Pike Market Food Bank

Pike Place Market Foundation

The Pike Market Food Bank promotes food security of our downtown neighbors and removes barriers through a variety of programs including walk-in grocery service, at-home delivery, no-cook bags and more.

Since COVID-19, the Food Bank has pivoted their service model and grew the home delivery program to expand their reach into the community. Through their quick flexibility, the Food Bank has been able to continuously provide fresh produce and shelf-ready foods for so many Market families and downtown neighbors. Last year, 3,431 shoppers completed 69,547 shopping trips at the Food Bank. 

A no-cook bag service was also piloted and then made permanent based on hundreds of people a week requesting ready-to-eat and easy-to-carry foods.

In addition to protein and canned goods, one of the most unique benefits that the Food Bank provides for shoppers is fresh produce, bread, and other goods donated by Pike Place Market vendors. Market businesses such as Sosio’s, Frank’s Produce, Lina’s Produce, Le Panier, Storyville Coffee, and others provide daily donations that add nutrient-rich items to each grocery bag.


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