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Passing On The Market Legacy

  • Cathy Aller
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Not only does Cathy Aller have a lasting legacy in Pike Place Market from being the longtime store owner of ‘Boston Street Baby’, but she been actively supporting the Pike Place Market Foundation and has passed on a Market legacy to her grandkids by donating a Market Charm in their names.

Cathy has purchased over five charms for her grandchildren, “they keep coming, another one and another one!”, Cathy smiles.  She wants them all to be a part of the Market just like she was.

After owning ‘Boston Baby’ for over 30 years and spending 12 years in Pike Place Market, Cathy has recently sold her business. Cathy loved her years spent in the Market. “The Market is a very special community that feels like home, there is nothing like it”. Cathy went on to say, “…this community is not just a commercial space, but cares deeply about the small businesses and the people that live and visit the Market”. She expressed that there is so much more the Market than meets the eye and she loves that the Market is actively helping people.

Cathy believes the Market Charms are a “celebration of life and a memorial” that allows people and families to live on forever. She is excited for her grandchildren to visit their charms and to experience the vibrancy of the Market. After being a part of the Market community for over a decade, Cathy is happy to pass on her love for the Market with her grandchildren!