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Kenneth Katzaroff

Posted April 11, 2017

Pike Place Market is the heart and the soul of Seattle. It is a community comprised of so many diverse people, whether vendors, residents, visitors, or people like me that live just blocks away. The PPMF supports that community and works to better the lives of the people in it, or who are touched by it. The sheer impact it has, whether for low-income housing, the seniors it serves, childcare for up-and-coming entrepreneur vendors, or the desperately needed food security help, the PPMF “punches above its weight” in terms of supporting our community. I want to be part of that. I live here, I walk my dog through the market every day, I say “hi” to the vendors by name and support their businesses, and, I only want to become more involved.

I mostly grew up in Eastern Washington (Kennewick), but went to UW for my undergraduate degree. I moved down to Portland to attend law school. I moved back to Seattle in September 2019, choosing to live downtown (Harbor Steps). I now work for Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt, with my practice focused mostly on land use and real estate, although I often handle business issues for developer clients as well.

Upon returning to Seattle, almost immediately, I was interested in getting involved with the PPMF. I have very fond memories of the Market. From 2005-2015, my Grandma lived in the Newmark Tower, with a spectacular view of the Market entrance. Every time I would visit her, we would go walk through the Market, buy some produce from Frank’s or Sosio’s, or a bouquet of flowers and deliver to her door. My uncle also lived in 98 Union, so we would often walk through the Market, enjoying the people, the sights, and the smells.

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