Playground Renovation Project

Pike Place Market Foundation

Pike Market Kids Playground Renovation Campaign

Our Goal: Renovate our current outdoor play area to create a dynamic, versatile space that will allow our children – infants to preschoolers – to invent, create and build social, cognitive and physical skills in a more open and spacious natural setting.

History of the site: Back in 1990s this was the site of the former Heritage Center in Pike Place Market that was remodeled to carve out a play space for the children at Pike Market Child Care & Preschool. Thirty years later, our school has expanded and the playground has deteriorated so much that parts of it have become unsafe and unusable. It’s time to provide a safe, healthy play space that our children need to play, explore and learn outdoors in the Market. We need a play space that reflects our curriculum approach by inviting discovery, collaboration and a connection to nature.

The Current Challenge: Every day 56 children below the age of 5 line up hand-in-hand to march out to the playground in the Market to let out the screams, laughter and energy that fill their hearts, minds and bodies. Just after they arrive inside the clang of metal bars slams behind them; a large cement planter and climbing structure confined to a small walled-in play space limit their ability to run and play. The kids and the teachers get creative and climb and slide and kick balls against the walls. Classrooms spend up to two hours a day in this limited outdoor play space. Meanwhile, two classrooms of babies and infants are left behind. The space is not built for the crawlers and waddlers, so they are limited to stroller walks through the Market.

The Transformation: Join us as we raise $425,000 to fund this transformation by the end of 2019!

Your gift will make the following happen:

• Create a versatile, open, light-filled space that will engage all ages and enhance our child-centered reflective practices

• This flexible play space will include natural elements such as a green wall of native plants, open turf space with small hills for climbing up and rolling down.

• A covered space filled with natural light for children to escape the elements

• Storage for materials that inspire creative play, places for art

• A new bathroom, sink and filtered drinking fountain

• Safer entry and 15’ of play space, including wheelchair/stroller access

Help us build a playground that welcomes and encourages play, discovery and learning for all of our children!