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Women-owned Business

As an Artist at Pike Place Market I have brought my passion to the world for over 18 years. However, due to current events, I have been unable to share my work there. I miss my Market community and meeting people from all over the world. During my sabbatical, I have enjoyed the opportunity to work more in my West Seattle studio focusing on my favorite theme, the Oceans. This summer I Plein Air Painted on Alki Beach with the Puget Sound as my subject. I would walk down to the beach, set-up my easel, and paint the ever-changing water and sky. I painted one canvas that fits in the palm of my hand and surprisingly enough, it required as much focus as larger pieces to truly capture all the details. One of the greatest challenges in painting is knowing when to stop. Luckily, when painting outside, your subject can limit your time to capture the moment leading you to finish at just the right spot. Often, I would finish my paintings by walking into the water and immersing myself in my subject. Swimming has inspired a plethora of additional subject matter. I love returning to my studio and painting the lovely marine creatures I have seen, or maybe even some cool sea grass. My dream is that my Art will lead others to fall in love with the Oceans as I have and, with this love, we can protect it.

Market Location: Due to the Pandemic, I am currently working out of my West Seattle Studio


""Pike Place Market has been a great venue to showcase my Art, meet the locals, and chat with people from around the world. I'm grateful to be part of the heartbeat of Seattle. The Charitable Marketplace is a fantastic opportunity for me to give back"" Stacey Sterling, Owner

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Pike Place Market is more than fish, flowers, and produce: it’s a thriving community of seniors, families, artists, farmers, and many more who make this Market special – including YOU!