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A Market Charm That Keeps Dad Close By

By Michelle Denomme

Market Charm Inscription:

#1 DAD




My Dad lives in Toronto and every time he comes to visit me in Seattle we always go down to Pike Place Market and explore. He loves walking through the market and chatting with vendors, hearing their stories, and is always making genuine connections with people everywhere he goes. We could spend 12 hours there each day…if I let him!

I chose to honor him with a Market Charm because it’s something that we can visit together when he comes to Seattle. He thinks it’s the “neatest” thing in the whole world! I gifted Dad the Market Charm for Christmas last year and he was speechless.

Seattle now holds a special place in my father’s heart with one of his children here. It means so much to be able to create a memory like this through this Charm that I can share with my father, and my entire family.

Honor your special family member in your life with a Market Charm!