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Our 1st home together

  • Janelle
  • |
  • Chicago, IL

Month of Gratitude, Day 18: YOUR #GratefulForPikePlace story

We are thrilled by the submissions we’ve received for why you are #GratefulForPikePlace. Read Janelle and Mike’s story below:

“I moved to Seattle from Chicago a few years ago. I was looking for a change of scenery, and I knew if I didn’t leave at that point, I never would… and it was love at first sight!… Pike Place Market specifically holds a special place in my heart. I would walk down from my place in Capitol Hill and mosey through the Market, and I quickly discovered some of my favorite spots. Then, I would wander over to the pier and look out in wonderment on to the water and the mountains. (Chicago has water with Lake Michigan, but there is something truly magical about the mountains!)

Well, not only did I fall in love with Seattle, but I fell in love, love! My first week here I met my now fiancé, Mike. Even though it was hard to get together with busy schedules (he is in the Air Force, and I work the night shift at one of the hospitals around town), we always made time for each other. He used to live walking distance from the Market, so it was always a weekend treat to grab a cup of coffee and a warm bag of cinnamon sugared donuts when we had a moment to! It was also one of our first stops after he returned from a six month deployment in Iraq! I was very excited to show him around the newer part of the Market that opened while he was away.

We recently found out we are getting relocated to Mississippi next year – so, as an anniversary gift this year, I got us a Market charm to forever remember “our 1st home together.”