007, she and Dave have been champion supporters for Pike Place Market. DeeAnn has led successful committees, fundraisers, events and more, while Dave engaged his law firm, Perkins Coie, and other colleagues in the field.

More recently, DeeAnn has been deeply involved with the Pike Up! campaign to build the new MarketFront. "It has been very fun and exciting to work on the MarketFront. I know this will be a very important addition to our community, and to our city as a whole."

Although recently "retired" from our Board, DeeAnn continues to inspire others to get involved. "As downtown residents, the Market is our neighborhood - it's the heart and soul of the city. We do everything we can to ensure it continues to thrive for our grandchildren, and their grandchildren too." Thank you, DeeAnn and David, for nearly a decade of ongoing support for our community!

Growing More Market To Love

Pike Place Market Foundation

Construction of the new Pike Place MarketFront continues on schedule with Grand Opening planned for summer 2017. We are grateful to 2,909 Pike Up! supporters who, as of August 2016, have donated over $5.6M to help complete this historic project. We still need $3 Million in community support to complete this project. Discover how you can be part of the legacy at

This year, we also continued comprehensive planning for the MarketFront's Neighborhood Center. Input from the Market community on programming activities and physical design of the new space has helped us define a plan that comprises the existing needs of our community, and adds flexibility to discover and address emerging needs.

This feedback process has enabled us to establish and nurture relationships with local service providers and other neighborhood-based committees in an effort to encourage partnerships, expand capacity, and reduce duplication of services. The aim of the Pike Place Market Neighborhood Center will be to serve as a hub where individual community members, groups, and organizations can connect with one another in an inclusive, welcoming, and informational place that builds community and fosters sustained support.


Pike Place Market Foundation
Income $1,850,943
Pike Place Market Foundation
Expenses $1,786,622 Reserved for Market human service emergencies: $64,321

To the following individuals and organizations for supporting the Pike Place Market community through an annual gift to The Market Foundation last year! We also want to thank our Pike Up! donors who have supported the new MarketFront expansion. For a full list of Pike Up! donors please click here.


Newman's Own Foundation
Pike Place Market PDA
Pike Place Producers
Starbucks Coffee Company
The Estate of LeAnn Loughran
The Seattle Foundation

$10,000 - $19,999

Lynn and Howard Behar
Christ Our Hope Catholic Church
City of Seattle
DEI Creative
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Rachel the Piggy Bank and Billie the Piggy Bank
Regence BlueShield
Safeco Insurance
Seattle Met
Union Bank
Vigor Industrial

$5,000 - $9,999

Bentall Kennedy
Becky L. Bogard
Brighton Jones, LLC
Cairncross & Hemplemann
Joseph and Patricia Desimone
Ellison Foundation
Holland America
Market Optical
Moxi Works
Nucor Steel Seattle, Inc
Opus Community Foundation
Mike W. Osborn
Pacific Market International, LLC
Peterson Sullivan LLP
Pepsi Co.
Russell Investments
Schultz Family Foundation
Sosio's Produce
Barbara Blywise & Joan and Sheldon Steier
Lyn Tangen and Richard Barbieri
The Commerce Bank of Washington
The True Family
Vigor Industrial LLC
Vulcan Inc.
Wells Fargo Foundation

$1,000 - $4,999

*Anonymous (12)
Advisory Services & Investments, LLC
William and Mary Akers
Kim Anderson and Andrew Bentley
Jay and Rachel Ashberg
Ray and Edith Aspiri
Allan Avery and Merry Meyer
Raymond Baer
Dry Soda
John Bauer
Arnold and Judith Bendich
Clint and Barbara Bennett
Berger Partnership
Jamie Bergford
BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Rache Boston
Robert and Eileen Brennan
Broadmark Capital, LLC
Leslie Brotherton
Melody and Ross Brown
Jean Burch Falls
DeeAnn and David Burman
Susan and Larry Calkins
Cambia Employee Giving Program
Debbie and Michael Campbell
Grace and Adolph Christ
Lynn Claudon and Charles Royer
Anne Cleveland
Coalition for Charitable Choice
Judith Coito
Christine and Jim Craig
Jann Curley
Melanie Curtice
Gregory Denton and Janice Dilworth
Austin Dienst and Meghan Graves
Patrick Distefano
Adjua Dupree
Jeannie Falls
Kenneth and Michele Ferguson
Susan and Frank Finneran
Kathryn Fleischer
Forrest Foltz
Jody Foster and Dr. John Ryan
Jay and Sue Fredericksen
Maureen Frisch
Joe Fuller
Mary Jane Loomis Dental Fund
Bill, Lindy, and Louisa Gaylord
Katharyn Alvord Gerlich Family Fund
Marie and Aaron Gill
Shannon and Benjamin Girlando
James Harkins and Joan Kitterman-Harkins
Cynthia Heydt
John and Faith Hogan
Holland America Line
Horizons Foundation
Bryan M. Houghton
Inn at the Market
Isador Simon Family Foundation
B. Gerald Johnson and Linda R. Larson
King County Employee Giving
Mary and Allan Kollar
Karen L. Koon and H Brad Edwards
Christopher and Alida Latham
Edward Lazowska and Lyndsay Downs
Margaret Lemberg
Brad and Christina Mace
Ann Magnano and Sheri Boddy
James and Mary Ann Magnano
Martin Smith Inc.
Myra and Mike McCoy
Meridian Geographics LLC
Peter Miller and Jean Johnson
Julie and Tom Newell
Tom Osborn
Pacifica Law Group
Janet L Pauli and William J. Pauli
Benjamin Paulus
Valerie Payne
Gwendolyn Payton and John Neeleman
Katherine and Bill Pettit
John and Vicki Pierce
Pike Brewing Company
Pike Place Chowder
Pinkerton Foundation
Premera Blue Cross
Pure Food Fish Market
Rachel Purpel
Pyatt Broadmark Management
Jay and Jane Reich
Jane L. Repensek and Warren Weissman
Raleigh M. Roark and Mary E. Preslar
Keri A. Robinson
Ron Rochon
Joseph Rogoff
Todd Rosenberg
James Rudick
Lisa Samson and Michael Gamsky
James Savitt and Venus Velazquez
Manuela and William Schwab
Morningside Foundation
Michele Shaw
Albert Shen
Ernest D. Sherman
Barbara and Joe Shickich
Gerald R. Smith and Vicki Halper
Patrick Ryan Smith
G. Mark Snapp
Sound Transit
Ian Stewart
Warren Stickney and Colette Stallbaumer
Helen Stusser
Liann and Stephen Sundquist
Merideth Tall
Christopher Taylor
Duncan and Elizabeth Thieme
Sophie Thomas
Arlene and Mark Tibergien
Gayle J Torgerson
Peter and Jacqueline True
Terrence Turner
United Way of Snohomish County
University of Washington
Abizar Vakharia
Visit Seattle
Robert Wagner and Julie Bello
Walker Family Foundation
Ruth and Todd Warren
Washington Partners Inc.
Watermark Condominium Association
David and Sally Watkins
Adam Werner
Wexley School for Girls
Diana White
Keith Whittemore
Bruce Williams
Wilridge Winery
Dr Jodie Wohl and Richard Hert
Wyman Youth Trust
Jane Zalutsky and Mark Kantor

$500 - $999

*Anonymous (10)
Bernie Alonzo
Ellsworth and Eve Alvord
Virginia Anderson
Jennifer Bachhuber
Sharon K. Baden and Stephen Winston
Jamie Bahr
Nicole Bahr
Ross Baker and Karen Brandvick
Terri Baldwin
Mark and Heather Barbieri
Leonard B. Barson and Margaret E. Wetherald
Christi and Ross Beckley
Jeffrey Berg
Bertschi School
Carol and Carl Binder
Bob and Kristie Blade
Natasha Bleier
Jennifer and Grant Bowker
Dennis Braddock and Janice Niemi
Robert Bradley
James Brassard
Trevor and Julie Brightwell
Michel and Valerie Brotman
Brudvik Family Charitable Gift Fund
Kelly Butler
Dan Cantrell and Lynn Pasley
Timber Chinn
Click Wholesale Distributing
Denise Clifton
Denna L. Cline
Cole & Weber Inc.
Janene Collins
Carolyn Corvi and John Bates
Stacey Crawshaw-Lewis and Jeff Lewis
Sharon and Arthur Crisera
William H. Curtis
Abraham Dairi
Heidi De Laubenfels
Michael E. Dederer
Cecile Delafield
Diane Dewbry
Virginia Callison Dolan
Michael Doyle and Holly Doyle
Peter Drury
Fairmont Olympic Hotel
James and Lisa Florio
Dana Fornasar
Joan Friedrich
Friends of Seattle Waterfront
Molly Gabel
Teresa Gallo
Jean F. Gardner
Patricia and Alan Gelenberg
Ruth A. Gerberding
Jessica Gleeson
Patricia Gray and Spencer Noland
Nancy and Robert Grote
Traci Gushiken
Jamie Hammell-James
Abigail and Alan Hartman
David and Michele Hasson
Kathy and Robert Hauck
Carol and Robert Hille
Hesper Hobsburhg
Michael and Maureen Hoiseck
Nicole House
John John
Inger Johnson
Jane A. Johnson
Sonya Johnson
John and Alison Kelly
Sean Kennedy
Katherine Kiefner
Thomas and Sharon Knowles
Paul Knutson
Katheryn and Chapin Krafft
Yvonne Kraus
Peter Krech
Beth Kristek
Michael Larlee
Le Panier French Bakery
Norman and Catherine Ledbetter
Angela and Ted Leja
M. A. Leonard
Daniel Lipkie and Roberta Goodnow
Laura Lippman and Henry Mustin
Loeb Charitable Foundation
Mary Jane Loomis*
Oralia and Ron Lynch
Andrea Mackin
Collette MacLean
Abigail and Bryan Maletis
Joanne Mathis
Betsy and Sean McCarthy
Peter Mcclung
James W. McCurdy
Evy McElmeel and JV Hirschmann
Cynthia and Michael McKee
Ian McKelvey
Yazmin Mehdi
Metsker Maps of Seattle
Donald and Pamela Mitchell
Richard Moore
Paul and Lisa Mutty
Anne and Clay Nielsen
Constance M. Niva
Karen Norris
Jody Deering Nyquist and Paul Meyer
Rochelle Ocken
Michael and Susan Otten
Deborah Oyer and Tom Weeks
Kristi A. Pangrazio
Perkins & Will
Kathleen Pierce
John and Lilli Pietromonaco
Maurice Pirio and Susan Foster
Greg Ramsey
Red Propeller, Inc.
Heather and Eric Redman
John Rizzardi
The Pink Door
Gail P. Runnfeldt
Skylee J. Sahlstrom
Ceneth Schoettler
David and Susan Schoolcraft
Laura Severance
Emmanuelle Shih
Lynne Shira and Paul Frieman
Langdon Simons
Jennifer Sims
Brooke Steger
Storyville Coffee Company
Penelope Stout-Hammar
Linda Straley
Jennifer Stuart and Alex Tatman
David Suomi
The Don & Jannette Hastings Family Memorial Fund
Susan Takemoto and Dave Miller
The Boeing Company
Tamara Ufkes-Schendel and Kurt Schendel
United Way of King County
Gaylene Vaden
Vanguard Charitable
Verizon Foundation - Matching Incentive Program
Betty L. Wagner
Marcia D. Wagoner and David Hewitt
Marlane Wakefield
Cynthia B Whitaker
Lisa Williams
Thomas and Marlene Wissler
Amy Worthington
John and Patricia Wynn
Russell Young
Ted Youngs

$250 - $499

*Anonymous (10)
Tim Adamson
Angela Agoo
Christina Agoo
Theresa Agoo
Annette Althoff
Sonia Alvarado
Jami Andersh
Joshua Anderson
Ruth and David Ard
Raquel Babcock
TC Bailey
Robert Bartusch
Angela Battazzo
Kate Battuello
Kathryn Beattie
Karyn Beckley
Anna Belkin
Jon Beyer
Elizabeth Bogardus
Jordan Boldt
Don Boshears
Ann Bowden
Deborah Boyd
Lindsay Boyd
Tracy Boze
Celia Bradley
Jared Bridges
Amy Bryant & Brock Johnson
Katherine Brownson
Carol Bryant
Brian Buckley
Melinda A. Buckley
The Bruce Burger Fund
Anna Burns and Matt Moran
Virginia Cain
Orlando and Elizabeth Cano
Harry Caraco
Pamela Cardone
Christi Chapman
Grace Chien
Andrew Choi
Nicole Cilley
City of Kirkland
Jeff Clarke
Corine Cooper
Jeff and Penny Coppersmith
Andrew Coveler and Elizabeth Leber
Kathryn Craft-Reich
Brian Cully
Joshua and Kris Curtis
Daily Dozen Doughnuts
Janine Dainis
Karan Dannenberg
Michelle Davis
Ralph E. Davis and M. Lynn Davis
Karen Dawson
Fiona de Kerckhove
Grace de los Santos
James Degel and Jeanne Berwick
Judith Dern
Dwight and Susan Dively
Cathy Downs-Phoenix
Kathleen Drozdowski
DRY Soda Co.
Mark Dyce-Ryan and Mitchell Ryan
Sharon Earnest
A. Joel Eisenberg
Kate Endle
Janice Eng
Michael Erickson
Danielle Fague
Jennifer Fahey
Dana Fischietto-Senegor
Karen and Gilbert Flanagan
Michael Fleming
Christina Fogg
Judith and Daniel Foley
Ryan Fonda
Mary and Stephen Francis
Eldon and Kristi Franz
Kelly Frawley
Milah Frownfelter
Christian Gal
Joseph and Barbara Galluccio
Bill Gerber
Jeff Gingold
Lisa Golden Schultz
Rachel Goldsmith
Ann Goos
Patrick Gordon
Ken Grant
Jennifer Greer
Steven Haluschak
John and Nancy Hambacher
Ron and Barbara Hammond
Roy A Hamrick
Matt and Angie Hanna
Sierra Hansen
Tina Hart
Phyllis Hatfield
Clair Hector
Jonathon Hefford
Peter J Hemmen
John and Sandi Hempelmann
Greg Henderson
Robert D. Hill
Bruce Hilyer
Pamela Hinckley and Michael Teer
Corrine Hoeppner
Lynn Hogan
Paula Holmes
Martha Holt
Frances and Eric Holtman
Angela Hood
Susan Howe
Debra and David Hudacek
Richard and Margaret Hudson
Pamela G. Hynes
Jacobs Family Fund
Frank and Roberta Jenes
Curtis Jensen
Rick Jewett
Kenneth L. Johnsen
Mark Johnson and Kathy Malley
Jeremy Jones
Sheri Kever
King County Library System
King County Nurses Association
Melinda Kmitta and Tom Kmitta
Hanna Kokko
Armand Kornfeld
Bob and Dawn Kramer
Nicolas Kramer
Holly Krejci
Arthur Kuniyuki
Benjamin Lake
Lakeview Financial Group
Paul and Linda Larson
Alan and Sarah Lawrence
Rhoda and Thomas Lawrence
Le Pichet
Rosa Le
Corine Ledridge
Dorothy LeGrand
Eileen Lennon
Kunqi Li
Ashwin Llapally
Laura Lohman
Melissa Lundell
Patricia Madden
Mary Magnano Smith and Glen Smith
Paul Mammen
Steve Marshall
Lori Mason Curran
Lisa Matchette
Darrell Maxwell
Lisa and Kurtis McCloud
A. Carol McDaniel
Paula and Joe McGee
John and Marcie McHale
Edward McLaughlin
Megan Meekins
Amanda Melnikov
Karen L Melton
Elizabeth Merritt
Messenger Corporation
Matt Mewhorter
Amanda and Brett Miller
David Miller
Norma and Erik Miller
Stephanie Miller
Peter and Jaymie Mills
Momentum Inc
Susan Montesino and Charles Wallsmith
Victor Moore
Amy Morgan and Francois Ajenstat
Jennifer Morgan
Mary Lee Moseley
Douglas Moskowitz
Carla Murray
Ran Nahmias
Brandon Nicholson
James Noblitt
Molly Norton
Michael Novotny
Lenell Nussbaum
Rosemarie and H. Oliver
Ruth Olsen Lawson
David O'Neal
Nancy Osborn-Nicholas
Jodi Osmond
Amy Ouhl
Brian Paeth
Shannon Palmer
Boris Pavlovic
Timothy Pearson
Catherine Pham
Dean Phillips
Pike & Virginia Homeowners
Place Pigalle
Lora Poepping
Terumi Pong
Laurie Powers
Kate Ramstedt
Brett Raskin
Marika Rausa
Elizabeth Reese
Jacob Rexus
Erin F Rice
Rings & Things
Robert Robinson
James Rogers
George R. Rolfe and Lois G. Duncan
Koryn E. Rolstad
Robert Roseberry
Laura and Mark Roth
William Rumpf
Sydney Ryan
Gail Ryser
Karleen Sakumoto
Joan and Werner Samson
Judie Sanders
Ryan and Carolina Santwire
Jamie Sargent
Lindsey Sargent
Cathy Sarkowsky
Shelley Schermer
Stephanie E. Schuessler
Claire Schumacher
Jan Selvar
Leslie Shelton
Mr Viet Shelton
Lillian Sherman
Lin Shih
Janet Shull
Sheila Siden
Cheryl Siega
Rick Simon
Gloria and Michael Skouge
Janet Slawson
Kay Smith-Blum
Adam Stalker
Christopher Stenger
Rebecca and Gabe Stephens
Kelli Stickel
Chris Stiller
Carolann and Peyton Storli
Jamie Strayer
Dana Sugarman
Aaron Sweeney
Jeff Swenson
Sean Tate
Gail Taylor
Mark and Alison Thomas
John Tidwell
Nicole Tillotson
Laura and Rob Torres
Shirley Trinh
Laura Troyani
Jim Tsen
Susan Tuller
Sharlyn and Bill Turner
Trish Unger
Karlo Urrutia
Christine M. Vaughan
Michael Walker
Sarah Wang
Watershed Pub & Kitchen
Mary and Austin Watson
James Weaver
Vicki and David Weeks
Ross Wells
Geoff White
Carole Jo Williams
Katie Williams
Melody Wolf
Robert Woloshin
Katherine Woodcock
Tim and Nancy Woodland
John and Katia Wuest
Robin Ylvisaker and Kevin Ylvisaker
Catherine Yoshimoto


3 Howls
Alpine Brewing Company
Athenian Seafood Restaurant
Ben Bridge & Co.
Black Raven Brewing Company
Blue C Sushi
BOKA Restaurant + Bar
Boom Noodle
Cafe Campagne
Copperworks Distilling Co
Coral Wines
Cutters Crabhouse
DeeAnn and David Burman
DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine
DRY Soda Co.
Elysian Brewing Company
Escala Condos
Fairmont Olympic Hotel
Fifteen Twenty-One
Fremont Brewing Company
Georgetown Brewing Company
Herb Farm
Heritage Distilling Co. INC
Holland America Line
Hotel 1000
Kaspar's Special Events & Catering
Key Arena
Le Pichet
Los Agaves Mexican Street Food
Luc's Restaruant
Macrina Bakery and Cafe
Maritime Pacific Brewing Co.
Matt's in the Market
Ninkasi Brewing Company
Old School Pin Ups
Pacific Market International, LLC
Pie School
Pike Place Chowder
Racha Noodles & Thai Cuisine
Rachel's Ginger Beer
Radiator Whiskey
Rancho Manana Resort
Red Cedar & Sage
Ride The Ducks
Rodeo Donuts
Salish Lodge & Spa
Seattle Pops LLC
Seductive Specialty Foods Inc
Seleuss Chocolates
Sidetrack Distillery
Simple & Crisp, LLC
Simply Seattle Stores
Skillet Diner
SkyCity at the Space Needle
Starbucks Coffee - 1st and Pike
The Pike Brewing Company
Tumble Creek Golf Course
Uli's Famous Sausage
University of Washington
Urbane Restaurant & Bar
WA Real Estate Holdings
Woodmark Hotel, Yacht Club & Spa

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Board of Directors


Elizabeth Coppinger, President

Susan Finneran, Vice President

Nicole Bahr, Secretary

Abraham Dairi, Treasurer

Joe Fuller, Member At-Large

John Pierce, Past President


Natasha Bleier

Michel Brotman

Melody Brown

Anne Bryant*

Sherry Burkey

DeeAnn Burman

Sue Calkins

Harry Caraco

Denna Cline

Anne Cleveland

Christine Craig

John Delaney*

Austin Dienst

Ben Franz-Knight

Lindy Gaylord

Marie Gill

Daisley Gordon

Ken Jackson

Inger Johnson

Jane Johnson

Eddie Kirschenbaum

Dan Moore

Andrea Mackin

Amy Morgan*

Jen Morgan

Julie Newell*

Boris Pavlovic

Francis Piscal*

Skylee Sahlstrom

Lisa Samson

Ryan Santwire

Michele Shaw

Warre Stickney

Lisa Sturgis*

Merideth Tall

Peter True

Chris Volk*

Dave Watkins

Evelyn Yenson

Ted Youngs


Lillian Sherman, Executive Director

Sean Anderson, Food Access Program

Christi Beckley, Development

Laura Breshock, Donor Relations*

Crystal Dixon, Neighborhood Center*

Dana Gould, Food Access Program

Patricia Gray, Capital Campaign

Reid Martin, Capital Campaign

Alison O'Neil, Donor Relations

Suzanne Spencer, Communications & Development

Tiffany Swanson, Events

Clover Thurk, Events

*Joined our team in 2016


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Pike Place Market Foundation

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