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The Pike Place Market Farm Team, nourishing Pike Place Market and Beyond!

  • The Pike Place Market Farm Team
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Month of Gratitude, Day 14: The Pike Place Market Farm Team, nourishing Pike Place Market and Beyond!

With pounds of fresh vegetables to their left and almost 200 empty boxes to their right, the Farm Team has a long way to go in packing this week’s Pike Boxes. Some of these are this year’s Fall Harvest Boxes, filled with organic cranberries, squash, apples, and more hearty fall veggies that will be made available to Pike Place Market residents and community members.

 But it’s not just the Market community that will be able to access farm-fresh veggies before Thanksgiving. Through the efforts of the Farm Team at Pike Place and in partnership with Fresh Bucks King County, Pike Boxes are able to be sent year-round to preschools who serve low-income families throughout the city. Over 150 families in these preschools can now access fresh produce that comes straight from Pike Place Market farmers!

“I love that we’re able to get produce in the hands of people who can’t otherwise afford it. It’s local, it’s organic, it’s accessible – and it makes me happy to work here,” said Sidra, Coordinator of the CSA program.

THANK YOU to the Pike Market Farm Team for your incredible work in making our city healthier and happier. Just another reason why we feel so #GratefulForPikePlace