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Perennial Leather Provisions

The Perfect Leather Beltloop Key Chain

Here is the best key chain you could ask for. It’s strong and stylish and there are numerous ways you can use this versatile accessory. You can snap it around your belt and attach the clip to a chain. You can clip it to your belt loop and connect the key ring to a chain. You can put all your keys on the key ring and clip it to your belt, bag, or any where else you can clip things to.

They are all handmade and one-of-a-kind, so the leather varies slightly from piece to piece, but here is the skinny on the 3 lengths available:

Short= <5” total length, leather when snapped <2”

Medium= <5 1/2” total length, leather when snapped <2 1/2”

Long= <6” total length, leather when snapped <3”

All of these lengths are both compact and easy to find. If you are unsure about what size to get, medium is a solid choice and the most popular. But some people want these a little shorter or longer than the medium size, so the option is yours.

The high-quality leather is fastened together with a heavy duty line 24 size snap that will open and snap closed in order to add or subtract keys easily. The trigger snap clip at the top is made for horse harnesses, so they are very durable as well. I’ve never seen one fail. Key ring included is 1,” a good size for one or multiple keys. Let me know if you’d like me to include another key ring or two.

All items are made from recycled upholstery leather off-cuts. They each have a texture and story of their own to tell, and no two are alike. Each piece has been sorted through and inspected in order to provide the best quality possible. They are guaranteed to get better as they age, just like you.


($3 of this product benefits the Market Recovery Fund.)

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