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Fern Street Pottery

Hamsa Wall Hanging

Hamsa wall hanging with hand-carved vine detail. In translucent celadon green. (may also be available in cobalt blue, light blue, or lavender.)

It is customary to hang a Hamsa in your living space, above the baby’s crib or at the entry to your home. They make a great house warming or gift to bring to your Seder Hosts.

The Hamsa is said to be a protective amulet, with powers to protect its owner from danger or harm from the Evil Eye. The Hamsa is a protective symbol found in many cultures. In Judaism is is called a Hamsa or Hand of Miriam or the Five Fingered Hand of G-d, in Islamic cultures it is called the Hand of Fatima, Christians call it the Hand of Mary.

This Hamsa is ready to hang, having a self leveling (sawtooth) hanger adhered to the back. I have been selling quite a few of these in 2020 as protection from the pandemic. Good Old Fashioned Insurance! Available in a variety of colors each one with a hand-carved vine pattern. Great gift for graduation, heading to college, chanukkah or baby gift. Just shy of 5 inches tall.


($4 of this product benefits the Market Recovery Fund.)

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