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Lilly Glover, Former Pike Market Food Bank Manager

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Month of Gratitude, Day 2

Lilly Glover, Former Pike Market Food Bank Manager

Pike Place Market is a place where no one should go hungry. This value, shared by all at the Market, is one that Lilly Glover has held close in her time with the Pike Market Senior Center & Food Bank.

Lilly learned about the Food Bank when she first joined as a volunteer 6 years ago and found her calling through this experience. When a position for a new Food Bank manager opened up, she jumped at the chance to join us.

She quickly became an integral member of our community, and was known to bring compassion and enthusiasm into every project she worked on. “She made the Food Bank human,” said Leslie, one of her long-time shoppers.





“My experience working here gave me hope for the soul of the city at a time when I wasn’t sure if such a thing still existed” said Lilly. “The relationships between all of the people that we serve, the support system at the Market, and all of our partner agencies helped me realize how strong our network can be.”

We’re excited for Lilly’s next move as a Food Bank Manager for Ballard Food Bank! THANK YOU, Lilly, for nourishing our community and touching our hearts with your unbridled drive and kindness.