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New! Compassion in Action Program Boosts Mental Health Care 

Posted November 30, 2023

When patients walk in the door of Neighborcare’s Pike Place Market Clinic in Post Alley, they are greeted by staff trained to support the mental health needs of patients. This advanced level of care creates a safe, trusting environment for patients who often experience anxiety around health care and complex medical needs.  

This new mental health program is a unique pilot program at Neighborcare Health with support from the Pike Place Market Foundation.  

“Our behavioral health leadership developed the brilliant concept of a single project to address our patient care needs, the lack of job applicants in healthcare, and the lack of behavioral health career pathways for BIPOC persons.” said Tabitha Claus, Neighborcare’s Director of Development.  

“We spent a year seeking funding to no avail, which was surprising, since the project, when complete, will be self-sustaining. We just did not have the resources to get it off the ground, and we were glad to be able to have a conversation with our long-term funders at the Market Foundation to see if they would be a good fit to support this work.” 

The Market Foundation responded in June 2023 with a grant of $100,000 from our COVID-19 Rachel’s Reserve Fund, a one-time grant available to our Market partners to address emerging needs due to the impact of the pandemic. This grant is in response to the layered challenges post-pandemic of healthcare staffing shortages and the increased need for mental health services.  

The goal of this new mental health program at the clinic is a triple-win for the Market community of services. This program seeks to:

  • Support patients’ mental health and well-being by creating a safe, trusting environment with one-on-one care inside the clinic.
  • Advance the expertise and licensure of clinic staff – creating more equitable access to mental health credentials. 
  • Allow doctors to provide better medical care during the billable time of the clinic appointment.  

After one year of developing this proof-of-concept for mental health care in a health clinic setting, Neighborcare staff hope to secure more traditional health care reimbursement and funding for this program.  

Yet, this first year of funding is critical for getting the program off the ground. Our model of philanthropy at the Market Foundation demonstrates how trust in our service partners, the expertise of staff and support of our donors allows us to invest in what the community needs to succeed.  

Together, we nurture a thriving Market community so that everyone within it can live their best life possible. Or, as our holiday theme rings true – a place Where Pigs Fly!   

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