Celebrating 40 years of community!

Thank you to everyone who has joined us in this season of celebration, as we recognize 40 years of the Pike Place Market Foundation and $40 million invested in the Market community! We express gratitude to all of you, for being on this journey with us.

From the very beginning, the Market Foundation has been guided by our model for a healthy community and a commitment to close collaboration with our social service partners. By listening to the emerging needs of our community and working with other agencies to build comprehensive wrap-around support for our neighborhood, we are helping nurture a healthy Market community where everyone can live their best life possible. Four decades later, we are thrilled to be celebrating and recommitting our support to this neighborhood.

Now, we need your help to help keep the Market strong now and for the next 40 years to come! Will you donate today to help support our neighbors who work, learn and live in and around the Market?

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The Evolution of the Market Foundation

As we celebrate this incredible landmark anniversary, we’re looking back on our history and honoring the staff, service partners, volunteers and supporters who have helped nurture a thriving community at Pike Place Market. Check out some of the highlights from our four decades in the Market!



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Our Investments in Social Services

For forty years, the Pike Place Market Foundation has supported a downtown community of residents and workers, and the underlying network of social services designed to support them. Learn more about the five social service agencies in Pike Place Market: and how the Market Foundation has provided 40 years of dedicated funding, resources, and community support to help our partners focus on their vital work!


Heritage and Preservation Projects

The Pike Place Market Foundation was founded in 1982 with the original mission to “preserve and enhance the traditions and diversity of the Pike Place Market community.” Not only do we support a network of social services in the Market, but we also engage in vital heritage and preservation efforts to share our neighborhood’s history and maintain the historic district.


Affordable Housing in the Market

Over 400 seniors on low incomes live in the Market, continuing a vital tradition of working-class elders residing downtown and contributing to the health and vitality of their neighborhood. In collaboration with our partners, we have spent 40 years helping to retain affordable housing in and around the district – supporting the construction and rehabilitation of units in many residential buildings in Pike Place Market.


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“Pigs on Parade” Pageant

On Saturday October 29, 40 “Pigs on Parade” returned home to Pike Place Market! Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate our 40th Birthday and watched the pigs “hog” the Market cobblestones. It was so special to hear your fond memories of these porcine pals, and make some new ones. The winner of the pageant was Las Flores, who raised $11,277 for the Market Foundation!

We also want to give a SNOUT-out to the three pigs who received the most total votes: Swine Street Express, Homer the Trojan Pig, and Pork N’Beans!

In total, we raised $101,445 for the Market community! Thank you for your support!

Did You Hear the Pig News?!