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Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer Care Package

Here is the Essential Care Package- A 100% cotton face mask with filter pocket AND an effective but soothing hand sanitizer- shipped from the same healthy and caring household!

This listing is a collaboration with my wonderful husband, the maker behind Furtive Fox Soaps. (I made the face mask, he made the hand sanitizer). You can find more of his listings at www.furtivefoxsoap.etsy.com or at www.furtivefoxwise.com

Both items are handmade with love in Seattle, WA, USA.


This full coverage face mask is made from 2 layers of soft jersey cotton. It is comfortable and breathable but great at protecting your mouth and face. The ear elastic is a full loop instead of a U, so it’s very adjustable to any face size. It includes a small pocket to add a filter, if desired (filter not included). Soft cotton inside for comfortable wear.

All masks are handmade by me and have been pre-washed in hot water.

100% Soft Jersey Cotton
Double Layer Protection with Filter Pocket
Reusable and Machine Washable
Comfortable and Secure Fit

Choose one of three color options: Navy/Salmon, Purple/Mauve or Olive/Light Blue.


This formulation is 64% alcohol, which makes it over the CDC’s required amount of 60% alcohol to make it effective against bacteria & viruses.

I incorporate a few skin loving oils & to counteract the drying effect of the alcohol. I use witch hazel, which is a skin soother, as well as aloe vera to hydrate. A couple drops of vitamin E per bottle provides moisture & removes free radicals.

To scent I have used antibacterial essential oils of orange, tea tree & thyme. Orange provides disinfecting properties, tea tree provides antibacterial, germicidal, as well as antiseptic properties and thyme is a viricidal. These three together smell great too!

The hand sanitizer comes in a 2.5 ounce mist spray bottle.

To use, shake well, then spritz one hand 3-5 times (you may find you need more), place cap back on bottle then rub hands to distribute to all parts of your hands until dry.

Due to the sensitive nature of these products, these items are not eligible for returns or exchanges, sorry. Please contact me if you have any issues with your order!


($2 of this product benefits the Market Recovery Fund.)

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