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A Market Charm that shouts, “Hello Baby!”

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There’s no shortage to the message that a charm can convey! For Eleanor, her message of “Hello Baby” welcomes a grandchild into the world. Her charm is inspired by a message on the back of a bench near Lake Washington. The simple phrase of “Hi Mom” paved the way for her own special idea. “I wanted something for my family but also for others to see. When people walk by, they can relate to it.”

While her family isn’t aware of the charm yet, the surprise is met with anticipation from our donor. “One of these days we’ll make the pilgrimage to come down and see it.” A long time Seattleite, Eleanor grew up in the area, moved away, and returned to the area as an adult. Having the freedom to shop at the market opened up a new world of possibility for her and her new family.