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A moment of gratitude for the Market

Posted November 22, 2022


As we celebrate our 40th Birthday and head into the holiday season, we are overwhelmed with gratitude.

It has been such a joy to connect with incredible supporters past and present, and hear your stories of what the Market means to you.

This month, we continue to look back on our 40 years of history and honor the staff, partners, and supporters who have helped nurture a thriving community at Pike Place Market.

Thank you to the community of farmers, merchants, artists, senior residents, and families who make this neighborhood the “Soul of Seattle.” 

“What makes the Market is all the things that make it a community.”
– Chris Hurley, former Executive Director of the Pike Market Clinic


 “The Market is this hodgepodge of people who are pursuing different interests. But in this, it somehow all winds up pulling the Market in the same direction. It’s a little miraculous microcosm.”
– John Pierce, former Market Foundation Board President 

We’re grateful for the program staff at The Market Commons and our partner agencies who work day in and day out to serve this community. 

“I appreciate the support of The Market Commons! One of the many benefits of selling at Pike Place Market.”
-Market daystall crafter


“It has been a tremendous honor for the Market Foundation to stand in partnership with all of these organizations. The innovation, courage and tenacity of the staff, leaders and volunteers every day continues to be truly remarkable to witness.” 

-Lillian Sherman, Market Foundation Executive Director

Thank you to the staff at the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA), who have partnered with the Foundation time and time again to protect and uplift the Market community.  

“I really do credit the Market Foundation and PDA for walking arm in arm and working together on these major initiatives and campaigns. It took a lot of coordination and a lot of communication and teamwork, but the staff on both sides made it happen.”
-Mark Barbieri, former Market Foundation Board President

We thank past and present Market Foundation staff and board, who for four decades have helped turn Seattle’s love for the Market into support for the community.

“The thing that really impresses me the most about the Foundation is the evolution and flexibility. We always did what had to be done, even if it was something we hadn’t done before, like a $9 million fundraising campaign or operating a community center. The community has changed over the years and the needs evolve, and the Foundation has evolved along with it.” 

-Elizabeth Coppinger, former Market Foundation Board President


We give our gratitude to all of YOU, who give generously, shop intentionally, and love the Market whole-heartedly. 

 Your support helps nurture the health of our community and keep the Market strong now and for the next 40 years.

“The Market has always taken care of our people, and done that to the best of our ability with the resources we have. The union between the community and the Foundation has leaned into that vision and that value of caring for our Market.”
– Rico Quirindongo,  Acting Director of Seattle’s Office of Planning & Community Development and former PDA Council Chair

Read more stories of gratitude in our 40 year history

Help us continue to nurture a thriving Market community!

You can help keep the Market strong now and for generations to come by making your gift today. Thank you for giving generously this holiday season!


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