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Moon Valley Organics

Women-owned Business

Family-owned Business


We are a family-owned, organic skincare company with a big mission; to protect pollinators and expand their habitat. Our goal is to support organic farms and people who farm on them by providing high-quality organic shampoos, lotions, soaps, and salves – to name a few – that promote a healthy way of caring for our bodies and the world. We believe in using simple ingredients from our farm, packaged in environmentally friendly containers, free of any artificial ingredients. We are committed to self-sustaining and eco-friendly lifestyles, and we carry that belief into our business practices.


"We support the market because we consider the market and all its vendors a family. We are community and if one fails, we all fail so we love supporting our fellow vendors. We love the market, their initiatives and are proud to be a part of it." Kim & Aaron Otto, Owner

Market Stories

Pike Place Market is more than fish, flowers, and produce: it’s a thriving community of seniors, families, artists, farmers, and many more who make this Market special – including YOU!