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Even when we’re apart, we’re in this together. Pike Place Market’s small businesses need your help. Support them today by purchasing products directly from Market retailers. Plus, all products include a donation to support the Pike Place Market Recovery Fund, helping the Market’s small businesses, workers and our downtown neighbors remain safe, stable and healthy during this crisis.

Charitable Marketplace

Support Small Businesses and the Recovery of Pike Place Market. Shop Intentionally. Give Generously.

Support the Recovery of Pike Place

Jim Chow Jewelry

Charoite Teardrop Earrings

Charoite is a unique stone found in one location in Siberia, Russia, and has been sought by jewelers since it’s discovery in the late 1960’s. It’s trademark shimmer is a result of a fibrous  mineral that creates an optical reflective effect called chatoyancy. Jim Chow hand selects, cuts and polishes each piece of Charoite to highlight this magical quality. Jim began selling his jewelry at Pike Place Market in 1975 and is  known for his extensive stone collection and traditional lapidary and silversmithing techniques.  

 These 1/2” stones are set in sterling silver and hang 1 3/8” including the hinged lever-back tops.

Thank you for supporting local artists, small businesses, the Market Recovery Fund and our community!

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($10 of this product benefits the Market Recovery Fund.)

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