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Month of Gratitude, Day 8: Celebrating the Pike Place senior residents next door!

We got the chance to hear stories from Pike Place senior residents about why they’re #GratefulForPikePlace! These stories are the reason we work so hard to nurture this thriving Market community. We are so grateful to have hundreds of senior residents who call the Market home. YOU brighten this place every day!

“I’m so grateful to be here. I raised my kid here – I had a toy store here called Pippin’s in the 1980’s. People still remember the store even though it was back in the Dark Ages, haha!” – Tillie, Senior Resident

“I feel like my life began last January when I got the call that there was a vacancy to live here in the senior housing. I just want to say I thank god every day for my apartment. I love to sit and look at the big clock. I can go downstairs and I walk in and here’s the world.” Sanerna, Senior Resident

“You get on the other side of 1st avenue and it changes. It’s startling, because it looks so different outside of Pike Place Market. But here, it still has that historical feel. Pike Place Market is like this tiny small town and not just a part of a city.” – Pam, Senior Resident