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Sosio’s Produce Gives Back to Flower Farmers

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We have been able to find so much hope in the generosity of our Market community. So many Market artists and businesses have chipped in and started their own fundraising efforts to support the Market Community Safety Net. 

Our friend Mike Osborn and his staff at Sosio’s Produce were another of the first Market stores to respond quickly. As an essential business, his produce stand is one of the few businesses that remained open; but he also recognized the hardship of so many flower farmers who were unable to sell during spring flower season.  

Throughout March and April, Sosio’s Produce purchased bouquets to support Market farmers and sold them to customers with an added donation to support the Market’s Safety Net. That means that every bouquet sold equaled income for the farmer and a donation to support Market workers out of jobs!

Sosio’s raised more than $60,000 for the Safety Net and averted untold hardship for Market farmers. We’re so grateful for Mike and the entire team at Sosio’s Produce for their quick action in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. It just goes to show, the strongest community is the one that works together to benefit all.