Pike Market Senior Center

Pike Place Market Foundation

Pike Market Senior Center is more than just a warm, safe place to enjoy a hot meal: it’s a caring community for seniors in downtown Seattle.

Membership to the Senior Center simply requires that individuals are 55 years or older, and provides seniors with two nutritious meals, wellness activities, housing services, and a warm place to socialize, seven days a week. The Senior Center also has an activities space, and hosts more community-building classes such as exercise, yoga, and even ballroom dancing for Senior Center members. When seniors in our neighborhood are able to connect and build community, they not only minimize social isolation, but have the opportunity to lead more active, engaged lives. Last year, staff at the Senior Center served 64,999 meals to 1.236 members.


“There are a lot of things you can find at the Senior Center, but one of the most important is friendship and community,” says staff member Mason Lowe, “The majority of senior center members live on little or no income, nearly half are homelessness, and most are at risk of social isolation. These resilient seniors look to the senior center not only to access basic needs like food, housing and shelter, but also where they see friends, play games, watch films, and other activities – all at no cost.” 


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