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Let’s Add to the Ghost Stories of Pike Place Market!

Posted September 28, 2023

As the air turns crisp and the season of darkness begins, our bronze Piggy Bank Rachel is squealing with delight about this year’s spectacularly spooky news.

Rachel’s team at the Pike Place Market Foundation is equally as excited to launch something truly groundbreaking (dig it?) at Pike Place Market Foundation. It’s no secret that our beloved Market has a spirited history, so why not write yourself into the ghost stories of Pike Place Market?

Estate planning doesn’t have to be scary, and to prove it, we’re launching our new partnership with FreeWill. With this simple online tool, you can create a will for free that protects your loved ones, pets, and belongings.

As part of our promotion, everyone who creates a will through this link and designates the Market Foundation as a beneficiary during the month of October will receive a free Mystery Mocha, t-shirt from Ghost Alley Espresso, and one-hour behind-the-scenes tour of the Market community!

CREATE MY ghostly legacy

As you create your will, you have the option to plan a legacy gift to the Pike Place Market Foundation. No matter its size, your gift costs nothing today but ensures the Market remains a community where everyone has a chance to thrive for generations to come.

Already got the Market Foundation in your will? That’s great! You can still use FreeWill to let us know that the Market Foundation is a beneficiary in your will!

We’re so proud of you for taking a moment to consider your long-term plans and we would love to reward you for it! To claim your coffee, t-shirt, and invitation for a one hour behind the scenes tour of the Market community, simply follow the link to get started on creating your will. Upon completion and confirmation of the beneficiary designation, we will reach out to you with a gift certificate for your mocha, t-shirt, and tour information.

Don’t miss out on this hauntingly good opportunity to write yourself into the ghost stories of Pike Place Market!

Get started

P.S. Prefer to see an attorney or have a complex situation? You can still use FreeWill to think through your wishes and create a print-out to bring to the attorney’s office, saving time and money.

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