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The pandemic and economic crisis have demonstrated a valuable lesson: the consistency and reliability of funding from the Pike Place Market Foundation is essential to keeping the Market strong, nimble and healthy. That’s why we’re investing in a sustainable fund that will keep the Market community healthy and resilient now and for generations to come.

The Pike Place Market Community Fund campaign will ensure that the mission of Pike Place Market Foundation continues: to provide opportunities for local farmers, small businesses and to nurture a community that cares for thousands of low-income seniors, families, and workers.


Nurture the Next Chapter
Sustaining Pike Place Market for Future Generations

When you give to Pike Place Market Community Fund, you’re joining a powerful community of Pike Place Market Foundation supporters who help keep our 114-year-old historic Market strong.

The Market Community Fund provides a unique opportunity to transform individual giving into lasting, measurable change — connecting your philanthropic goals to your love for the Market. A gift today, or bequest from your Will or Trust in the future, provides a lasting legacy to the health and sustainability of the Market community.

Go further by creating a Named Fund that establishes a legacy of your giving to Pike Place Market Foundation for yourself, your family, or your business. Funds are invested and professionally managed, providing a sustainable resource for the Market community.

Four Areas of Support:

You decide how you would like to direct your support to the Market community. We are happy to work with you to find an opportunity that best meets your goals and supports our mission.

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  1. Where Needed Most Provides Pike Place Market Foundation the opportunity to designate funds to where they are most needed in meeting our vision of a thriving Market community. 
  2. Legacy Partners – our social service partners in the Market community. Read More
  3. Community Impact Fund – meeting the emerging needs of the Market community. Read More
  4. Heritage & Preservationdedicated to the preservation, maintenance, and stewardship of the Market Historic District. Read More

Named Fund

With a minimum gift of $50,000, you may establish your own Named Fund at the Market Foundation. Funds can be either restricted to programs or unrestricted. Your contribution may be funded with cash, securities, or real estate, and may be pledged over a five-year period if desired with an initial contribution of at least $10,000.

Family Funds may also be created through a will or other type of deferred gifts. As the funding for deferred gifts may not come to The Market Foundation for many years, the minimum contribution for this type of fund is $100,000.

Giving Circle

Pike Place Market is a community of people. Our Giving Circles are an opportunity for people throughout the community to come together to raise funds for the Pike Place Community Fund. We welcome gifts of any amount to the following Giving Circles to positively impact the Market community.

Make a Gift Today

Contribute to Pike Place Market Community Fund knowing your gift benefits the Market community now and for generations to come.

To make a gift, contact us by phone at 206-774-5254 or email info@pikeplacemarketfoundation.org — thank you!

Planned Giving

You can help ensure the Pike Place Market community remains strong for generations to come through your estate plans. This can be done by including Pike Place Market Foundation as a beneficiary in your will, retirement asset, life insurance, or by making a gift to an endowment. We have estate planning resources available upon request. 

The Pike Place Market Foundation nurtures a thriving Market community so that everyone within it has the opportunity to live their best life possible.

Help us continue to nurture a thriving Market community!

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