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VOTE for your favorite pig in our “Pigs on Parade” Pageant!

Posted October 11, 2022

Public Market Center

Have you heard the news?! In honor of the Pike Place Market Foundation’s 40th birthday, we are bringing 40 larger-than-life fiberglass pigs from our 2001 and 2007 “Pigs on Parade” back to Pike Place!

We’re touching up their artistic coats and polishing their hooves for a celebratory return back home to honor the Market Foundation’s 40 years and $40 million investment into the Market community.

Join us in welcoming these pen pals back to the Market, and VOTE for your favorite piggy for the chance to win Sur la Table prizes!

There are two ways to vote with your donations…


Visit our online pig pageant gallery to peruse these porcine pals, and make an online donation to vote for your favorite.

With pigs like Circuit de Swine, Ballpark Frank, Porktraits and more, it’s sure to be a tight competition for “Best in Sow!”

Make sure to donate by midnight on October 31 to be entered:



Come on down to the Market on Saturday October 29th between 11am-4pm for Harvest Festival at Pike Place Market, where dozens of piggy banks will be lining the cobblestones!

Check out the dazzling displays of pig art, and bring your pennies, dollars (and smartphones) to vote for your favorite(s) in the Pageant and donate to keep this community strong!


All voters will be entered for a chance to win up to $8,000 in amazing prizes from the Market’s very own Sur la Table! Read the full drawing rules here.

Follow along as we embark on this season of celebration, storytelling, and renewed commitment as we celebrate 40 years of impact in the Market community.

We are so grateful for your support of this vibrant neighborhood, and invite you to join us as we look ahead to the next 40 years of Pike Place Market Foundation history!

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