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Amy Morgan

Posted August 3, 2017

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest – this is my home and I’m a product of all its quirks.

My professional life is as much ingrained in the PNW as my personal one.   I’ve worked for some of the largest companies in the region as I’ve built a career in international trade, a job choice no doubt influenced by the diverse region where I grew up.

Among my friends and colleagues, I’m known for my love of taking on challenges and my action – oriented approach to ensure I deliver on my commitments.

Today, I find myself in the fortunate position to be able to give both time and money to a cause I believe in.  Pike Place Market Foundation is that cause.  It’s hard to believe that little more than a year ago, the PPMF and its social services were unknown to me.  Now that I’m aware of the organization and its good works, I want to shout about it from the rooftops.   My avid volunteering and giving shows that I’m a passionate PPMF supporter and a strong advocate of the Pike Up campaign.

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