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Cynthia, artist, Deerest Designs

  • Cynthia
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  • Seattle, WA

We live in a time when bad breaks can snowball and spin life out of control. Just ask Market Craftsperson Cynthia Nochowitz, owner of Deerest Designs scrimshaw and cribbage boards.

“I had recently undergone a difficult medical treatment. I couldn’t get my strength back and fell behind on bills. I had to rely on stupid payday loans to get groceries. Housing is so expensive, and my landlord, nice as he is…..”

The 13 year Market veteran explained, “The Market staff knew I was struggling; they suggested I apply for Community Safety Net assistance. Those funds paid my landlord directly.”

“I rent a little house with workshop space. If the Safety Net hadn’t paid my rent, I would have lost my home. Without a workshop, and a roof overhead what was I going to do? The Market community is great. I can’t think of anywhere else you can get this kind of support when you’re self-employed.” – Cynthia N.