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Residential Team at Pike Place Market

  • Residential Team at Pike Place Market
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  • Pike Place Senior Center

Month of Gratitude, Day 9: Residential Team at Pike Place Market! 

Shoppers on the cobblestones below often don’t realize just above the storefronts are some 500 affordable apartments for senior and working class neighbors.

Every day this incredible Residential Team show up to work to check-in on Market residents, keep apartment conditions safe and clean, and help connect residents to the array of community of services that are part of the fabric of the Market. 

“This community welcomed me with open arms,” said Lucia who recently moved into an apartment in the Market. “I don’t know where I would be without this place and how I could ever repay the kindness that the resident managers showed to me.”

Thank you, Pike Place Market residential team for making the Market home to so many! 

All throughout November, we are asking YOU – why are you #GratefulForPikePlace? Use the hashtag and share your story with us!