Golden Pearl's Grand Year!

Pike Place Market Foundation

Rachel’s look-alike “Golden Pearl” went on tour

for the Lunar Year of the Pig 2019

Rachel the Piggy Bank is sharing her fiberglass stunt double — one of the original art pigs from Pigs on Parade in 2007 — with Seattle’s Chinese community to celebrate the Lunar Year of the Pig 2019!

We’re nearing the end of the Lunar Year of the Pig, and Rachel the Piggy Bank’s cousin Golden Pearl had an incredible year touring the region. Everyone wants to meet this porcine princess! Starting with her debut at Pig Day Out in March, she’s since traveled to prominent places like the Wing Luke Museum, Bellevue City Hall, and was even part of the Chinatown Seafair Parade.

We are so grateful for our partnership with Washington State Sichuan Friendship Association and artist Zuolie Deng who helped Golden Pearl come to life. Deng’s vivid and gorgeous art shines on Golden Pearl, symbolizing the values of collaboration, inclusion, and optimism shared by both the Friendship Association and the Market community.

Local artist, Zuolie Deng, has created 珠珠 “Ju Ju” (pronounced Zoo Zoo), also known as Golden Pearl. This brilliant work of pig art symbolizes prosperity, good luck and longevity. Her design includes Chinese coins painted in red on her belly, calligraphy on her back, peonies blushing her cheeks, and clouds on her hooves lifting her to her highest potential.

Thank you to our partners at Washington State Asian Pacific Education & Culture Foundation, Washington State Sichuan Friendship Association, Wing Luke Museum and Ellen Ferguson for bringing Golden Pearl to life for the Lunar Year of the Pig 2019!

Check out Golden Pearl’s Grand Tour in these photos!

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Golden Pearl’s Tour Dates


2/2: Wing Luke Museum & Hong Kong Club

2/4: Northwest Asian Weekly

2/10-2/17: Olympia Evergreen College 

2/18-2/28: China Harbor

2/21: Chinese Chamber of Commerce annual event, Celebrate 2019

3/1 PIG Day Out at Pike Place Market

3/3-3/31: House of Hong Restaurant

5/30 – 6/30: Bellevue City Hall

7/1 – APA Travel

7/21 – Seafair Chinatown Parade

7/22: Pike Place Market

8/16: Sunset Supper at Pike Place Market

11/30: Magic in the Market

1/7 – 2/14: City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture


Meet the Artist: Zuolie Deng

Zuolie Deng is a famous Chinese calligrapher, painter and engraver with his own holiday. In 2009, King County Executive Ron Sims proclaimed February 28th Zuolie Deng Day for sharing his culture and talents with our community. His gallery is located in Seattle’s Chinatown-International District where you’ll find floor to ceiling oil paintings of his incredible work.

In 1994, he started the Washington Overseas Chinese Art Association and is the current President. He started Deng’s Studio & Gallery in the Chinatown-International District in 2001, the first studio in Seattle run by a Chinese immigrant. We are so honored to partner with Master Deng on the creation of Golden Pearl!