2018 Report to the Community

Addressing Our CommunitY

Dear Supporters,

Thanks to YOU, the Pike Place Market Foundation is in the midst of wonderful growth and transformation – we call it our “new day”! Last year, we completed the Pike Up! capital campaign to help build the MarketFront, opened a new hub for the community with The Market Commons and expanded our grant making to address emerging needs. Your commitment, support and investment in the Pike Place Market community is why we are here today.

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I continue to be amazed by the unprecedented economic and population growth in our city and the wide gap in affordable housing and services for our most vulnerable neighbors, despite much analysis and conversation. We know that strong communities are lifted up as a whole and not in fragmented parts. When the health of the whole community is truly nurtured, everyone thrives. That’s why our vision is to nurture a thriving Market Community so that everyone within it has the opportunity to live the best life possible.

We’ve been living out community building practices in the Market for more than 100 years and we’re thrilled to now see evidence-based research from the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that clearly demonstrates the link between strong communities and health equity. This research focuses on the Social Determinants of Health for a community and it also aligns with our mission and helps us measure our impact here in the Pike Place Market community.

The Pike Place Market community already includes every element of this model for a healthy community, and this structure will guide us as we focus our attention and resources on the areas that need more support. Since 1982, The Market Foundation has granted more than $30 million to the Market community to ensure our most vulnerable neighbors find housing, healthcare, healthy food, child care and a community of support in the Market. Nurturing this community so that everyone has the best life possible continues to drive us to do more, find better solutions and be more responsive to the needs we see.

Opening The Market Commons, a new community-driven resource center, was a vital first step in a more focused vision to not only support, but to actively nurture a thriving community. Market community members now have a place to come together to meet their neighbors and participate in a wide variety of social programs. The Commons staff are ready to help anyone who walks through the door navigate social services in the Market and throughout Seattle with a warm smile and a cup of coffee. It’s a welcome respite from our fast-paced, ever-changing city.

Additionally, we expanded our grant making framework to include the addition of a new Community Impact Fund to address emergent needs. We look forward to sharing with you what’s on the horizon in the year ahead.

Welcome to our “new day” and thank you for being our partner in bringing this community together to keep the soul of Seattle strong.


Lillian Sherman
Executive Director

Thanks to your support last year, we granted $1,187,200 to vital services in the Market. See the lasting impact of your donations at Pike Place Market!


See the lasting impact of your donations at the Pike Place Market.

Heritage House at the Market

Heritage House at the Market supports downtown residents who require personal care and financial assistance. Housing options for low-income seniors with personal care needs are scarce, and Heritage House at the Market is the only assisted living facility in the downtown community that will care for residents who are on Medicaid. Last year, 75% of Heritage House residents became participants in the Providence ElderPlace program (PEPS). Through this enrollment, Heritage House was able to re-establish an onsite medical clinic that allows PEPS participants to see their primary physician at Heritage House. Next year, Heritage House hopes to receive the support required for residents with dementia and end-of-life care needs to remain at Heritage House.

Learn more about Heritage House

Pike Market Food Bank

The Pike Market Food Bank serves anyone facing food insecurity who lives in downtown Seattle, housed or homeless. Last year, the demand for food bank services rose by more than 15%. On average 1,000 people visit the food bank every week and more programs were created to expand their reach into the community. Food bank staff and volunteers delivered groceries to 120 people a week who have difficulty leaving their home. This was an increase of more than 21% since last year. Also In 2017, a no-cook bag service was piloted and then made permanent based on hundreds of people a week requesting ready-to-eat and easy-to-carry foods. Hours were also expanded to include Wednesdays from 4 – 6pm to serve the Market community of vendors and others who work downtown. Next year, the biggest challenge the food bank will face is finding the resources required to serve a huge increase in anticipated food bank shoppers with the upcoming closure of the only other downtown food bank, the Cherry Street Food Bank.

Learn more about Pike Market Food Bank.

Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market

Patients served by Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market are primarily older adults dealing with multiple barriers to accessing the health care they need. Many clinic patients are also struggling with housing stability, mental and behavioral health issues, substance abuse and have had a lifetime of trying to manage illnesses without regular access to medical care. Last year, Neighborcare Health at Pike Place Market served 4,644 patients through 29,793 appointments. This includes both visits in the clinic, as well as through outreach visits from the Housing Health Outreach Team and Reach program – where medical staff visit and serve patients in low-income housing. 68% of clinic patients live below the Federal Poverty Level ($12,060/year for an individual) and more than 1,563 patients reported being homeless or recently homeless. More than 45% of patients are people of color. One of the biggest successes seen at the clinic last year was the growth in providers able to administer Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for patients struggling with opioid use disorder. This is particularly important because downtown Seattle has a death rate from opioids that is three times the rate for King County as a whole. Neighborcare’s biggest challenge next year will be helping patients navigate the changing landscape of health care and services in Seattle as the cost of living continues to grow while their income levels are unable to keep pace. A priority for the coming year is to strengthen resources to overcome barriers in connecting with new patients and integrating them into regular schedules of care.

Learn more about Neighborcare Health

Pike Market Childcare and Preschool

Pike Market Child Care & Preschool serves 110 children each year in the Market community, prioritizing families who earn very low to moderate incomes. Last year, the preschool was able to provide $364,000 in tuition assistance to 65% of families in the program, putting high quality early education, great nutrition and family support within reach for those that otherwise couldn’t afford it. Long committed to social justice and equity, PMCCP implements anti-bias education and has an Equity Change Team exploring the intersection of race, gender, and income inequity to promote institutional change to better serve the school community. This nationally accredited program is leading the way with cutting edge practices that impact the quality of life for children, families and staff. PMCCP is always striving to improve their ability to cultivate a community in which everyone is seen, valued and has a sense of belonging in which children can develop their full potential to thrive and be caring members of a diverse society. The preschool’s challenge for next year is to meet their $368,000 tuition assistance commitment, while providing excellent benefits and fair wages for teachers, and to deepen anti-bias programming by increasing opportunities for experienced teachers to take on leadership roles with newer teachers.

Learn more about Pike Market Childcare and Preschool.

Pike Market Senior Center

The Pike Market Senior Center serves the most vulnerable population of any senior center in Seattle, reporting over 51,000 visits and over 49,000 meals served over the last year. The majority of senior center members live on little or no income, nearly half are homelessness, and most are at risk of social isolation. These resilient seniors look to the senior center not only to access basic needs like food, housing and shelter, but also where they see friends, play games, watch films, and other activities – all at no cost. Last year, Pike Market Senior Center created a project to share their expertise in assisting homeless elders with senior centers across King County. Through SHARE (the Senior Homelessness Action, Resources, and Education Project), PMSC staff made site visits and created a guide and resource book to help other senior centers become better resources to homeless clients. Next year, their goal is to increase their social work case management to seniors with severe needs. They also hope to improve access to information, assistance and referral services to help clients with less complicated concerns – relieving social workers from performing these duties.

Read more about Pike Market Senior Center.

Food Access Program

The Food Access Program at The Market Commons strives to create an equitable path for all people at Pike Place Market to establish and maintain food security. Programming is broken down into four components: shopping programs, pilot programs, education and management of the Secret Garden. All our shopping programs match food stamp dollars at the Market and double dollars for low-income shoppers when they purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. In 2017 we subsidized 3,205 shopping trips from participating produce vendors and farm stands within the Market. In 2017 we also piloted a program with the Food Bank and the Child Care to provide bags of food for low-income families outside of food bank hours.  Through another partnership, the Secret Garden produced over 500 pounds of culturally relevant food for the Food Bank. In 2018 we are working to evolve our educational programming to better provide a balance of experts and topics.

The Market Commons

In our first year, we are proud to report that our neighbors, community members and Market vendors walked through our doors 10,916 times. We made 6,155 connections to housing, healthcare, groceries, and other needed social services and welcomed our neighbors 4,761 times for our community programming, including 903 hours of cooking classes, drawing courses, meditation seminars, community potlucks and much more! We’re just getting started and we wouldn’t be here without the support and participation of the entire Market. Next year, we’re planning on expanding our programming and our outreach efforts, so that we can continue to meet more of the community’s needs.

Read more about The Market Commons

Community Safety Net

The Community Safety Net provides one-time financial assistance to Market community members who are experiencing crisis and need funds to prevent unnecessary loss of well-being, livelihood, or housing. In 2017 we were able to give $41,200 to 59 people in the Market in need. The Community Safety Net is the evolution of the previously established Emergency Rent Fund and Farmer Relief Fund; by combining these funds, we can widen the eligibility to the merchant, daystall, and busker communities, as well as to include requests made by the social workers of Market agencies. In 2018, our goal for The Community Safety Net is to receive referrals of at-risk clients that we can offer more preventive measures through the resource desk at the Market Commons. We also aim to provide better background support and communication for Market community members applying for the Safety Net.

Read more about the Community Impact Fund

Meet The Market Commons Team!

Welcome to The Market Commons – our resource center where the Market community can come together and meet smiling faces ready to help access social services in and around Pike Place Market. We’ve had an incredibly successful first year at The Market Commons, and tt’s all thanks to The Market Commons staff – Crystal Dixon, Velma Chaney, Allie Wass and Kathryn Hortner. Combining their diverse backgrounds with their love for the Market, these women work in tandem to ensure every client who walks through their doors receives the proper help and connections to not only survive, but thrive.

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Crystal (picture top, right), manager of The Market Commons, is from Seattle and a diehard Seahawks fan. Her whole career has focused on innovative program development for nonprofits, and for her, being the manager for The Market Commons is her dream job. Crystal sees the community center as the natural extension of Pike Place Market’s intention to create a safe and healthy neighborhood for all. “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Crystal remarks. “We can create a community center so rooted in the values of Pike Place Market.”

Velma Chaney, (pictured lower, right), is typically the first face you see when you enter The Market Commons. She’s ready to answer your questions and make you feel at home! Hailing from Jackson, Mississippi, The Market Commons is Velma’s first full-time role after interning and volunteering for social service agencies throughout Seattle. She is passionate about giving back and supporting the seniors that make up our happy community, and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Americorp Vistas have also played a vital part in The Market Common’s success. Our Outreach Vista, Allie Wass (picture top, left), helps with reaching out to the community and uses her artistic skills to teach free arts programming for our seniors. Our Food Access Vista, Kathryn Horner (not pictured), is working on restructuring and re-invigorating the Food Access program.  She also worked closely over the 2018 summer with fellow Vista Alex Taylor (pictured lower, left), reviving the Pike Market Secret Garden and introducing gardening programs for our preschool students and seniors.

With a team this strong, it’s no wonder that The Market Commons will continue to grow! Stop by and say hi next time you are on Western Avenue! Learn more about The Commons at TheMarketCommons.org, and follow @TheMarketCommons on Facebook and Instagram to see how we’re building a stronger community!

Market Community Spotlight: The Juice on Jerry

Jerry Antush, host of Pike Place Podcast and Market fishmonger, is more than anther friendly face at Pike Place Market. A lifelong Seattleite,  his Market career began in the 1980s as “The Juice Man” at Scotty’s Juice Bar. It was decades ago that he first realized it was more than a Market: “It’s always been the people – that’s what’s fun about the Market, you never quite know what to expect,” said Jerry.

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Jerry has been an active member of the Market community and always gives back when he can. So when he became sick a couple of years ago and had trouble with his rising housing and healthcare costs, the Market was there to give back to him.

Through the support of the Pike Place Market PDA and the connections he made at The Market Commons, Jerry was able to communicate his need for help. He applied and was accepted into the low-income senior housing on the new MarketFront, joining a close-knit community of seniors with a long history at Pike Place Market. Now a much closer commute to both his workplace at the Market and his health care treatments, Jerry was able to make a full recovery within the year!

He’s using his newfound health, home and energy to continue his community involvement – this time, he’s set on telling the story behind the kooky and caring characters that make up Pike Place Market.

In addition, he’s developed a new title for himself: Marketologist – and together with his producer Bob Trombley – they’re hosting the Pike Place Podcast: a weekly show to tell the stories of the icons, innovators, characters and kooks who are the Pike Place Market community – characters just like Jerry “The Juice Man” himself. This exciting new project is the first grant from Billie’s Bank – the new community grant-making fund recently made available through The Market Commons.

Jerry laughs heartily as he preps for this week’s interviews, “It’s nine acres of rollicking fun down here at the Pike Place Market!”

Edelman: Helping Pike Place Market Both In and Out of the Office

It was a typical weekday in July for almost all of the Edelman Seattle office, but for board member Chris Volk and his team of communications marketing specialists, this day would have much more meaning.

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Meeting up at the Pike Market Food Bank, the team looked excited and ready to learn what it meant to be a food bank volunteer. Volunteer Coordinator, Jill Weidman, enthusiastically greeted the team, leading them on a tour of the space and quickly assigning the day’s duties.

Over the course of four hours, they picked up donated food from businesses all around Pike Place Market, helped organize dry goods, and helped some food bank shoppers fill their weekly grocery bags. There was much to be done, and yet the Edelman team couldn’t contain their big smiles throughout the day’s work!

Chris wasn’t surprised – this was just one of his many visits bringing an Edelman team to volunteer at the food bank and showing them behind the scenes of Pike Place Market. He believes it’s vital that his team is exposed to the Market’s social services, especially if they’re going to work as pro bono consultants for the Market Foundation!

That’s what makes Edelman such a generous partner. Not only are they committed to giving back to the greater Seattle community by being annual volunteers, but they’re also lead sponsors for the Market Foundation as they work year-round to raise awareness about our mission and events.

With Edelman’s support during this year’s Sunset Supper, we were able to break our record for both number of guests and total funds raised!  2018’s Sunset Supper was prominently featured on KING5, KOMO4, and Q13 garnered mentions in local entertainment publications such as Seattle Magazine, The Stranger, and more.

Edelman Seattle provides generous donations, volunteer time and impactful PR work to Pike Place Market Foundation, helping promote our mission to more people than ever. Thanks, Edelman Seattle!

Le Panier: Warm Pastries (and Hearts!) for Pike Place Market

In late June of this year, regulars and newcomers to the legendary Le Panier received a special surprise at the register – their croissant was only 60 cents! In fact, all of the award-winning French pastries, – from the flaky chocolate croissants to the fluffy French baguettes – were the same price they had once been in 1983. The community was treated to a celebration of the 35-year-legacy of Le Panier, the French bakery that has become one of the most generous (and tastiest!) staples in Pike Place Market history.

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It was around this same time, 35 years ago, that a young Kristi Drake and Thierry Mougin were part of the first staff at the brand new Le Panier. The bakery was committed from the start to bake all its goods from scratch every day, just like the ‘boulangeries’ in France. Kristi and Thierry were kindly welcomed into the Pike Place Market community, establishing lifelong relationships with many of the Market vendors and artists.

“I like to go shopping at the Market, but it can take over an hour and half with all of the people I’ll run into!” says Kristi with a big smile.

Le Panier has donated countless baked goods to all corners of the Market community. Every week, the staff prepares a generous helping of freshly baked bread, pastries, and savory treats for the Pike Market Senior Center & Food Bank – allowing our hungry neighbors to enjoy high-quality and locally sourced cuisine at no cost to them. These gifts are only bolstered by the bakery’s financial support of the Market Foundation, donating thousands to our mission to nurture a thriving Market community.

“It’s important for us to be in this community and help where we can help,” says Kristi. “It’s just natural for us to give baked goods, time, and donations – whatever this wonderful community needs.”

Thanks Kristi, Thierry, and the entire team at Le Panier for everything you do!

Dan and Carter: Sharing Their Love with the Market Community

“Carter says he found me, I say I found him” smiles Dan, looking over at Carter, as they celebrated their 28th anniversary together. “Well, let’s say we found each other!”

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Dan Moore and Carter Pecce have been tethered to Seattle for decades. For them, the anchor point of the city has always been Pike Place Market. Dan and Carter would visit the Market frequently, and even more so when they moved to downtown Seattle. “We take everyone to Pike Place Market first – nothing brightens a day like seeing those flowers.”

Ten years ago, Dan was hard at work finalizing the Pike Place trademark licensing agreement in his position as Marketing Director at Starbucks, for Starbucks Pike Place® Roast coffee. While visiting the Market, he was given a behind the scenes tour of the social services partners — and was surprised to see that the Market offered so much more than fresh fish and flowers.  Immediately, Dan spearheaded donations of Starbucks coffee and pastries to the Pike Market Food Bank, but this was only the beginning of their generosity to the Market Foundation.

Dan then joined the Market Foundation’s Board of Directors in 2010, and he ramped up his support for the Market community.  Through his efforts, Starbucks has become a generous sponsor, donating coffee, products and other goods to our events and Market service partners.  Starbucks was also the first company to donate $500,000 for the Pike Up! campaign to build the new MarketFront, and Dan jump-started the wave of investments that led us to achieving our $9 million fundraising goal!  Together Dan and Carter have encouraged other companies to sponsor, colleagues to volunteer, and their downtown neighbors at Escala to give generously.

Through the years, Dan and Carter have influenced more than $1.5 million in donations to the Market Foundation.  But, that’s not the only reason we appreciate them so much. When you talk to them you can see on their faces just how much admiration and love they have for Pike Place Market.

“Working the line at the food bank is the most rewarding experience,” says Dan. “Packing, assembling and handing out food and making a difference to an individual in that moment of need – when my team and I volunteer at the food bank we get emotional every time.”

Carter adds, “I find Pike Place Market to be Seattle’s consciousness. As more development in Seattle occurs, the original farmers and artists of Pike Place Market are at risk of being pushed out. This Foundation helps them stay in Seattle and live and be in the neighborhood.”  Carter smiles, “It’s worth every bit of our support.”

Thanks, Dan and Carter for sharing your love with Pike Place Market!


Income $2,526,177 In-kind Event Donations: $115,508
Expenses $1,954,306 Reserve funding for Market human services and Market Foundation: $138,170

We want to thank all of you who donated for a Market Charm and/or a Hoofprint! With your contribution, you become not only a part of Pike Place Market history, but also part of our mission to nurture our thriving Market community! To see your name on our PiggyBackers list, please click here.

Thank you to the following individuals and organizations for supporting the Pike Place Market community through an annual gift to The Market Foundation last year!



Bruce and Jeannie Nordstrom

Carolyn and Don Ticknor


Delta Air Lines, Inc.

Joseph and Patricia Desimone

Medina Foundation

Pike Place Market PDA

Seattle DINING!

Starbucks Coffee Company

Wyncote Foundation

$10,000 – $19,999



Catherine Leschen

City of Seattle

Ellen L. Ferguson

Garneau-Nicon Family Foundation

Iron Springs Resort

Moxi Works


Pike Place Chowder

Pike Place Producers


Shelly and David Johnsen

Sosio’s Produce



Warren Stickney and Colette Stallbaumer

Wells Fargo Foundation

Windstar Cruises

$5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (3)

Allan C. Golston and Stephen Bryant

Arlene and Mark Tibergien


BJ Arnold Dick Arnold

Cairncross & Hempelmann

Carl and Renee Behnke

Harry Mar

James J. Heutel

Judith Mullikin

Kim Rohde

Liann and Stephen Sundquist

Myra and Mike McCoy

Opus Community Foundation

Peter and Jackie True

Pike Brewing Company

Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland

Sally and William Neukom

Stickney Research

Vigor Industrial LLC

Visit Seattle

Vulcan Inc.

Walker Family Foundation

Whole Foods Market

$1,000 – $4,999

Anonymous (8)

Abigail Gelhaus

ASI Wealth Management & Consulting Services

Allan Avery and Merry Meyer

Amy Morgan and Francois Ajenstat

Ann Cassel

Ann Magnano and Sheri Boddy

Ann Mann and Dave Mann

Anne Bryant

Arnold and Judith Bendich


    Barb Byham

    Barbara Blywise

    Beam Suntory

    Bertschi School

    Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    Bill and Lindy Gaylord

    Brian Pellham

    Bryan M. Houghton

    Carolyn Corvi and John Bates

    Catherine and Harold Ross

    Charlene Rankin

    Christopher Taylor

    Clint and Barbara Bennett

    Daily Dozen Doughnuts

    Dan Moore and Carter Pecce

    David and Deborah Grant

    Dianne Larsen

    Don and Jerri Gordon

    Dry Sparkling

    Eddie and Jennifer Kirschenbaum

    Edward Lazowska and Lyndsay Downs

    Elizabeth and Duncan Thieme

    Elizabeth McCune

    Ergosynch Solutions

    Eric Edenholm

    Essex Property Trust


    Gaylene Vaden

    Gerald R. Smith and Vicki Halper

    Glen Bruels

    Heidi Munson

    Helen Stusser

    Howard Johnson

    Inn at the Market

    Isador Simon Family Foundation

    James Harkins and Joan Kitterman-Harkins

    James Savitt and Venus Velazquez

    Janene Collins

    Janet and William Pauli

    Janice Dilworth and Gregory Denton

    Jason Kahn

    Jay and Sue Fredericksen

    Jeannie Falls

    Jeremy Saucier

    Jim Margard

    Joan De Vrieze

    Joel and Nicole Carsley

    John and Faith Hogan

    John and Sandra McCullough

    John and Vicki Pierce

    John Bauer

    John Delaney

    John Teutsch

    Jonathan and Deborah Himmelfarb

    Julie and Tom Newell

    Kaaren and James McElroy

    Karen L. Koon and H Brad Edwards

    Karen Pease and Bob Barlow

    Katharyn Alvord Gerlich Family Fund

    Kenneth and Michele Ferguson

    Kevin Britton-Simmons

    Le Panier French Bakery

    Leslie Odenthal

    Margaret Lemberg

    Mark and Heather Barbieri

    Mark Holtzen

    Mary and Allan Kollar

    Mary B. Magnano

    Meridian Geographics LLC

    Meryl Charles

    Michael Connors

    Michael Morris

    Mike and Diane Holmes

    Mimi Slyngstad

    Mitzi Verlinde

    Morningside Foundation

    Mr. G Mark Snapp

    Mr. Michael Bauer

    Ms Sheral Burkey

    Myrissa Yamashiro

    Nancy O. Hambacher

    Nathalie and Marty Simsak

    Nicole Bahr

    Nina Edgerton

    Nora and Rob Snowden

    Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP

    Pacifica Law Group

    Peter and Sharlee Eising

    Pike Place Pigs

    Posner-Wallace Foundation

    Premera Blue Cross

    Rajiv Shah

    Raleigh M. Roark and Mary E. Preslar

    Ray and Edith Aspiri

    Riann Wishon

    Rich Vogel

    Robin Phillips

    Ron Rochon

    Ruth and Todd Warren

    Sally Clarke

    Seattle Rotary Service Foundation

    Shai Kumar

    Shannon and Benjamin Girlando

    Storyville Coffee Company

    Sur La Table

    Susan and Frank Finneran

    Suzanne M Hittman

    Sydney Knight

    Synchrony Financial

    T&D Rosenberg Foundation

    Tamara Graves

    Tamara Nelson

    Thomas Cuisine Management

    Tom Burley

    Tulalip Tribes Charitable Contributions

    University of Washington

    Vasiliki Dwyer

    Washington Federal Foundation

    Wells Fargo Bank

    Wexley School for Girls

    Wilridge Winery

    $500 – $999

    Anonymous (5)

    Adam Stalker

    Alan Chun

    Allen and Trudy Johnson

    Amanda Melnikov

    Amy and Lawrence Corey

    Amy VanBlaricom

    Andrea Marusic

    Anne Redman

    Barbara Larimer and Bob Royer

    Betcher Family Foundation

    Betty L. Wagner

    Blake Levy

    Brad and Christina Mace

    Brenda and Chris DeForest

    Brudvik Family Charitable Gift Fund

    Caren Kion

    Carol Bryant

    Carol Ure

    Carolina Garza

    Catherine Tedesco

    Chris Moore

    Christoph Schuler

    Christopher Backous

    Christopher Fanning

    Christopher Lawson

    Clarius Group, LLC

    David Hardy

    David Powell

    Denise Phillips

    Diane Dettling

    Donald and Pamela Mitchell

    Dwight and Susan Dively

    Eduardo Fischer-Torres Steven Fischer-Torres

    Egan Kilbane

    Elaine Landsiedel

    Elizabeth Leber

    Ellsworth and Eve Alvord

    Eric and Bobbie Bremner

    Eric Peterson

    Evy McElmeel and JV Hirschmann

    Felicia Latham

    Gail Miller

    Gayle Dees

    Goldmine Design Jewelers

    Greg Henderson

    Inger Johnson

    J Leach

    James and Rhonda Greer

    James Johnson

    Jane and Jay A. Reich

    Janice and Roger Mah

    Jasmine Goodwin

    Jean F Gardner

    Jeff Jirka

    Jelena Svircev

    Jenna Rollino

    Jennifer Christison

    Jennifer Hansen Das

    Jennifer Hills

    Jerry Brown

    Jill Ryan and Steve Kerr

    Jim Benedict

    Jody Deering Nyquist and Paul Meyer

    Joe Fuller

    John and Alison Kelly

    Jon and Paul Warn

    Jovita and Blaine Van Der Snick

    Joyce Schulte

    Julia Dallas

    Karen Bayuga

    Keri A. Robinson

    Kirsten Anderson

    Laura Smith

    Leah Schulz and Meredith Conley

    Len B. Barson and Margaret E. Wetherald

    Les Baer

    Leslie Wiggins

    Lindsay Sovde

    Lisa and Richard Stirgus

    Lynn Claudon and Charles Royer

    Marissa Costales

    Michael and Maureen Hoiseck

    Michael E Dederer

    Michael Phannaly

    Michele Shaw

    Michelle Noel

    Nikola Litven

    Paul and Lisa Mutty

    Paul Kelly

    Rear Admiral Herbert Bridge* and Edie Hilliard

    Rebecca L. Bogard

    Rick Nauman

    Robert Braun Jr.

    Robert Wagner and Julie Bello

    Ron Johnston

    Ronald Danz

    Rosemarie and Pike Oliver

    Ruth A Gerberding

    Shannon Monts

    Shannon Walker

    Sharon Knowles

    Skylee J. Sahlstrom and Nathanael Sahlstrom

    Stephen and Lisa Manghi

    Steve Andaloro

    Susan Otten

    Suzanna Fix

    Suzanne and Christopher Juneau

    Suzanne Daly

    The Seneca Real Estate Group

    Thomas Weeks and Deborah Oyer

    Tim Hickey

    Timothy T Tomlinson

    Tina Russell

    Todd Rosenberg

    Tom Douglas Restaurants

    Traci Gushiken

    Vickie Norris

    Victor and Patricia Feltin

    Virginia Callison Callison-Dolan

    Zeek’s Pizza Inc.

    $250 – $499

    Anonymous (11)

    Aaron Suoja

    Abraham Dairi

    Andrew Colpitts

    Andrew Ko

    Angelia Wesch

    Ann Ramsay-Jenkins

    Anne and Jack Fontaine

    Anne Harper and Marc Chavez

    Anne Reunert

    Annie Brooks

    Arthur Kuniyuki

    Austin Dienst and Meghan Graves

    Barbara Lee

    Barton Treece

    Beth Brown

    Brandon Nicholson

    Brian and Julie Cunningham

    Brian Cook

    Bridgette Eichelberger

    Buddy Foley

    Caitlin Farr

    Candice and John Battle

    Cara Bailey

    Cara De Czege

    Carla Lewis

    Cassandra Collins St. Louis

    Celeste Bass

    Charise Addicks

    Charles Richards

    Charlton Dove

    Chris Price

    Chris Volk

    Christi and Ross Beckley

    Christina Agoo

    Christine and Jim Craig

    Christine Legassey

    Christine Mayes and Nathan Mayes

    Chuan Nguyen and Essie Jacobs

    Claudia Mazzie-Ballheim

    Colleen M. Cullen and Mark F. Martino

    Connie Adams

    Conrad and Glenna Wouters

    Constance Yenne

    Craig Colomb

    Craig Dobbs

    Curtis Jensen

    Cynthia B Whitaker

    Daniel Dicker

    Daniel Fleming

    David Gill

    David S. Pietka and Rebekah Pape

    David Repka

    David Smith

    Debora Olsson

    Denna L. Cline

    Dennis Francis

    Diana Clay

    Donna Perry

    Donna Russell

    Douglas Carmean

    Douglass Raff

    Drew Rickman

    Dysa Kafoury

    Edward McLaughlin

    Edward and Joan Singler

    Eileen Lennon

    Emeline Garba

    Eric Vallieres

    Erin F Rice

    Ernest D Sherman

    Evan Gordon


    Francesca Wermlinger

    Gary Barone

    Gary Deitz

    Gary Kurtz

    George R. Rolfe and Lois G. Duncan

    Gina Kesler

    Glen Campbell

    Grace Leong and Clifford Schmidt

    Greg Kromholtz

    Gregg Miskiel

    Hanna Kokko

    Hans Hingst Mary Anne Hingst

    Harrison Cooke

    Heather Wheeler

    Helena Cerna

    Hesper Hobsburhg

    Ian McDonald

    James and Joyce Riley

    James Degel and Jeanne Berwick

    James Weaver

    Jan Fisher

    Jane and Michael Fischer

    Jane A Johnson

    Janet Shull

    Janice Briggs

    Jann Curley

    Jason Kelley

    Jason Wickland

    Jeffrey and Penny Coppersmith

    Jennifer Harris

    Jennifer Johns

    Jennifer Veninga

    Jessica Pierson

    Jill Crow

    Jim and Glyn Nordstrom

    Jim Levy

    Jo Ann Easton

    John H. Turnbull and JoAnn Cowan

    John Lane

    John Lufkin

    John Tidwell

    Jonathan Liechty

    Jordan Kleen

    Juan Abrego

    Judith and Daniel Foley

    Judith Coito

    Judith J. Borth and John Cleve Borth

    Judith Dern

    Justin Rammer

    Justine Kim

    Kalyan Chakraborty

    Karen Binkhorst

    Karleen Sakumoto

    Karlo Urrutia

    Karri Lange

    Kate Harmer

    Kathleen Berfield Shane Morrison

    Kathleen Brown

    Kathleen Davis

    Katie Sawicki

    Kelly Butler

    Kevin Hou

    Kevin Welinger

    Kimberly Kellerman

    Kimberly Martin

    King County Nurses Association

    Kirill Ternovsky

    Kraig Stevenson

    Kristi Burress

    Kristin and Tyler Llewelyn

    Kristin Henson

    Larry Hamilton

    LauraLeigh Young

    Lauren G Dunlap

    Laurie Pfarr

    Laurie Ziffrin

    Lillian Sherman

    Lisa Nelson

    Lisa Samson and Michael Gamsky

    Lisa Stockdale

    Lisa West

    Loren Supp

    Loris Valeros

    Lyla Ridgeway

    Marcus Courtney

    Marie Gill

    Mark and Ann Hill

    Mark Johnson and Kathy Malley

    Mark Smith

    Mark Symington


    Marlys Erickson and Christine Hurley

    Mary Ann Liebert

    Mary Anne and Chuck Martin

    Mary Richardson

    Mary Warnock

    Maureen Frisch

    Maureen Hoiseck Michael Hoiseck

    Melissa Roth

    Melissa Tizon

    Meredith Conley and Leah Schulz

    Michael Cowden

    Michael Fleming

    Michelle Gasperine

    Miranda Keene

    Monica Adams

    Monica Simmons

    Ms Shary Bozied

    Ms. Kim Privett-Ospina

    Nancy LaCombe

    Natasha Bleier

    Nick Hawley

    Nick Vandyke

    Nicole Boone

    Old Stove Brewing LLC


    Pappardelle’s Pasta

    Patricia Gray and Spencer Noland

    Patricia Pedersen

    Paul and Annelaraine Grantham

    Paula Holmes

    Peter and Jaymie Mills

    Peter Danelo

    Peter Drury

    Peter J Hemmen

    Philipp Mann

    Phuong Huynh

    Phyllis Hatfield

    Pike & Virginia Homeowners

    Ralph Arney

    Ralph E. Davis and M. Lynn Davis

    Randee Robichaux and Mark Zawilski

    Randi Zink

    Randy Woloshin

    Rings & Things

    Robert and Diana Forman

    Robert Kaplan and Margaret Levi

    Robert S. Mucklestone and Megan Kruse

    Rose Ardanaz

    Roseann Bonnar

    Rosemarie Colterman

    Roy A Hamrick

    Ruth Olsen Lawson

    Sandra Wong

    Sara Daniels

    Saydarasak Phonexayphova

    Seba Bodden

    Selena Famularo

    Shannon St. Clair

    Shannon Woodmanhabel

    Shari Brandt

    Sharron and Robert Shinbo

    Shelly Pettersen

    SHKS Architects

    So Much Yarn

    Solange Sanderson

    Sonya Reyes

    Sonya Spear

    Steinbrueck Native Gallery

    Stephanie Daley-Watson

    Stephanie Payne

    Susan Beller

    Susan Lynn Ehlers

    Tamra and Tim Reinertsen

    Tara Martin

    Ted Youngs

    Teresa Hegdahl

    Teresa Shervey

    Terry Marshall

    The Boeing Company

    Theresa Fleming

    Thomas and Marlene Wissler

    Tiffany Froese

    Tim McGarry and Janice V. Borawick

    Trenton Pologar

    Trevor Ennis

    Valancy and Anthony Blackwell

    Virginia Schreiber

    Wendy Billingsley

    Westley Schrack

    Wild Roots

    Woo Young Park

    Xinyue Cheng

    In-kind Donations 

    Adytum Cellars

    Alexandria Nicole Cellars

    American Lamb

    Athenian Seafood Restaurant

    Aveda Experience Center

    Bavarian Meats and European Delicatessen

    Ben Bridge & Co.

    Black Rock Spirits

    Bluebird Ice Cream

    Cafe Campagne

    Cafe Presse

    Caffe Umbria

    Carl’s Cutting Board

    Catherine Sharpe


    Choukette Eclair Art

    Chukar Cherry Company, Inc

    Clipper Navigation, Inc.

    Commonwealth Cafe

    Copperworks Distilling Co

    Coral Wines

    Counterbalance Brewing Company

    Cutters Crabhouse

    Davids & Co

    DEI Creative

    DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine

    Diamond Knot Brewing

    Dru Bru

    Dry Sparkling

    Dunham Cellars

    Eat Local


    Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt

    Elliott’s Oyster House

    Elysian Brewing Company

    Essential Baking


    Fairmont Olympic Hotel

    Filmateria Studios

    Fremont Brewing Company

    Gallery Mack’s  Art Connection

    Georgetown Brewing Company

    Goose Ridge Estate Vineyard & Winery

    Grandeza Spirits

    Hellbent Brewing Company

    Heritage Distilling Co. Inc

    Hitchcock Restaurant Group

    Holland America Line

    Honest Biscuits

    Indi Chocolate

    Inn at Langley

    Iron Horse Brewery Inc.

    Ivar’s Acres of Clams

    Jill and Paul Strohmeier

    Joe Chocolates

    Jonboy Caramels

    Jones Soda Company

    Julie Newell

    Kaspar’s Special Events & Catering


    Lauren Ashton Cellars

    Le Panier French Bakery

    Le Pichet

    Los Agaves Mexican Street Food

    Lowercase Brewing

    Luc’s Restaurant

    Mackey Vineyards

    Macrina Bakery and Cafe


    Matt’s in the Market

    Mercato Stellina

    North Bend Bar and Grill

    Number 6 Cider

    Nutty Squirrel Gelato

    Old Stove Brewing LLC

    On Safari Foods


    Paseo Caribbean Food

    Pasta Casalinga

    Patterson Cellars

    Peter and Jackie True

    Pike Brewing Company

    Pike Place Chowder

    Pike’s Pit Barbeque


    Portlandia Vintners

    Quinn’s Pub

    Rachel’s Ginger Beer



    Rusty’s Famous Cheesecake

    Scarlata Chocolate

    Schilling Cider


    Seattle Chocolate Company LLC

    Seattle Metropolitan Magazine

    Seattle Pops LLC

    Shaker and Spear

    Shug’s Soda Fountain + Ice Cream

    Skyriver Mead

    Springboard Winery

    Starbucks Coffee – Pike Place Market

    Storyville Coffee Company

    Swede Hill Distilling

    Synergy Marketing Partners

    That Brown Girl Cooks

    The Nest at Thompson Seattle

    The White Swan Public House

    Thomas Cuisine Management

    Thompson Hotels

    Tiger Lily Yoga

    Torii Mor Winery

    Traci Post

    Treveri Cellars

    Uli’s Famous Sausage

    University of Washington

    Veraci Pizza

    Westland Distillery

    Whole Foods Market

    Wild Roots Spirits

    Wilridge Winery

    Windstar Cruises

    Woodinville Ciderworks

    Your Chef du Jour LLC

    Market Merchants


    Athenian Seafood Restaurant

    Bavarian Meats and European Delicatessen

    Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

    Bella Umbrella

    Buddha Bath

    Café Campagne


    Choukette Eclair Art

    Chukar Cherry Company, Inc

    Claudia Kelly’s Collection/Stuffed Shirt Tie

    Daily Dozen Doughnuts

    DeLaurenti Specialty Food & Wine

    Eighth Generation

    Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt

    Gallery Mack’s Art Connection

    Goldmine Design Jewelers

    Harris Harvey Gallery

    Honest Biscuits

    Indi Chocolate

    Joe Chocolates

    Kasala Furniture

    Kitchen Basics

    Le Panier French Bakery

    Le Pichet

    Linnea Lundmark

    Los Agaves Mexican Street Food

    Maggie’s Shoes


    Matt’s in the Market

    Michou Deli

    North Rain Enamels

    Northwest Tastings

    Old Stove Brewing LLC


    Oriental Mart

    Pappardelle’s Pasta

    Pasta Casalinga

    Pike Brewing Company

    Pike Place Chowder

    Pike Place Fish Market

    Pike Place Pigs

    Pike Place Producers

    Pike’s Pit Barbeque

    Rachel’s Ginger Beer

    Rings & Things

    Savor Seattle Food Tours


    Shug’s Soda Fountain + Ice Cream

    So Much Yarn

    Sosio’s Produce

    Starbucks Coffee – Pike Place Market

    Storyville Coffee Company

    Sur La Table

    The Pink Door

    Traci Post

    Uli’s Famous Sausage

    Wild Fish Poke

    Wilridge Winery

    World Spice Merchants


    * = Indicates the individual has passed away

    We apologize for any missing, incorrect, or misspelled names throughout this report. We would greatly appreciate assistance in helping us correct our records. Please call (206) 774-5255 or email info@pikeplacemarketfoundation.org with changes.

    Board of Directors


    Abraham Dairi, President

    Lindy Gaylord, Vice President

    Nicole Bahr, Treasurer

    Sherry Burkey, Secretary

    Marie Gill, Member At-Large

    Eddie Kirschenbaum, Member At-Large

    Peter True, Member At-Large

    Elizabeth Coppinger, Past President


    Kirsten Anderson

    Clint Bennett

    Natasha Bleier

    Sherry Burkey

    Joel Carsley

    Christine Craig

    John Delaney

    Austin Dienst

    Susan Finneran

    Carol Garza

    Lindy Gaylord

    Jasmine Goodwin

    Daisley Gordon

    Nick Hawley

    Ken Jackson

    Inger K. Johnson

    Jane A. Johnson

    Reid Martin

    Dan Moore

    Amy Morgan

    Julie Newell

    John Pierce

    Skylee Sahlstrom

    Lisa Samson

    Ryan Santwire

    Michele Shaw

    Adam Stalker

    Warren Stickney

    Lisa Stirgus

    Merideth Tall

    Chris Volk

    Ted Youngs

    UW Board Fellows

    Monique Guevara

    Vinnie Tran


    Lillian Sherman, Executive Director

    Christi Beckley, Fund Development Manager

    Velma Cheney, The Market Commons Coordinator

    Nicole Cilley, Business and Fiscal Administrator

    Crystal Dixon, The Market Commons Manager

    Elizabeth Dunne, Charm Outreach Intern*

    Lindsey Falkenburg, Communications & Volunteer Coordinator*

    Kathryn Hortner, Food Access Program Americorps Vista

    Patricia Gray, Community Relations Manager

    Winnie Levitt, Special Events Intern*

    Victoria O’Laughlin, Charm Outreach Intern*

    Jennifer Schooley, Donor Relations Specialist

    Tiffany Swanson, Special Events Manager

    Alex Taylor, Pike Market Secret Garden Americorps Vista*

    Clover Thurk, Events Manager*

    Alejandro Valdivieso, Communications & Volunteer Coordinator

    Allie Wass, The Market Commons, Americorps Vista

    *Left the Market Foundation during the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year


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    Photos by Josh Lewis Photography, Rosemary Dia Ross Photography, Danny Ngan Photography, Art Kuniyuki and Goodsell Photos / “Celebrate the Soul of Seattle” video by Traci Gushiken of With You Media
    Written by Patricia Gray, Lillian Sherman, and Alejandro Valdivieso

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