Small Business Fund

Pike Place Market Foundation

In Spring 2024, Pike Place Market Foundation proudly announced the final round of small business grants from our Power of Pike Place Recovery FundThis closing chapter in recovery investments is a testament to the social service staff, supporters, partners, and community members who leapt into action to support the Market’s merchants during a time of unprecedented crisis.

When non-essential businesses were ordered to close in 2020, the Market Foundation’s recovery campaign mobilized supporters to step up for our beloved Market community during this time of need, and our supporters contributed an unprecedented $4.5 million to the recovery efforts.  

We deployed these funds to support the emergency needs of our social service partners and launch new programs like the Small Business Recovery Fund, developed with input from the Market community. Not only did the recovery fund help with rent relief in the critical days of the pandemic, but our team also encouraged merchants to think beyond the current crisis and utilize the grants to build up their business for long-term stability – like investing in better equipment, transitioning to online sales, and developing new products. 

This fund supported a variety of businesses operating within the Market Historic District including:

• Commercial Tenants (aka “Stores with Doors”)
• Daystall Permit Holders (crafters and artists)
• Farmers

Its phased rollout was designed to meet the unique needs of different Market businesses as new needs have emerged over the past four years. This fund has empowered grant recipients to make substantial investments, so their businesses not only survived the pandemic but also pivoted and thrived in the face of uncertainty.

Since 2020, 320 grants have been made to Market businesses totaling over $1.8 million in support.

You’ve helped so many of us reach new levels, said a Market merchant. “I wouldn’t have been able to get here without this grant. You are helping people’s products and their pockets!
– Market Merchant

Although this closes the chapter on the Power of Pike Place, we recognize that the journey to recovery is ongoing. The fallout of COVID-19 continues to expose deep gaps in our health and social systems, while competition from large corporations threatens the authenticity and spirit of small businesses in Pike Place Market.  

But these artisans, farmers, crafters, and small businesses have built this place into one of the world’s most iconic markets, and we firmly believe that they are invaluable members of our community. If we want Pike Place Market to remain a place to “Meet the Producer,” it is up to all of us to shop these businesses, invest in them, and listen to their experiences.  

In concluding the COVID-19 recovery fund, we are committed to continuing this momentum as we enter a new chapter and work together to meet unique, emerging needs for small businesses in our neighborhood.



I wanted to let you know what a dramatic difference the $5,000 grant from a couple of years ago made in my business. It has given us the opportunity to grow dramatically… In 2023, we expect to do 3-4 times the sales we had in 2019, and that’s due largely to the $5,000 grant you provided. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing to help the crafts community succeed!
-Market Merchant