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Market Community Safety Net

Pike Place Market Foundation

The Market’s Community Safety Net is a fund available to anyone working or living in Pike Place Market who has experienced extreme financial hardship, and who needs support to regain their stability.

In 2018 we were able to give $38,660 to 76 people in the Market in need. The Community Safety Net is the evolution of the previously established Emergency Rent Fund and Farmer Relief Fund; by combining these funds, we can widen the eligibility to the merchant, daystall, and busker communities, as well as to include requests made by the social workers of Market agencies.

Our goal for The Community Safety Net is to receive referrals of at-risk clients that we can offer more preventive measures through the resource desk at the Market Commons. We also aim to provide better background support and communication for Market community members applying for the Safety Net.

Read stories on recipients of the Safety Net and more on our “People of the Market” blog here.

Give to the Safety Net

Pike Place Market Foundation

"The Community Safety Net provided crucial support that saved my home and helped me pay my mortgage while I was ill. Once I have enough money saved, I will donate back into the Safety Net, so that I can support my Market neighbors who need assistance."

- Nayana, Market craftsperson

Pike Place Market Foundation

"I fell unexpectedly ill recently and couldn't afford to keep my home, which doubles as my work space. Fortunately, the Safety Net came through with a month's rent so I could pay my medical bills. I can't think of anywhere else where you have this kind of support when you're self-employed!"

- Cynthia Nochowitz, Market craftsperson

Pike Place Market Foundation

"“I was almost evicted and I didn't know what to do. It was awful – I was thinking me and my dog Cha Cha would end up back on the streets. I’ve been homeless before and I didn’t want to go back. Luckily the Safety Net helped me keep my home."

- Linda, Market resident and volunteer

Pike Place Market Foundation

"By miracle, the Market's Safety Net provided first month's rent I needed to move into housing, so I could receive medical care while recovering in my own home.""

- Paul, Market resident