Market Tiles

Pike Place Market Foundation

Dating as far back as 1985, nearly 55,000 tiles were laid on the Market floor to honor donors who helped “Care for the Market” during our renovation campaigns.

To find your tile by inscription, click here for the Tile Catalog (use “CTRL + F”  to find your inscription). Based on your inscription, use this map to determine the exact location of your tile:

You can also visit the Info Booth located at the main entrance of the Market on the corner of Pike Place and Pike Street. Contact mktfoundation@pikeplacemarket.org if you have any questions!

How to find your tile:

You must know the exact inscription on your tile to find it. It is not possible to search for the person who purchased the tile if it does not also match the inscription on the tile.

All tiles have a number corresponding to the section where they are located in the Market.

How to use the tile database:

  • View the Tile Database on our website: Tile Catalog
  • Start by pressing Ctrl “F” on your keyboard
  • Type in the full and exact inscription in the Search Field
  • If that doesn’t work, try typing the most unique word or name included in the inscription
  • Once you find your tile on this document, note the corresponding numbers (and sometimes letter) identifying the location of your tile in the Market.
  • Use the number that appears before the dash, to find the section on the Tile Map (link) that is closest to your tile.
  • When you are in Pike Place Market visit the general area of your tile location and look at the edge of the Market floor to find your section number (and letter).
  • You will need to scan within that section to find your tile. Often times, the number after the dash indicates the proximity to your section number. (i.e. 1 is closest, 5 is further away)