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Fern Street Pottery

MidMod Mug

MidMod Mugs! Mid-Century Modern Design love is real!

Freshly made, wonderfully functional, with a vintage flair. Your new favorite mug.

The process: I throw these mugs on my potter’s wheel, trim, and add a pulled handle. After bisque firing the mugs I apply a resist in a classic MidMod, stacked-round-square pattern, the resist preserves and reveals the beautiful red clay beneath. Next I glaze the inside of the round-square with three layers of glaze, when it is dry I put a resist on that portion as well, and then glaze the entire mug in either speckled white or teal glaze. Watch for limited edition color ways.

The glaze design is a tactile experience between the smooth glaze and the natural texture of the exposed clay. These mugs are thrown on the wheel by Meredith at her Fern Street Pottery Studio. The mugs are thrown in a red-brown stoneware clay (stoneware, not terra cotta!) which is fired to 2150 degrees, they hold approximately 14oz (14-16oz).

Lead free, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.


($4 of this product benefits the Market Recovery Fund.)

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