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Lillian Sherman

Executive Director 206-774-5246

“I can honestly say I have the best job in the city! Every day as I walk through the market, I’m surrounded by our mission: a neighborhood where low-income people find dignity, hope and community.

By giving to The Market Foundation YOU make stories like the ones you’ll find on our website possible.  The difference we make together is more than just a day in someone’s life, we are changing a community. Together, we create the legacy that is the Pike Place Market.”

Professional Background: I returned to The Market Foundation in 2012 after spending 13 years leading the fundraising and community relations efforts at Wellspring Family Services and FareStart.  Both organizations went through significant growth periods during my tenure including major capital campaigns. Prior to my first turn at the Market Foundation in the late ‘90’s, I created Special Events for Food Lifeline and for The Bon Marche.  I spent my formative years in McMinnville, Oregon, moving to Seattle to attend SPU where I earned a BA in Political Science & Social Work.  I also hold an MPA from Seattle University.

Fun fact! When not working or chasing children around, you will find me outside running or walking trails or swimming happily in the lake.

Nicole Cilley

Business and Fiscal Administrator (206) 774-5262

Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. If you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.

Professional Background: I grew up in North Carolina where I developed a passion for great food. I owned a small restaurant on the Gulf of Mexico for five years then moved to the Pacific Northwest. In Portland, OR I operated a “build your own” mac and cheese food cart as well as a small restaurant in conjunction with a brewpub. I found a wonderful home at the gourmet pasta stall in Pike Place Market for many years and now I’m happy exploring the culinary side of the market while I work for The Market Foundation.

Why do I love my job? I really feel great about my day when I’ve spent it helping people.  My role at the Foundation lets me help my coworkers with administrative tasks at the same time as helping the community.  To me, this is not just a job, it’s contributing to my own community.

Fun fact: I go on baking sprees for stress relief- cakes, muffins, brownies and breads…


Patricia Gray

Community Relations Manager 206-774-5249

“More than fresh fish and produce, the Market is a model for how a diverse neighborhood stimulates a dynamic, economically viable community.”

Professional background: My passion is to empower people to make a positive impact in their community. I have worked in communications and fundraising at Wellspring Family Services, FareStart and the University of Washington Alumni Association and served on the board of ROOTS Young Adult Shelter. Prior to my nonprofit career, I was a journalist in Indiana, The Netherlands and locally for Real Change Newspaper. I have a journalism and telecommunications degree from Ball State University.

Why I love my job? My approach to public relations & fundraising is through community building and I firmly believe there is no better place to do this than Pike Place Market.

Fun Fact! By night, I enjoy tearing it up on the roller derby track!

Tiffany Hitt

Special Events Manager 206-774-5233

“I’ve had a love affair with Pike Place Market my whole life, yet never knew the depths of the market community until recently.  I’m incredibly honored to work with Pike Place Market Foundation, where I not only get to plan some of the best events in the city, but also contribute to the greater good of our amazing community!”

Professional background: With a Communications degree from Washington State University (Go Cougs!), I spent most of my extensive career in advertising analytics, finance and management for Disney Interactive Media Group and Then, I decided to grab the bull by the horns and steer my professional life toward what I’m truly passionate about – planning events that honor and celebrate our city with a non-profit organization that helps touch the lives of the Seattle community. I always knew I wanted to make the world a better place – I just didn’t know how!

Why do I love my job? The Pike Place Market Foundation is a powerful, caring and impactful organization full of delightful and inspiring individuals who truly want to help others.  I’m so thrilled to work with these people and have a hand in creating events here at Pike Place Market. It’s experiences like these that make life great – eating, drinking, dancing the night away in one of the coolest locations in the world, all to help our community thrive. What could be better than that!?

Fun Fact: You can also find me performing and teaching improv at Unexpected Productions, the improvisational theatre company right here at the Market Theatre at the Gum Wall. I like to think I’m changing the world for the better here too – one laugh at a time!

Crystal Dixon

The Market Commons Manager 206-774-5262

“Pike Place Market’s community is as rich and layered as its history.  For many people who live and work in the market, it’s so much more than just a neighborhood, it is a place where people can live, shop, work, and care for each other. The Pike Place Market Foundation helps to maintain and fund the diversity and sustainability of this community.”

Professional background: I have a BA and MA in International Relations and have worked for NGOs and nonprofits for nearly my whole career. Before coming to The Foundation, I worked with Boys & Girls Clubs of King County as a Unit Director and Wellspring Family Services as a Community Engagement Manager. My approach to program development focuses on creating and sustaining social service programs where community and client can merge, and anyone and everyone has a chance to make an impact.

Why I love my job:  I am thrilled to see the 40 year old plan for the completion of the Pike Place MarketFront coming to life! The Market Commons is a key piece of this expansion and I am more than excited to be able to bring my community building and project management experience to help shape this new resource for the Market community.

Fun Fact: I don’t like chocolate, ice cream, or cake. I am a good person though, I swear!

Jennifer Schooley

Donor Relations Specialist 206-774-5254

“Pike Place Market was one of the first places I visited after the move. On a mission to visit the “first” Starbucks store like any Starbucks enthusiast, I fell in love with what the Market represented in Seattle – a vibrant community of businesses, workers, residents, and shoppers.”

Professional background: Growing up in South Jersey, I pictured myself one day performing on Broadway. After graduate school, I made my home in Pittsburgh for nearly a decade, working in arts fundraising for a performing arts center that presented Broadway – close enough! At the end of Summer 2016, I decided to pick up my life and move to the Pacific Northwest.

Why I love my job: Over time, I learned just how integral the Market Foundation is to supporting the Market community and I am excited to put my nonprofit experience to use as the newest member of the Market Foundation staff. As Donor Relations Specialist, I focus on data reporting and analysis, donor communications, event support, and creating robust stewardship activities.

Fun Fact: In my spare time, I’m the Registration Manager for GeekGirlCon, an organization dedicated to amplifying and celebrating marginalized communities in their geeky pursuits. I also like to cook and bake an obnoxious amount of bad-for-you goodies.

Velma Chaney

Resource Coordinator 206-774-5313

When you invest in the people, the people will invest in you. The Market is dedicated to helping the community through the service agencies supported by The Market Foundation, which in turn, motivates the members of the community to give back to such a thriving and wonderful cause.

Professional Bio: I graduated from Seattle Central with an Associates of Arts Degree in Social and Human Services, and I received my certificate in Child and Family Services. Most recently I interned at Wellspring Family Services to bring awareness to homelessness, provide resources, and ensure some of the basic needs of families were met.

Why I love my job: I am a survivor of homelessness. Through this difficult time in my life I learned what true strength is and how to fight for what I believe in and the things that I want out of life. I want to be there for all the individuals out there who need someone who understands them. I am passionate about helping people realize the fighter in themselves. This is what my new position as The Market Commons Coordinator encompasses and that is why I love my job.

Fun Fact: My singing group and I auditioned for Apollo when it came to Jackson. We actually won the preliminaries and the actual audition, but the group broke up because there were too many Beyonce’s. So suffice it to say, we never made it on the big screen.

Alejandro Valdivieso

Communications and Volunteer Coordinator (206) 774-5255

“Pike Place Market was one of my first sights when I moved to Seattle, and to this day I still feel the same joy and wonder of that first time as I traverse the shops and stalls. I’m excited to give back to the community that first welcomed me to this great city!”

Professional Background: I was born and raised in Chicago, IL, and graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in Communications and Psychology. After a brief stint in New York City to be a Mad Man-esque Broadcast Advertising Producer with Grey NY, my partner and I decided to move to Seattle to focus in on our passion for helping the public. This led to my previous position as a video producer/communications associate with the Burke Museum of Natural History & Culture, helping inform the public about the New Burke project and research breakthroughs at the museum. From there I continued to set my sights on nonprofit work that would benefit those in need, leading me to to join the Pike Place Market Foundation!

Why do I love my job? I’ve always wanted to work somewhere where I could see the fruits of my labor directly benefiting people in need of care and support. It’s truly an honor to share the stories of our remarkable community, and give a platform to individuals and social service agencies who may not realize that they deserve to be in the spotlight.

Fun fact: I play jazz trumpet, and used to be in a Jewish acapella group despite not being Jewish.

Kathryn Horter

Market Commons Program Coordinator

Background: Born and raised in Gainesville, FL I graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Forest Resources and Conservation. Not long after graduating I waved goodbye to the Sunshine State and made my way to the West Coast where my introduction to non-profit work as an AmeriCorps VISTA changed my career trajectory and brought me to the Pike Place Market Foundation.

What I love about my job: I love working in an environment where no two days are the same. One day I’m behind the computer screen compiling data for reports and the next I’m shoveling soil for the rooftop garden. I am thrilled to meaningfully contribute to a team of passionate individuals and excited to work with the incredible Market community.

Fun fact: Since moving to Seattle I’ve learned that 50 degrees is indeed not “freezing” and a good rain jacket makes all the difference. I have a new appreciation for sunny days and take full advantage of them as much as possible!

Stella Jones

Resource Outreach Coordinator

Professional Background: I have lived my whole life in Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in human geography. I have been working in direct human services for 5 years, first at The Urban Rest Stop and then at the Pike Market Food Bank where I served as the Operations Manager and then the Food Bank Manager. I am excited to continue my work in the Pike Place Market community here at The Market Commons!

Why I love my job: I fell in love with Pike Place Market while working at the Food Bank. I love how the Market is a vibrant urban space that works to meet the needs of everyone in our community. I enjoy working at The Market Commons where I get to meet so many different people and be a part of building such a strong community.

Fun Fact: I was named after a certain adult beverage.

Lexie Rodriguez

Corporate Engagement Specialist 808-294-4171

“When you walk through the market, it’s like you’ve left downtown Seattle and are in a small community outside of the city full of vibrant colors, delicious smells and amazing people. I am so excited to be a part of this little village and to support everyone in it!”

Professional Background: I love community connections- building them, fostering them, all of it! Prior to joining the Market Foundation team, I was a member of the fundraising team at Make-A-Wish Alaska and Washington, reinventing program processes and creating new avenues for partnership. Before that I was at the Puget Sound Business Journal and responsible for their events, from honoree coordination to décor.

Why do I love my job? What I love most about my career is being able to connect with many incredible individuals within the community and being able to bring these individuals together to support a cause or a mission. I love understanding where passions lie for certain individuals and helping them see how they can make an impact on the community. Being able to interact with community members while helping others is truly the best combination!

Fun fact: I am a part time teacher to students in Costa Rica!

Board Of Directors

2021-2022 Officers:

Nicole Bahr , F5

Board President

I joined the Market Foundation in 2011 because I am passionate about improving the lives of the low-income residents of Seattle while also transforming the waterfront into a world-class destination. I am honored to be part of the team making this change happen.

Professionally, I work at F5 Networks focusing on cloud technologies, with prior experience across startups and large corporations such as Russell Investments, London Stock Exchange, Microsoft, and Avenue A in product development, operations, sales and marketing. Throughout my career, I have championed new technologies to transform industries for the benefit of the end consumer, and am excited to drive F5’s transition to the cloud.

Eddie Kirschenbaum , Facebook

President Elect

In his 7th year on the Pike Place Market Foundation Board, Eddie is delighted to serve on the Executive Committee and as the Board Development Committee Co-Chair. He’s passionate about scaling the Foundation toward future opportunities. Eddie works at Facebook as the Real Estate & Facilities lead for the consumer hardware division. Before Facebook, Eddie was the VP Client Experience at Carbon Design Group, and previously has served as the Director of the South Lake Union Chamber of Commerce. Eddie received a BA from Brown University and an MPA from Seattle University. He lives in Seattle with his wife and dog, eating and travelling his way around the world.

Lindy Gaylord , Seneca Group

Past President

Lindy joined Seneca Group in 1995 and became a Principal in 1999. She has led a number of large projects at Seneca Group from Adobe’s Seattle headquarters and the King County Courthouse seismic upgrade to the development of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation headquarters and the land use entitlement process for the Amazon-owned properties in downtown Seattle.

Lindy is a generalist. Her design background, together with 35 plus years in all facets of the development business here in the Pacific Northwest from brokerage to entitlements to construction management, provides Seneca Group’s clients with an extraordinary depth of experience. She holds Bachelor of Arts degrees from the Rhode Island School of Design in both Interior Architecture and Fine Arts.

She and her husband recently relocated to downtown Seattle where she is thrilled to be just a block away from the Pike Place Market and all it has to offer.

Joel Carsley , Vulcan Inc


There is an inexplicable feeling I get when I think about Pike Place Market.  It makes me think about summer vacation with my parents, falling in love with my wife, buying my first comic book, my 13th birthday party . . . and none of these things have anything to do with the Market.  I was born and raised in Vermont and met and married Nikki in Colorado.  It’s just that indescribable feeling you get when something so important and magnificent blesses your life.  Add to this mystery sensation the fact that growing up in a town of 3,000 people, I like to think local, and the fact that the Market is my neighborhood, it seems the Foundation and I are serendipitously meant to be together.  The Foundation’s support of local artisans, farmers, seniors, children, and neighbors in need is just the right combination of awesome that I’m super excited to get behind.

Kirsten Anderson , Monopar Therapeutics


Kirsten has been working in the local biotech industry for more than 20 years, with expertise in oncology drug development. She has held clinical trial management positions at OncoGenex, Sonus Pharmaceuticals, Xcyte Therapies, and Immunex, and is excited to be part of the expanding biotech sector and the exciting research happening in Seattle.

She had this to say about her position on the board: My love and adoration of Pike Place Market began when I moved to Seattle in 1995. I shopped regularly, and brought all our visitors to enjoy the bustling marketplace. Yet I only recently learned about the Foundation and the thriving community it serves; I hope to change that for many other Market fans.   I am very excited by the opportunity to contribute to a program that provide its community and influence the future of our fair city.  It is a privilege to work with the Market Foundation staff and partner agencies who selflessly dedicate their careers to improving the lives of others.

Sherry Burkey , Community Volunteer


Sherry started her career working in the United States Senate and then returned home to work in Government Relations as AVP of University Relations and Director of Government Relations for the University of Washington and Western Washington University. She also worked in fundraising as Director of External Relations for UW Medicine.   She has a strong background in public outreach, policy development, strategic planning, communications and government relations.

Recently retired she has relished having the time to rediscover old interests and pursue new areas of interest. Getting involved with the Market Foundation has given her the opportunity to learn about the Market community and share what she has learned over the years and contacts she has made to help further the Foundation’s work. She also loves travel, art, gardening and spending time with family and friends.  She and her husband live in Madrona.

Amy Morgan , Tech Executive


Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest – this is my home and I’m a product of all its quirks.

My professional life is as much ingrained in the PNW as my personal one.   I’ve worked for some of the largest companies in the region as I’ve built a career in international trade, a job choice no doubt influenced by the diverse region where I grew up.

Among my friends and colleagues, I’m known for my love of taking on challenges and my action – oriented approach to ensure I deliver on my commitments.

Today, I find myself in the fortunate position to be able to give both time and money to a cause I believe in.  Pike Place Market Foundation is that cause.  It’s hard to believe that little more than a year ago, the PPMF and its social services were unknown to me.  Now that I’m aware of the organization and its good works, I want to shout about it from the rooftops.   My avid volunteering and giving shows that I’m a passionate PPMF supporter and a strong advocate of the Pike Up campaign.

Lisa Samson , Community volunteer


A native of Seattle, Lisa joined the Pike Place Market Foundation Board when she returned to Seattle after studying and working on the east coast, mid-west and abroad because she thinks that nothing epitomizes what is great about the city as much as the Pike Place Market.

Lisa graduated magna cum laude from Yale University, received a masters in economics from Cambridge University and earned an MBA at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.  She began her career as a strategy consultant at Bain & Co. in Boston and then worked in the apparel industry in New York City.  She worked as Director of Strategy at RR Donnelley in Chicago before returning to Seattle.

Lisa’s husband, Michael Gamsky, is an attorney specializing in structured finance.  They have one daughter in high school who has been volunteering with Lisa at the Pike Market Preschool since she was ten.

Chris Volk , Marketing/PR Executive


Chris is a communications professional and media strategist with more than 20 years of experience leading integrated public relations campaigns for entertainment, lifestyle, gaming & technology brands on the West Coast, A resident of Madrona, Chris is an avid runner, golfer and traveler with a particular fondness for the San Juan Islands.

A longtime Market supporter, Chris was drawn to the Board based on the Market Foundation’s unique role in the Seattle community and his belief that the organization can help to make a true difference in the lives of people in and around the Market, particularly in the areas of homelessness and poverty.

2021-2022 Members:

Clint Bennett , Community Advocate

Clint and his wife relocated from the Washington, DC area in late 2014. He has a broad background in engineering, marketing, and landscape design as well as a strong history of volunteerism. Living downtown, Clint has embraced the local community by volunteering with the PikeUp! Campaign and Market Outreach as well as the education and conservation efforts at the Seattle Aquarium. He and his wife enjoy hiking, boating, and the tremendous food scene that Seattle has to offer. He is excited to join the Board to further the Foundation’s mission of helping those who live and work in the Market.

Natasha Bleier , Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Natasha Bleier has lived in Seattle for 20 years and proudly calls herself a local. As a long-time enthusiast of the Market, and wanting to be civically engaged in the city, being a board member is a perfect channel for both. Natasha works in Human Resources at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and has been there since 2005. She holds a Masters in Psychology from Antioch University. Natasha lives in Wallingford and in her free time enjoys yoga, cooking, open-water swimming (including polar bear plunges!), volunteering for Providence Hospice, and traveling to faraway places.

Elizabeth Coppinger , Community Volunteer

Elizabeth’s career spanned over 25 years in the converging fields of digital technology and entertainment content and media services. Most of her executive career was in New York City as Sony Corporation of America’s Senior VP of Emerging Technologies where she evaluated new business opportunities and managed SCA’s venture investment and acquisition group. As an alum of UW, Elizabeth had always aspired to return to Seattle. Like most Seattleites, she loves the market and its community and has had the privilege of serving on the Foundation board for nearly 8 years. In addition to her work with the Pike Place Market Foundation and being an avid rower, Elizabeth is the Executive Director and Curator of TEDxSeattle, an annual conference now in its 7th year that presents inspiring and insightful talks and performances by exceptional individuals who reside and work within our region.

Austin Dienst , Zillow

Austin Dienst is a digital native who has been living and working in the greater Seattle area for the last decade. After leaving Washington, DC in 2005, he and his wife Meghan have embraced all that Seattle has to offer. His passion for technology, computers, the internet, and social media are matched only by his passion for Pike Place Market and the diverse community of people who enjoy its wide array of sights, sounds, and services.

Austin currently works as the Director of Global Interactive Tools at Russell Investments, helping financial advisors, CIOs, and individual investors improve their financial security through a deeper level of understanding and digital engagement. Prior to Russell Investments, Austin has helped organizations like and U.S. News & World Report improve their digital experiences. He is a proud Davidson College alumnus and enjoys sharing boarding school stories from his time at Avon Old Farms.
When he’s not in front of a screen, you can find Austin playing soccer in the rain, skiing his way through the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, or hanging out at home with his wife and their cat, Mr. Sandwich.

Emeline Jumie Garba , Oculus VR

Soon after moving to Seattle, I fell in love with Pike Place Market. I would go there almost every week for the first year I lived in here. I have a passion for community and have done a lot of volunteering with the Ronald McDonald House, various group events with Food Lifeline and Legal Voice. I am also a huge advocate for women of color to have strong interests in STEM. By daytime, I am Product Design Engineer at Oculus VR trying to connect peopleacross the globe. I love to read, travel and eat all the flavors the world has to offer.

It is through community and connecting with others that Pike Place Market Foundation and I have found each other! I am amazed by how much the Foundation contributes to keep the soul of Seattle alive for not just our visitors but for the individuals and families who need us the most. It’s definitely an iconic part of what Seattle is and what resonates with me.

Jason Hamblin , Harborstone Credit Union

Jason Hamblin lives, works and plays in Downtown Seattle. He takes his Miniature Schnauzer, “Effie” for walks all around the city — and enjoys buying fresh fruit and flowers at Pike Place Market. You can also find Jason at Old Stove Brewing enjoying an IPA with his friends.

Jason started his journey working for Credit Unions in 1999 and has been in the Financial Industry for more than 25 years. Currently he is the Community Development Manager for Harborstone Credit Union. In his roll he works with non-profits that supports Financial Literacy and Education, Military Families, Community Safety, Family Health and Welfare and Small Business Education. Working with non-profits is very rewarding for him.

Why PPMF:  The Pike Place Market is not just a market that is open on the weekends or a few mornings a week, it’s alive 24/7 in some capacity. Some of my favorite times at the market is when I walk though during the busy tourist season, and its wall to wall — arm to arm with visitors. It gives our city life with an exciting atmosphere that makes us feel happy. I want to be a part of this amazing gem that I’m so lucky to have in my backyard. The market feeds those who are hungry, quenches the thirst for those who are thirsty and gives shelter to those who need a home. It would be my pleasure and honor to be a part of this amazing board and to be able to bring life to our citizens and guests in our beautiful city. My commitment to the board would to always put the needs of the Market Foundation first, to work well with other members and to protect the market’s integrity to provide a positive place for all that visit.

Nick Hawley , Allen Institute

Nick is a Wisconsin transplant who’s called Seattle home the past ten years. He currently heads up branding and marketing at the Allen Institute—Paul G. Allen’s bioscience non-profit that openly shares their data and innovative tools with scientists globally, to help accelerate research and nurture more breakthroughs in science.

Prior to the Allen Institute, Nick led leisure marketing efforts at Visit Seattle—the city’s tourism organization. In keeping with the idea that travel broadens peoples’ perspectives and worldviews, his work helped to share Seattle’s spirit of inclusivity and acceptance so that visitors—of all types, from all over—feel welcome here.

The Pike Place Market Foundation is dear to his heart because it’s an organization that, for the past 30 years, has supported a community of people in need that live in and around Pike Place Market, and enables seniors to receive healthcare and housing, children a preschool to learn and grow, and a food bank for all.

Nick is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, enjoys traveling, eating at Seattle’s plethora of outstanding restaurants and running with his partner along Lake Washington.

Kenneth Katzaroff , Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt

Pike Place Market is the heart and the soul of Seattle. It is a community comprised of so many diverse people, whether vendors, residents, visitors, or people like me that live just blocks away. The PPMF supports that community and works to better the lives of the people in it, or who are touched by it. The sheer impact it has, whether for low-income housing, the seniors it serves, childcare for up-and-coming entrepreneur vendors, or the desperately needed food security help, the PPMF “punches above its weight” in terms of supporting our community. I want to be part of that. I live here, I walk my dog through the market every day, I say “hi” to the vendors by name and support their businesses, and, I only want to become more involved.

I mostly grew up in Eastern Washington (Kennewick), but went to UW for my undergraduate degree. I moved down to Portland to attend law school. I moved back to Seattle in September 2019, choosing to live downtown (Harbor Steps). I now work for Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt, with my practice focused mostly on land use and real estate, although I often handle business issues for developer clients as well.

Upon returning to Seattle, almost immediately, I was interested in getting involved with the PPMF. I have very fond memories of the Market. From 2005-2015, my Grandma lived in the Newmark Tower, with a spectacular view of the Market entrance. Every time I would visit her, we would go walk through the Market, buy some produce from Frank’s or Sosio’s, or a bouquet of flowers and deliver to her door. My uncle also lived in 98 Union, so we would often walk through the Market, enjoying the people, the sights, and the smells.

Joe Keating , Amazon

Prior to joining the Market Foundation, Joe spent 15 years in digital marketing, sales, and business development at Seattle offices for Razorfish, Microsoft and Facebook. He currently works at Amazon building experiences on the Alexa voice platform that millions of people can enjoy every day.  He also helps his wife promote her book about miscarriage and healing. A former East Coaster, Joe has happily called Seattle home for over a decade, taking every chance he can get to explore the Pacific Northwest with his two young children. If you ever meet Joe, you’re sure to hear some great stories. We recommend asking him about his “horrible” golf game, the two weeks he spent living on a boat, or the time he met Bruce Springsteen.

Why PPMF:  Joe thrives when he’s helping and learning from others.  He’s been inspired by the work of the Foundation over his 9 months volunteering with the marketing committee and would be honored to continue his service on the Board.  Joe wants to help make a lasting impact in this community that his children will inherit in the future.

Dan Moore , Starbucks Coffee Company

Dan Moore is the Marketing & Product Director for Licensed Stores at Starbucks Coffee Company.  In this role, he leads a team that provides strategic initiatives, marketing programs and product strategies to Starbucks licensees.  Dan was inspired by the Foundation’s mission and the connection that Starbucks has to the market, and joined the Board to further advocate for its goals.   With nearly 25 years at Starbucks, Dan has an extensive background in both the US and international businesses, having lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the US for Starbucks.   He grew up in Washington State and currently resides in downtown Seattle with his husband, Carter Pecce.  Dan enjoys travel and digital photography, and during his spare time he produces stock photography and is currently a contributor for Getty Images.

Kauilani Robinson , Visit Seattle

Kau’ilani Robinson is a communications and marketing professional with experience in managing leisure travel and convention trade communications, PR, events and social media. She began her career in an advertising agency setting working on a variety of food industry accounts. After cultivating skills in the public relations arena and developing a passion for food, wine and travel, she made the switch to the hospitality and travel industry. Now at Visit Seattle, she works with more than 2,000 partners in Washington State to influence travel to Seattle and the region.

Service has always been of high importance to Kau’ilani and there’s no place more iconic or more important to downtown Seattle than Pike Place Market. Kauilani whole heartedly believes in the importance and value of the Pike Place Market Foundation’s (PPMF) work and mission. Not only does the PPMF serve as a model for other cities and communities, the storied history it protects and preserves is something that she wants to be a part of.

Kau’ilani was born and raised on O’ahu (a proud part-native Hawaiian wahine) but now lives and works in the Pacific Northwest. Kau’ilani has called Seattle home for the last 19 years, and loves being outdoors and traveling with her husband and two young children.

Raluca Pop , Independent Consultant

Born and raised in the North West part of Romania, Raluca has been living in Seattle, on and off, for the past 15 (+) years and working as a business management consultant with clients across industries and in different states for the past 12 (+).
An economist by profession, she is also a novice urban gardener, passionate cook and an all things media and culture geek.
She currently lives in Capitol Hill and is just as much in awe with the neighborhood’s lively, wondrous ways as she was 5 years ago, when first moving there.

Why PPMF:  Raluca has been a fan of Pike Place Market since 2013, when she was living in Belltown. Recently, as she’s been learning more about how the Pike Place Market Foundation is enabling community building by bringing together consumers, farmers and makers, she’s been consistently surprised by how well the administration of the market works to celebrate the market as well as provide support, enable access and preserve a sense of place for a thriving, diverse, inclusive, multi-generational market family.

As a new Seattleite, she is grateful for the opportunity to serve on Pike Place Market Foundation’s Board of Directors and humbly looking forward to contributing to the Foundation’s continued success.

Mary Richardson , Retired University of Washington Professor

Mary Richardson is a Professor of Public Health (Emeritus) at the University of Washington.  She served as the Director of the Graduate Program in Health Administration for over ten years.  During that time she held positions on local, regional and national non-profit Boards.  A resident of the downtown area for more than 25 years, Mary is a big fan of Pike Place Market – as a shopper and a supporter of Market activities.  She is currently a volunteer at the Market Food Bank.   Mary is also a member of the Thursday Walkers, a group of women who walk from downtown to Queen Anne’s Kinnear Park and back four days a week.  She has participated with the Thursday Walkers in projects to support the Market Foundation.

Why PPMF:  I’m excited about serving on the Foundation Board because I care deeply about the work of the Foundation and the organizations it supports.  I’m familiar with the Food Bank having volunteered there for the past two years.  I watched with great excitement as the new Senior Center housing went up, and have known of the Heritage House for a long time.  In fact, my friends (and colleagues) Drs. Jenifer Ereth and Donald Patrick helped in the development many years ago.  As you know I worked with my friends, the Thursday Walkers as we raised funds for the Child Care Center playground.  And I’ve known of the Health Center since it’s inception.

Brian Rockey , 1st Security Bank

Brian has 19 years of experience in the banking industry, including 16 years as a commercial lending relationship manager. He specializes in working with non-profits, manufacturers, wholesalers and professional services businesses. Brian strives to meet all of his customers’ needs and works diligently to assist them in reaching their goals. Brian is a graduate of DePaul University with a bachelor of science in finance. Brian is also active in the community as a Board Member for the Rotary Boys and Girls Club, and as a committee member for Treehouse. Brian is also a Board Member and Past President of The Puget Sound Chapter of the Risk Management Association.

Why PPMF:  Two reasons:  I grew up shopping at the market.  I want to play a role in progressing the lives of the residents of downtown, especially those most in need.

Matt Rosston , Wells Fargo

Matt Rosston is a Vice President and Business Banking Manager for Wells Fargo Bank. In his role, Matt leads a team of highly talented relationship managers that work with businesses in the Seattle region and oversees the Seattle-area Business Banking operations. Matt, a 13 year Wells Fargo veteran has held various positions for Wells Fargo in Seattle and San Diego regions. Matt earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from University of Washington, and is also a graduate from Pacific Coast Banking School.  Matt has held a board advisory position for the PNW Cancer for College organization and is passionate about being involved in the community in which he serves/lives.

“Having the ability to be a part of a great organization like the Pike Place Foundation is a honor for me as it is amazing to see the positive effects that the organization has on the community and the people that they help on a daily basis.  When I think of what makes Seattle great to live and work in, the Pike Place Market and the Foundation are at the core of it all.  The organization’s commitment to social responsibility and supporting various organizations and vendors within the market is amazing and I am so happy to be a part of that.”

Michele Shaw , Michele Shaw Law

Michele Shaw has been practicing in King County for over 26 years, and specializes in all aspects of criminal defense. For the past 19 years Michele has had her criminal defense practice in the Pike Place Market area and enjoys the Market daily. Michele’s passion in her practice is representing clients with complex mental health issues, and she has the opportunity to do so in Federal, State and Juvenile Court. She is a member of the Pastoral Council for Christ our Hope Catholic Church, which is located at 2nd and Stewart in the Josephinum Hotel. This Parish’s ministry focuses on the homeless population in the downtown area. Michele also enjoys hiking and hot yoga.

Sharon Shaw , Market Business Owner

Sharon Shaw’s love for Pike Place Market stretches back 32 years. It was then, while in her early 20s, that she took every opportunity available to escape the offices of her corporate property-management job and wander through the Market. It was there that she found a vibrancy and sense of community that was a world away from her day job.

It didn’t take long for Shaw to strike up friendships with the vendors, and she even turned down a job offer from Mike Ruegamer, the owner of Cinnamon Works Bakery. Then an unexpected thing happened: “It was one of those days when you’re so fed up with your job that you just can’t stand it,” she recalls now. Ruegamer again offered her a job. But this time she accepted.

Soon after beginning work at the bakery, Shaw met her husband-to-be, Michael, who was also working at Pike Place, and in 1990 the couple started their own craft line for the Market: handmaking stained-glass kaleidoscopes. The two quit their full-time jobs to focus exclusively on the new business. They joined the Pike Place art community—and also started a family of their own. “As babies, [our two boys] were [at the Market] every time I was there. They would take naps under the table,” Sharon recalls.

From the beginning, Sharon understood the challenges of building a life at Pike Place Market. It requires hard work and a strong commitment, she says, but it also has tremendous rewards. “It’s such a tight-knit community. We’re like a family. We take care of each other and we look out for each other. There’s a closeness, I think, that isn’t in any other work environment.”

See the full story:

Warren Stickney , Stickney Research

Warren owns Stickney Research, a Bellevue firm that assists clients with advanced estate planning, including tax, retirement, investment, estate planning, trust and asset protection needs.  The company’s premise is that a thorough understanding of various tools and concepts is paramount to the creation of the proper estate plan.   Warren and his wife, Colette Stallbaumer, and young children live in W. Seattle.

Warren is dedicated to strong values both at work and with his volunteer leadership with the Market Foundation. “Essentially the mission of my business is enabling wealthy people to plan their assets in such a way that they are able to give away a significant portion of their income and get involved in charity,” he said.

Warren and his team are proud of the work that they’ve done to help influence some major philanthropists in the region to make giving part of their lifelong goals. Warren helps to setup about 10 new charitable trusts per year and he’s always helping to guide some of these funds to the Pike Place Market Foundation.

Susan Talton

Market Advocate

“Pike Place Market was celebrating its 100th year when Jon and I moved to Seattle in 2007, and I quickly learned the Market is the soul of the city.  I was thrilled the first time the fishmonger shouted out “local” –hey, I’m part of this wonderful community! –so that’s what we put on our market charm.  You’ll find me here every week, buying from vendors who have become friends.  It’s an honor to give my personal time and resources to the work of the Foundation.”

Peter True , Gull Industries


Peter True is Vice President with Gull Industries, Inc. in the Sodo neighborhood of Seattle. In this position Peter is responsible to managing the commercial real estate portfolio, as well as analyzing potential company acquisitions. Gull is a family company founded by Cecil True that operated gas stations till the early 2000s, and now maintains a portfolio of real estate and investments. Prior to joining Gull Industries Peter worked in political fundraising in Boston, MA and completed his MBA at the Foster School at the University of Washington.

Peter and his wife Jacqueline Barton True live in the Madrona neighborhood of Seattle with their cat Stella, their dog Harper, and their new son, Theodore. Peter and Jacqueline love travelling, in particular to places off the beaten path. In the past few years they have been to Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, the Maldives and South Africa among others. Peter joined the Market Foundation board to support his love of Seattle and his belief in a diverse and supportive urban core. He believes strongly in the mission of the Foundation to support people to live and work around downtown, and help those in the community.

Scott Wasner , Christie’s Real Estate

Scott Wasner is a Co-Founder and Global Real Estate Advisor with Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty where combines his exceptional talent with one of the world’s leading residential brokerage firms; he has earned the trust and respect of discriminating buyers, sellers and colleagues alike, and is highly regarded for his business acumen, work ethic, and affable personality.

Scott is an active supporter of various social and business memberships and committees within the Washington Athletic Club, Rainier Club, World Trade Center Seattle, Museum of Flight, Seattle Humane Society, Seattle Art Museum, The Film School, and Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue. He resides in Seattle with his wife and their three beloved rescue dogs.

Why PPMF:  The market has been an integral part of my life since my first days in Seattle. 98 Union was the first place I called home, directly adjacent to the market. Over the years I have been fortunate to be a beneficiary and benefactor of the market. From walking my dogs down Pike Place and seeing the famous Pig, Rachel, to purchasing my very own pig (Bank Vault Pig) at a Market Foundation auction. My passion for the market and the foundation rests in its history of supporting the community both directly and indirectly. Many others rely on the market and the foundation not just for what it is but what it does for them; that is where I’d like to make a further impact.

Angelia Wesch , Oles Morrison Rinker & Baker LLP

Angelia Wesch helps construction clients, real estate developers and property owners solve big, complex problems related to heavy civil infrastructure projects, differing site conditions, and delay and impact claims where knowledge of insurance coverage and insurance recovery strategies is essential. Her clients are responsible for some of the largest civil infrastructure and transportation projects happening today.

Committed to advancing the role of women in the legal, real estate and construction industries, Angelia has been a member of Commercial Real Estate Women (CREW) since 1995, previously serving as the Seattle and Sound Chapter President and a national CREW Network Board Member. As a co-founder of the CREW Seattle & Sound Leadership Development Program, Angelia has provided extensive training and professional development skills to more than 60 women from the construction and commercial real estate industries since the program’s inception in 2013. Additionally, Angelia is an original member of Women Leaders in Construction, a networking group for women in the construction industry that serves more than 900 women.

Serving on the Pike Place Market Foundation Board stems from a passion for the Market that reaches all the way back to my first visit over 30 years ago. The Market is inspiring, beautiful, a reflection of the seasons and our vibrant city. But it is the people who make the Pike Place Market such a unique community treasure. Helping in some small way to sustain the Pike Place Market Foundation’s vital programs that nurture and help that unique community thrive is truly an honor.


Mary Beth Wressell , Hospitality Executive

Mary Beth Wressell, Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations, oversees brand communications, digital marketing, customer relationship marketing, partnerships, and public relations. With over 25 years in the travel and luxury travel segments, most recently as Vice President of Marketing Communications for Holland America Line, Mary Beth was instrumental in launching many brand initiatives including a highly-visible partnership with O, The Oprah Magazine. Past experiences include various management roles at Holland America Line, Director of Creative Services at Virtuoso, and Account Supervisor at Elgin DDB. She holds a degree in communications and advertising from the University of North Dakota. A native of northern Minnesota, Mary Beth has called Seattle home for years and enjoys being outdoors in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two sons.

Ted Youngs , Big Power

I’ve been engaged with the market for close to 35 years.  For the past two, I’ve worked on building the technology that allows for donations to the new MarketFront campaign.  My core focus is in entrepreneurialism – I run a cannabis farm in Eastern Washington – and I have a deep enthusiasm for the market’s unique commercial environment and creative community.

Past Board Members (1982 – 2017)


Dave Wright, 1982-85

Gerry Johnson, 1985-88

Bill True, 1988-91

Anita Braker, 1991-95, 2002-03

Jackson Schmidt, 1995-2000

Pat Stusser, 1995-2000

Mike Kelly, 2000-02

Sarah Ballard, 2000-01

Barbara Powell, 2003

Bruce Bjerke, 2003 – 2006

Mark Barbieri, 2006-2009

Becky Bogard, 2009-2010

Peter Danelo, 2010-11

Becky Bogard, 2011-2012

Debbie Campbell, 2012-2013

John Pierce, 2014-2015

Elizabeth Coppinger 2016-2017

Abraham Dairi 2018-2019

Founding Board

* Indicates board members now deceased

* Betty Balcom, Globe Antiques

Ernesta Barnes (now Ballard), Seattle Trust

* Bob Block

Robin Carpenter, Burlington Northern

John Clise, Pike Place Market PDA

Shirley Collins, Sur La Table

Rick Eberhardt, sportswear

Kae Eyre, National Endowment for the Arts

Jean Burch Falls

*Cyndie Phelps (Kranz)

Bruce Lorig, Lorig Associates

Cindy Maisel (now Curreri), consultant

Laurel Potkin, Market Theater

Bill True, Gull Industries

Barry Weston, Pay ‘n Save

Dave Wright, Bumgardner Architects

Additional members after 1982

* Indicates board members now deceased

John Albrecht, The Boeing Co.

Kim Anderson

Rosa Ayer

Raymond Baer, Wells Fargo

Sarah Ballard

Chris Banks, Microsoft

Dick Barbieri, Red Lion Hotels

Mark Barbieri, Washington Holdings

Len Barson, Nature Conservancy

Gwen Bassetti, Grand Central Bakery

* Jill Bennett, WRQ

Rich Berkowitz, Transportation Institute

Carol Binder, Pike Place Market PDA

Bruce Bjerke, Perkins Coie

Bill Block, Buck & Gordon

Gary Bocz, Gary Bocz Salon

Becky Bogard. Bogard & Johnson

Anita Braker, Chism, Jacobson & Johnson

* Biff Brotherton, Brotherton Cadillac

Leslie Brotherton

Michel Brotman, Simply Seattle

Melody Brown, PayScale

DeeAnn Burman

Darrell Bryan, Clipper Navigation

Vic Buffalow, Deloitte Touch

Dorothy Bullitt, Harbor Properties

Jeff Calkins, Wells Fargo

Debbie Campbell, Tip Top Creative

Steve Campbell, Capital Stream

Carole Cancler (Poole), Microsoft

Harry Caraco

* Mike Carroll, Pike Place Market PDA

Katy Chaney, URS Corp.

Lynn Claudon

Cathy Conner, Au Gavroche

Peter Danelo

Mike Dederer, Jay Rockey

Ruby Elwood, Sterling Savings Bank

Jim Fattore, Global Audio Visual

Rose Feliciano, Mayor’s Office, Seattle

Anne Fennessy, Cocker Fennessy

Susan Finneran, The Commerce Bank

* Mary Fleming

Pam Keenan Fritz, Caromb Advisory LLC

Anne Focke, 911 Arts Center

Jody Foster

Joe Fuller, AstraZeneca

Bruce Gardner, MD

Marcia Garrett, Burlington Northern

Ruth Gerberding

Marie Gill,

Shannon Girlando, Saltchuk Resources

Enrique Godreau. Voyager Capital

Peggy Golberg

Mike Grandy, CPA

Bill Grant, Big Bang Idea Engineering

Alan Green, architect

Elaine Gustafson, First Interstate Bank

Bill Hanneman, Zachary Scott

David Hasson, architect

Roger Heinen, Microsoft

Chuck Heskett, Benefits Inter@active

Harris Hoffman, Pike Place Market PDA

Joan Houston, United Negro College Fund

Paul Ishii, Mayflower Park Hotel

Gerry Johnson, Pacifica Law

Marcia Johnson

Kate Joncas, Downtown Seattle Assoc.

Mike Kelly, DeLoitte Touche

Leslie Koch, Microsoft

Jerri Lane, Visit Seattle

Daniel Lieberman, Pike Place Market PDA

Gary Locke, King County

Hubert Locke, Retired, U of Wa.

Rev. Carol Ludden

Andrea Mackin, Pacific Centennial Bank

Vince Madden, Wells Fargo Advisors

Michael Maloney

Jack McCullough, Heller Ehrman

* Joe McGavick, Touche Ross

Luther McLean

Geoff Meagher, Cascade Investments

Shelley Milano, Eddie Bauer

Randa Minkarah, KOMO TV

Tim Mitchell, Great NW Appraisal

Ann Moe

Judi Mullikin

Sen. Ed Murray, WA State Senate

Jamie Neal, Carrix, Inc., SSA Marine

Jeannie Nordstrom

Dave Olsen, Starbucks Coffee Company

Theresa Pan Hosley, Associate Travel

Michael Parham, RealNetworks

John Pehrson, The Boeing Co. (retired)

Patricia Patterson, Development consultant

Rep. Eric Pettigrew, Wa. State House

Jack Pierce, The Boeing Co.

John Pierce, Premera

Robin Pollard, Wa. Wine Commission

Barbara Powell, Ragen MacKenzie

Anne Redman, Bennett Bigelow & Leedom

Eric Rey, Seafirst Bank

Michael Richards, PRR

Keri Robinson, Seattle Sheraton

* Drake Salladay, Pike Place Flowers

Traca Savadago, restaurant consultant

Mitsue Kinjo Schilling, Children’s Hospital

Craig Schafer, Hotel Andra

Jackson Schmidt, Pepple Cantu Schmidt

Barbara Shickich, Riddell Williams

Ernie Sherman, Pacific Plumbing

Roberta Sherman

*Anne Simons

Janeen Simmons, Starbucks Coffee Company

Patterson Sims, Seattle Art Museum

Joe Slattery, Holland America Line

John Sothern, Washington Mutual

Stephen Sprenger, Swan Services Co.

Michael Stenchever, Umpqua Bank

* Marjorie Nelson Steinbrueck

Peter Steinbrueck, architect

Annie Strain

Janet Strand Selby

Helen Stusser

* Pat Stusser, The Stusser Group

Dave Sundquist, The Boeing Co.

Lyn Tangen, Goodale & Barbieri

Jerry Thonn, Reed McClure

Tyna Thurston (now Mandel)

Martin Tobias, Loudeye

Bill True, Gull Industries

Aarnoud van Weelderen, Goldman Sachs

Dave Watkins, Inn at the Market

* Roberta Weeks

Brian Weinstein, Weinstein & Bergman

JD Wessling, Cascade Natural Gas

Rhonda Whitehead

Geri Williams

* Bob Willkens, MD

Mary Wilson, The Wilson Group

Conrad Wouters, Evergreen Home Loans

HS Wright, III, Delta Airlines

Virginia Wyman

Shelly Yapp, Market PDA/Seattle Center

Evelyn Yenson, Seattle Community Colleges