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City Kid Style

Women-owned Business

One of a kind goods for kids and pets made from upcycled materials! My name is Claudia and my company, City Kid Style offers children and pets pieces that are handmade and sustainable. Made from old t shirts, every garment is hand sewn and screen printed out of my home sewing studio here in Seattle. City Kid Style can be found at Pike Place Market most Sundays from Thanksgiving through Christmas. Shop City Kid Style online at www.citykidstyle.com.

Market Location: Desimone Bridge (most Sundays through December)


"It's hard to capture the spirit of Pike Place in just a few words but it really is such a special place. It's a vibrant, eclectic community that I feel lucky to be a part of. I'm thrilled to be able to help support the Recovery Fund!" Claudia Cerrato, Owner

Market Stories

Pike Place Market is more than fish, flowers, and produce: it’s a thriving community of seniors, families, artists, farmers, and many more who make this Market special – including YOU!