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Even when we’re apart, we’re in this together. Pike Place Market’s small businesses need your help. Support them today by purchasing products directly from Market retailers. Plus, all products include a donation to support the Pike Place Market Recovery Fund, helping the Market’s small businesses, workers and our downtown neighbors remain safe, stable and healthy during this crisis.

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Weird Woods

Lacey She Oak box

This little bitty one is very special. It is Lacey She Oak from Australia. The regular She Oak grows all over SW Australia. Once in a while, and only on this one little peninsula the tree freaks out and develops this lacey pattern. I have only seen this wood twice and love the grain so much that a scan of it is the background of my business card.

The boxes are lined inside and on the bottom with leather, and given a oil and wax finish. They should stay dry and out of the direct sun. Use the business card for sizing.
I will add $10 shipping. If you would rather pick up the piece at Pike Place on a Saturday, then email me and don’t go to the PayPal button.


($12 of this product benefits the Market Recovery Fund.)

*Shipping and Taxes may be added during checkout

Market Stories

Pike Place Market is more than fish, flowers, and produce: it’s a thriving community of seniors, families, artists, farmers, and many more who make this Market special – including YOU!