Charitable Marketplace

Even when we’re apart, we’re in this together. Pike Place Market’s small businesses need your help. Support them today by purchasing products directly from Market retailers. Plus, all products include a donation to support the Pike Place Market Recovery Fund, helping the Market’s small businesses, workers and our downtown neighbors remain safe, stable and healthy during this crisis.

Charitable Marketplace

Support Small Businesses and the Recovery of Pike Place Market. Shop Intentionally. Give Generously.

Support the Recovery of Pike Place

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Quadriflex Dollar

A one dollar bill openly held in the performer’s fingers is folded in half, then quarters, then eighths. A magical gesture is made over the folded bill, and when it is unfolded the bill is seen to still be in one piece… but the edges of the bill are now in the middle and George Washington’s face is in four pieces at the corners! When this mis-made bill is refolded, then unfolded again, it’s back in its original state.

Easy to do, self working, no sleight-of-hand!


($4 of this product benefits the Market Recovery Fund.)

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Market Stories

Pike Place Market is more than fish, flowers, and produce: it’s a thriving community of seniors, families, artists, farmers, and many more who make this Market special – including YOU!