Dating as far back as 1985, nearly 55,000 tiles were laid on the Market floor to honor donors who helped “Care for the Market” during our renovation campaigns. These donations helped repair the deteriorating Market floor in the 1980s – before the floor was replaced with the support of our community, you could literally see all the way through to the DownUnder.

After more than 30 years of carrying millions of visitors throughout the busy marketplace, some of these tiles are cracking and breaking from wear and tear on the Market. As needed, tiles are replaced with more durable flooring to improve safety and conditions in the Market. Therefore, we cannot guarantee named tiles will remain in the Market floor forever and we are unable to replace any missing tiles.

Thank you to the thousands of supporters who helped Care for the Market! Your gift lives on as a legacy in preserving the Pike Place Market and making it what it is today!

Donate to keep the Market strong!

To find your tile by inscription, click here for the Tile Catalog (use “CTRL + F”  to find your inscription). Based on your inscription, use this map to determine the exact location of your tile:

You can also visit the Info Booth located at the main entrance of the Market on the corner of Pike Place and Pike Street. Contact info@pikeplacemarketfoundation.org if you have any questions!

How to find your tile:

You must know the exact inscription on your tile to find it. It is not possible to search for the person who purchased the tile if it does not also match the inscription on the tile. All tiles have a number corresponding to the section where they are located in the Market.

How to use the tile database:

  1. View the Tile Database on our website.
  2. Start by pressing “CTRL + F” on your keyboard.
  3. Type in the full and exact inscription in the Search Field.
    • If that doesn’t work, try typing the most unique word or name included in the inscription.
  4. Once you find your tile on this Tile Document, note the corresponding numbers (and sometimes letter) identifying your tile’s location in the Market.
  5. Use the number that appears before the dash, to find the section on the Tile Map (link) closest to your tile.
  6. When you are in Pike Place Market, visit the general area of your tile location and look at the edge of the Market floor to find your section number (and letter).
  7. You will need to scan within that section to find your tile. The number after the dash often indicates the proximity to your section number. (i.e. 1 is closest, 5 is further away)

For example…

  • If we want to find the tile for English rock sensation Def Leppard, we would visit the Tile Database and press “CTRL + F”.
  • Searching “DEF LEPPARD” shows the corresponding tile location: “45-4”.
  • Looking at the Tile Map, we see that row 45 is near the top right corner of the map, near the Economy Market and next to the Atrium entrance.
  • At the Market, we visit the general location and look at the edge of the Market floor for a “45”, and scan the section. The number after the dash, “4” (out of a scale of 5), indicates that the tile is further away from the section number inscription. We located the tile near the left-hand side of the walkway, in front of Umai Sushi &Teriyaki!


Why are there tiles at Pike Place Market?

By the 1980s, the Market’s arcade floor had fallen into disrepair. The Market Foundation launched a capital fundraising campaign to refloor the Market, selling over 50,000 tiles featuring donors’ personalized inscriptions.

Where is my tile at Pike Place Market?

See our “Find My Tile” guide above for the tile database, tile map, and instructions. 

You can also visit the Info Booth located at the Market’s main entrance on the corner of Pike Place and Pike Street. Contact us at info@pikeplacemarketfoundation.org if you have any questions!

Are you selling more tiles?

Tiles are no longer available for purchase, but we do have bronze hoofprints available!