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Furtive Fox

Fresh Forest Bar Soap

With the popularity of my Fresh Forest Balm, I made the soap version! With so much positive feedback from the balm I couldn’t have customers keep asking for the soap and not deliver.

Just like the balm, this soap contains essential oils of geranium, spruce, tea tree and rosemary. Instead of infusing the coconut oil with my homegrown calendula, comfrey & plantain, I ground up the mixture and added it to the batch! It adds a wonderful yellow color (all natural!), as well as the antiseptic, antimicrobial, & skin healing properties calendula is known for. These ingredients are also good for folks with eczema, psoriasis or other kinds of dermatitis.
Other ingredients in this bar is my super moisturizing base of coconut, olive, castor, avocado and sunflower oils.

The only other ingredients I use to make soap are water and lye. These two things combined, with oils, create soap. There is no lye present in my finished bars of soap. Just pure moisturizing soap.

Average size for this bar is 6 ounces.

This is a fairly hard bar of soap and you will get your money’s worth if allowed to dry out between uses.


($1 of this product benefits the Market Recovery Fund.)

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