50th Anniversary of Saving Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market Foundation

This year we invite you to celebrate the advocates who saved Pike Place Market from the wrecking ball in 1971 and the Market community of staff, merchants, residents, shoppers, volunteers and donors who continue to protect it.



Pike Place Market is recognized as one of the best models for historic preservation and urban planning, but it wasn’t always like this.

After a seven-year battle, the fight to save Pike Place Market came down to an initiative on the ballots on November 2, 1971. The “Let’s Keep the Market” initiative was led by The Friends of the Market, a grassroots group of citizen advocates who collected signatures and protested to save the Market, despite a majority of city and business leaders supporting demolition of the Market with an urban renewal plan. By Election Day, voters overwhelming approved to save the Market by a 59% margin. This initiative preserved the largest continuously operating public market in the nation and protected not only the 9-acre historic district of the Market but a community of farmers, small independent businesses, and senior residents.



Join us for a season of celebration, education and renewed commitment to keeping Pike Place Market STRONG today and for future generations.

Documentary premiere coming to KOMO4


Celebratory events in the Market


  • Aug. 17 – Pike Place Market Turns 114 years old
  • Aug. 20 –  25th Annual Sunset Supper 



  • Oct. 23 – Let’s Keep the Market STRONG 50th Celebration Event 
  • TBA – Documentary Viewing Events 
  • TBA – Documentary “The Fight to Save Pike Place Market” premieres on KOMO4 TV.


  • November 2, 2021 – Anniversary Date: Proclamation Day


Learn more about the 50th Anniversary of Saving Pike Place Market here. 


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