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Jenny, Flower Farmer, 1992 – present

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Colorful, eye-popping floral bouquets line Jenny’s flower stand while hundreds of shoppers walk by and gape, astounded by their beauty. But Jenny doesn’t have time to admire her work – it takes weeks of harvesting and farming for these flowers to bloom, and she’s already thinking about next week’s bounty.

Every Friday, Jenny brings her gorgeous flowers to Pike Place Market, enabling shoppers to pick up the perfect bouquet for the upcoming weekend. She loves selling at Pike Place Market – so much so that she’s been coming here for almost 30 years! “The Market makes it easier to sell my flowers, and I have many friends here. The other flower farmers and some of the crafters, I’ve known them for 10, 20 years,” Jenny says with a smile.

Jenny used to sell even more at the Market, bringing both fresh vegetables and vibrant flowers with her husband to their stall. Sadly, her husband’s deteriorating health condition has prevented him from continuing to farm, and she’s on her own to bring in enough money to support her family and their farm. “I’ve had to cut 75% of my farm’s output since my husband got sick. Now, I can only grow flowers,” said Jenny.

One day, Jenny’s dilemma got worse. While riding her tractor, it began to emit smoke and started to burn up. Eventually it came to a halt and the engine wouldn’t start anymore. Jenny sat in the driver’s seat feeling defeated. “I was crying because I don’t have any more money,” she said. “If I don’t have this tractor, then I can’t farm, and my husband is too sick. I don’t know how else to make any money.”

Luckily, a friend of Jenny’s alerted her to the Community Safety Net, a Market Foundation fund which helps anyone living and working in Pike Place Market with emergency financial relief.

“Out of the blue my friend calls me and says, ‘You got a tractor!’” Jenny exclaims. She secured a refurbished tractor and got right back to work farming for the next week’s sales.

Jenny continues her flower business and support her family. She’s been at Pike Place Market for decades and has given so much of her heart and farming talent to our community. We’re so glad to be able to give back to her!