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Jason Hamblin

Posted April 30, 2017

Jason Hamblin lives, works and plays in Downtown Seattle. He takes his Miniature Schnauzer, “Effie” for walks all around the city — and enjoys buying fresh fruit and flowers at Pike Place Market. You can also find Jason at Old Stove Brewing enjoying an IPA with his friends.

Jason started his journey working for Credit Unions in 1999 and has been in the Financial Industry for more than 25 years. Currently he is the Community Development Manager for Harborstone Credit Union. In his roll he works with non-profits that supports Financial Literacy and Education, Military Families, Community Safety, Family Health and Welfare and Small Business Education. Working with non-profits is very rewarding for him.

Why PPMF:  The Pike Place Market is not just a market that is open on the weekends or a few mornings a week, it’s alive 24/7 in some capacity. Some of my favorite times at the market is when I walk though during the busy tourist season, and its wall to wall — arm to arm with visitors. It gives our city life with an exciting atmosphere that makes us feel happy. I want to be a part of this amazing gem that I’m so lucky to have in my backyard. The market feeds those who are hungry, quenches the thirst for those who are thirsty and gives shelter to those who need a home. It would be my pleasure and honor to be a part of this amazing board and to be able to bring life to our citizens and guests in our beautiful city. My commitment to the board would to always put the needs of the Market Foundation first, to work well with other members and to protect the market’s integrity to provide a positive place for all that visit.

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